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Official Name Bronze
Common Nicknames Statue Metal
Origin Aloria
Uses Decorative, Military
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin considered to be a decorative metal more than a functional one. The material has been known for centuries along with its ingredients and is often used in the statuary arts, jewelry business and canon casting. The alloy possess no notable abilities, though like any metal it can be polished to a pleasant shine - which, combined with its colouration, is often quite appealing. As the materials needed to make Bronze are plentiful, it is doubtful that this alloy will ever stop being produced and used by the people of Aloria.


Bronze has been independently discovered, forgotten, and rediscovered by countless groups over the centuries. The first after the Fourth Void Invasion were the Elves of the early Elven Empire, followed by the Varran Empire, then the Sariyd Empire. While many other groups and races came to use it, they largely learned from these initial three. In the context of Ailor history, the Regalian Kingdom discovered the existence of bronze after studying the weapons and tools of Elven raiders, though it was some time later before they managed to produce the alloy themselves. They later duplicated and further refined their techniques a few decades before the Cataclysm, ironically becoming more skilled with bronze than the Elves were, albeit because the Elven Empire had begun focusing on other metals. In Farah’deen, the Sariyd Empire had acquired to knowledge to make Bronze centuries prior, and when the Masaya arrose, they took the knowledge for themselves. Today, Bronze is commonly used in statuettes, busts, full statutes, jewelry and cannon casts across Aloria. Though rarer due to the Cataclysm’s destruction, some ancient bronze weaponry such as swords and spearheads have also been unearthed, and can be found in various museums across Aloria.



Bronze is a deep copper-brown metal alloy.

General Uses

Bronze has a myriad of uses, but it is most commonly used in the statuary arts. The metal commonly appears in statuettes, busts and full statutes. It is also commonly used in jewelry, usually in pendants. The metal can be used in primitive tools such as hammers or cutlery because it is easily sanded down. The mineral rarely ever appears in a sharp or hard-angular state as they are easily worn down by time and the elements. Before glass mirrors became more commonplace, flat sheets of speculum metal - a form of bronze with much higher tin content - was generally used instead. The alloy has also been utilized by those of musical inclination, often being cast into the shape of bells. Its final use is in canon casting, easily molded into the two concave shapes required of many cannonballs.


Bronze has no inherent abilities.


  • Bronze bangles or single pendant pieces are often seen as “tribal” by Regalians as they are commonly worn by cultures such as the Velheim Ailor or the Avanthar of Daen. They are usually present in the hair and feature designs of nature on them.
  • A famous statuette of Heron Jacotin was left alone one evening in a Unionist Cathedral, only for priests to return to it the next day and find a large dent in the statuette’s head. While some blame a fumbling priest who picked up, dropped, and dented the hollow statuette, others called it a blow from the Heron’s hammer and it is now viewed to possess some pseudo-mythical properties.
  • Bronze swords were once common across the Regalian Archipelago. Some military-minded houses keep ceremonial Bronze blades in their estates to show their devotion to military history, while for others, it is a symbol of how long their house has survived for.

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