Bloodthorn Vine

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Bloodthorn Vine
Bloodthorn Vine.png
Official Name Bloodthorn Vine
Common Name Zssligra Vssno, Bleeder Vine
Classification Vine
Common Use Religious
Origins Hadaria
Habitat Jungles

The Bloodthorn Vine found on Hadaria has served as a minor defense against the unwary to the island chain’s dangers. However, after a Slizzar alchemist unlocked its hallucinogenic properties, it became an essential plant to the Slizzar people and their worship of the Deep Sea Serpents. The plant suffered terribly during and in the aftermath of the Chrysant War but it has begun to find its way back into the ecosystem of the tropical region.


The Bloodthorn Vine has been known to the Slizzar since their first years in Hadar. It was originally viewed as an annoyance and an invasive plant whose flowers could put people to sleep. It wasn’t until later when the first Elves arrived from Teled Methen that the Slizzar became aware of the benefits found in the plant whose thorns could much more easily pierce the flesh of the Elves. While resistance was limited, the Slizzar spread the plant across Hadaria and into Daen, all to serve as an irritant and possible danger for those Elves foolish enough to fall into them. This lasted for years, but when the Elven Empire left Hadaria, the Slizzar destroyed all Bloodthorn Vines in Daen as they had been deemed dangerous. Back on Hadaria, the Slizzar continued to let them grow, and when the Allar arrived three centuries later, they immediately sought uses for the plant. However, it was ultimately a Slizzar named Famassa Losso who had learned alchemy for years and extracted the plant’s natural hallucinogenic properties for his own private use in the drug later called Ssastfa.

He became convinced it was a gift to him alone but his Allar mentor revealed the creation to her colleagues, and other Slizzar immediately became aware of it. Bitter, he was forced to disclose his god-blessed drug and the creation became key to Nessrassian worship. It was now grown professionally and cultivated in gardens around major Nessrassian temples and Slizzar settlements. By 250 AC, the plant was almost as well known as the Chrysant Flower, but both would suffer in the coming years. The Chrysant War and its aftermath saw the centers of Slizzar worship destroyed, their homes ruined and the Allar who many Slizzar depended on to create the drug had now turned against them. Bloodthorn Vines across Hadaria were destroyed, and for the past years, the plant has slowly been regrowing. Most Allar once again ignore the plant for it cannot hurt them and with the diaspora of Slizzar across Aloria, it has grown highly profitable to help these scattered remnants obtain their drug of worship. As of now, the plant exists only in Hadaria and often in remote locations but some Slizzar dream of the day those crimson hooks and bright flowers fill the jungles once again.


Bloodthorn Vines are similar to other varieties of vine in that they are roots from a central vine usually at the base of the thing they are climbing up (ruins, trees, etc). The plant’s body is made up of thick, deep green tendrils covered in bright red hooking thorns poking out and down towards the ground (if on a vertical surface). These tendrils are often one to two inches thick in diameter at their thickest points but taper off the higher you get on the plant. Also found along the plant’s tendrils are brilliant red and red-pink flowers with almost one hundred petals set around a white and pollen-heavy center. They are always two inches in diameter and practically sprinkle pollen when touched. They periodically bloom year-round at least once every three months based on when that section of the vine matured to allow it to produce such a flower.

Uses and Abilities

The whole vine courses with a light defensive hallucinogen that tips the thorns protruding from its body. In addition, the flowers that sometimes grow freely dispense and are filled with substantial levels of this substance laced within the pollen. The flower is, therefore, the most used part of the vine as part of the drug Ssastfa, used in the traditional Slizzar worship of their gods. As for the plant’s juices and the thorns, the hallucinogen appears as clear and is tasteless once distilled down and can be used in and on a variety of objects and people. All non-Naylar Races are susceptible to its pricking and its hallucinogenic properties. However, a sheerly massive amount would have to be used by a poisoner to have any profound effects on the subject beyond vague dizziness and mild, watery visions as is caused by the prick from a living Bloodthorn Vine thorn.


  • Naylar scales cannot be pierced by the thorns of the vine, hence why the Slizzar and Allar are immune to their effects. Young Maz-Allar do, however, have the ability to feel its effects when one touches their developing feathers (an area that does not hold the protective scales).
  • Ssasrakand, the holiest place for the Slizzar, had several gardens almost exclusively made up of Bloodthorn Vines, however, they were destroyed along with the rest of the temple after the war.
  • Slizzar tendrils do not react to the Bloodthorn Vine thorns effects, even if directly pricked. If anything, strangely, some Slizzar experience a spine tingle.
  • Insects are the only animals immune to the plant’s properties, making the various large species of Hadaria key in the plant’s efforts to spread across the entire region via pollination.

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