Common Farm Chicken

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Common Farm Chicken
Official Name Common Farm Chicken
Common Nicknames White Chicken
Classification Bird
Habitat Farms across Aloria
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

From the lowest beggar to the highest nobleman, most residents of Aloria have laid their eyes on the Common Farm Chicken. One of the most ordinary animals you can find on nearly every continent, they have made their way as livestock on farms the world over. Originally hailing from Daendroc, the enslaved Ailors brought the wild ancestors of today’s chicken with them as they escaped their Elven captors. The Chicken is favored for providing plenty of food for those even with a small amount of coin. Even then, they still have a remarkable effect on different cuisines from all types of cultures.


As the Elven Empire fell and with it, the basis of civilization, Ailor slaves fled from Daendroc to other continents, such as Old Ceardia, where they began to try their hand at cultivating the land. After abandoning their hunting and gathering lifestyle, they took on a more modern way to living: farming. Not only did these freed Ailors farm vegetables and other crops, but they farmed animals as well. One of the first animals to be domesticated by the Ailors was the ancestor of the Common Farm Chicken. Its earliest predecessor, a type of junglefowl, was taken from its natural habitat in Daendroc, migrating to Old Ceardia with the Ailor colonists. After generations of selective breeding, the junglefowl had transformed into what is known as the Common Farm Chicken. It was also around this time that the chicken’s popularity began to rise, and they could be found on farms not only in Old Ceardia, but across the continents of Aloria. From indigent commoners to the wealthiest of nobles, many enjoy both chicken meat and eggs with their meals. Despite the chickens being slaughtered on a daily basis to be eaten, they continue to thrive on the farms of Aloria.

Physical Appearance

Common Farm Chickens all have a similar trend in the coloration of their feathers on their body and head. Most chickens sport a mundane white color, while some can be earthy colors such as browns or black. Common Chickens all have yellow feet and beaks, pinkish caruncles (a patch of loose skin around the eye/beak), and a red comb on top of their head. Common Farm Chickens can grow to be two feet tall. Chickens are one of the few flightless birds on Aloria, as their body is too heavy for their wings, and their wings too weak to provide substantial lift. However, chickens have been seen to glide if launched from a high place; able to go over short obstacles and, annoyingly to farmers, fences.


Female chickens, called hens, are kept in greater numbers by farmers than males, known as roosters, are, as the females are required to lay generous amounts of eggs. These eggs either provide food to the farmer, or are used to produce more chickens. The roosters are larger than the hens, and thus have more meat on their bones, which further allows the females to remain sheltered from slaughter. Male chickens can also be differentiated from hens by having a larger comb and wattle.

Life Span and Development

Farm Chickens, despite their short lives associated with the consumption of the bird, can actually live up to a lengthy ten years. Starting from an egg after a hen has mated with a rooster, the newborn baby, called a chick, is an unsaturated color of yellow and hatches amongst other chicks after three weeks. As it develops, its feathers turn into either their white or earthy hues. They begin to mate and lay eggs at two years, and are typically slaughtered for the market at six years.

Mental Overview

As its full name indicates, the Common Farm Chicken is indeed domesticated. They are always found on farms if not freed. Since their predecessors, junglefowls, have been tamed by Ailors that were freed from the Elven Empire, they’ve become docile and bred for food over the years.

Territory and Groupings

The amount of chickens in an area always, if not most of the time, depends on how big their farmer’s lands are. Either let out in an open area or kept in a chicken pen, there can be as little as four, or as many as a dozen. Their numbers are routinely controlled about their farms by their very farmers to maintain a healthy state.


  • Common Farm Chickens, despite their simplicity, manage to be one of the most recognized animals in Aloria.
  • In any Daendroque-influenced lands, there is a sport known as cockfighting where at least two chickens are matched up together to fight in a ring, called a cockpit.
  • While uncommon, people do actually keep chickens as pets: many can find them entertaining, or simply a nice, exotic pet to have.

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