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Death in roleplay for a character can be great development for others, but isn’t always fun for the owner of the Character. In fact, the established higher authority of MassiveCraft is of the opinion that character death is a truly last resort because it doesn’t actually lead to a net plus of value for everyone involved. MassiveCraft has a set of rules to protect from random deathmatching, and unfair death forced onto others. Character Death is usually a right reserved for the owner of the Original Character, yet there are some rules in effect where this right is given away, for the sake of fairness and equal playing field. These keep the world real, and the fear real, which in itself enhances roleplay. These rules thus exist to ensure players do not abuse their safety clauses to irritate other players or engage in unrealistic response roleplay to tense and dangerous situations.

Main and Kill Rules

The Maim and Kill Rules are the core of the Character Death Rules. These are the cornerstones of the rest of this page, and outline the most basic of rules concerning taking the life or wounding other characters. If you have any questions about the writing here, please contact a Lore Staff member to clarify. OOC arguing over the rules between players is also not allowed. As soon as a conflict arises about Maim and Kill Rules, both sides must contact Lore Staff to mediate.

  • Maim Perm: Maim Perm means inflicting damage on another character that would permanently disable them in some way. This means eyes, mouth, arms up to the shoulder and legs up to the hip. Character Aesthetics or soft tissue that serves no function (like the nose or ear) or skin of a character being damaged is not a Maim. Any damage to the latter listing is considered reasonably revertable and thus not requiring permission.
  • Kill Perm: Kill Perm means inflicting damage on another character that would result in the character’s eventual demise either directly or indirectly (through for example either stabbing or poison). Kill Perm as such strictly means the right to murder another character.
  • Given Consent: Given Consent is the strictly written permission to kill a character. When you have been Given Consent by another player, it means they have indicated you are allowed to either Maim or Kill their character. Keep in mind, Given Consent is only valid while logs (or screenshots of in-game chat) can be proven. Discord logs and outdated conversations are not proof. Given Consent is not perpetual, and can expire. In a dispute, contact Lore Staff.
  • Surrendered Consent: Surrendered Consent is similar to Given Consent, except that it’s an automatic response to character actions. To Surrender Consent is to allow other characters to Maim or Kill a Character in response to their actions. This may be voluntary or involuntary, depending on the situation. Surrendering Consent does not require your approval. If any problems occur because of this, please ask a Lore Staff member to mediate.
  • Mental Anguish: Mental Anguish is when a character is forced to suffer or engage in an action that you out of an OOC stand point of view find distressing. For example, if you yourself are a survivor of Leukemia, hair removal may be viewed as distressing and ruining your experience. If such a case is occuring you must always contact a Rank3 Lore Staff member, and you cannot appeal to any sort of exception without their approval.
  • Maim Exceptions: Any variety of Allar, Characters with body regeneration Muters or any such limb-regeneration powers have no such thing as a Maim Perm. All body parts of any of these characters can regrow in a matter of weeks, so any kind of damage is non-permanent. This means that you don’t need permission to for example remove a body part from an Allar Character. Instead, reasonability comes into play. Repeatedly crippling such a character just because you can by the Character Death Rules is not allowed and will be counted as Harassment by Server Rules.
  • Guard Exceptions: Regalian Guards have special rules concerning the Killing and Maiming of Characters. Principally speaking, they are as such exempt from needing Consent in any way or form, but they are also internally regulated for when they can and cannot take a character’s life or arm by Lore Staff. If you want to read more, please consult the Crime Rules.
  • Capture Exceptions: If your character is actively imprisoned by another group or person, this group or person has perpetual maim perms if your character does not realistically respond to Fear-RP. This is a really vague exception that in all cases requires Lore Staff mediation. A good example of bad Fear-RP in an abduction case is the abductee constantly smirking and spitting on their abductor and turning the roleplay into a slapstick scenario. In such a case, with the approval of Lore Staff, abductors will receive Maim Perm on their abductee to force them in line. Kill Perm will never be given in Capture Exceptions however. If you feel your abductee is not roleplaying out Fear-RP realistically, contact Lore Staff.

When do I Surrender Consent?

  • When your Character has broken the Capital Law under the Regalian Law in any and all circumstances.
  • When your Character has committed serious crime, or repeatedly broken serious Laws on the Regalian Law page. In most cases, first offending of non Capital Laws does not result in immediate Kill Perms.

Further Comments & Notes

  • You should generally seek to avoid killing another player’s character if there are other options available to you and them (and there always are). Consult the player(s) or Lore Staff in question to discuss alternative options. Generally speaking, the community does not look kindly on those who simply kill off characters for smaller reasons, or do not give second chances.
  • You should, maybe, consider Surrendering Consent in a situation where you are seriously overpowered and where the overpowering group has plausible reason and intent to kill your character. This is not a rule, simply a guideline and a recommendation, since the community tends to look on people who avoid death by hiding behind Kill Perms as God roleplayers.
  • There are no hard and fast rules pertaining to Monster Characters and their Consent upon shapeshifting, but the following should be avoided by Monsters to avoid a complication. Monster Characters should not shift for the IC "glory" of it, shifting in front of a Government official, shifting in front of a cadre of Guards, or shifting at a Guard checkpoint or particularly peaceful location without the actual need to do so. Shapeshifting into a monster can in some cases be seen as surrendering consent to the Guards because Guards should reasonably respond to a Monster by killing it. Monster Characters are those who turn into gore or disturbing beasts through magic or for example the Hellion Curse.

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