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Coraveau, Blade of The Raven-Lord
Name Coraveau, Blade of The Raven-Lord
Origin Unknown
Tier Legendary Tier III

Coraveau, Blade of the Raven-Lord is a Rapier hammered out of a peculiar, almost crystalline obsidian-colored kind of Steel that shines with a degree of red tones when exposed to direct moonlight. The basket is pristine Silver and composed of ornately-made raven’s wings that curl together into a rounded hilt, lined with a crimson red cloth. The ceremonial blade of the very last patriarch of the long-dead Prendegeist family, now affected by Void Essence, Coraveau has a dark and accursed history shrouded in superstition and horror.


In years long past, the bleak forests and hillocks of Tirgunn were ruled over by Renault Prendegeist. The head of his family, Renault was known as an enthusiastic scholar by hobby, spending whatever time he wasn’t roaming with his band of aberrant-hunters (who would go on to become the very first Darkwalds) on studying the occult and all sorts of dark mythology. He was described as obsessed, using his house’s coffers to fund increasingly-complex expeditions into the surrounding lands in search of old, forgotten power.

He found it in the depths of an unmarked tomb in a long-forsaken graveyard, where he insisted none of the expeditionary party follow him in. He did not emerge until midnight, but seemed changed when he did: his hair now a sleek raven-black, eyes a deep and dark red, and a blackish rapier in his clutch. From then on, Renault fashioned himself the Raven-Lord of Tirgunn, gaining a new obsession with the corvids. He allowed a flock to live and fly rampant throughout his castle and always seemed to be followed by the birds wherever he went, until he eventually stopped leaving his chambers altogether. The last anyone saw of Renault alive was watching his body cascade down from the castle tower and plummet into the courtyard. Searching his bedroom, a dizzying mess of discarded plumage was found all across the floor along with a maddened phrase scratched all over the walls in repetition: Time to fly.

From then on, Coraveau was considered a cursed and unholy thing, kept out of the hands of the living and locked up within a reinforced glass case in the deeper halls of the Darkwalds’ castle: never to see the light of day again. This did not prove to be its eternal fate, though, as a degree of greed and even incompetence led to the blade being released unto the unsuspecting world.


Coraveau is a somewhat ornate rapier (though it changes shape to suit the user’s preference as a melee weapon, it’s default is a rapier), following all normal structural conventions of the thin dueling blade but with added decoration. The blade itself is made of an unidentifiable sort of Steel that has a crystalline, prismatic shine to it: a rich red hue that gleams when exposed to moonlight. A platinum-silver metal makes up the basket which is forged to appear like a pair of raven’s wings enclosed in a circle around the wielder’s hand. The inside of the rounded hilt is lined with a clean, plush crimson red satin.

Artifact Abilities and Specials


Coraveau is a Tier III Legendary Artifact, meaning it is one of the greatest Artifacts in the world.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Greater Ordial Immunity Constant Passive Self

Grants the user Greater Ordial Immunity

Tirgunn Plague Instant Power Emote Range

Grants the user Tirgunn Plagues

Tirgunn Defense Constant Passive Self

Grants the user Tirgunn Defense

Unholy Shots Instant Power Self

Grants the user Unholy Shots

Unhallowed Ground Healing Power Self

Grants the user Unhallowed Ground



  • Artifact Twice-given: This Artifact is a Twice-given Artifact, meaning a second user must be registered as co-owner. This co-owner will wield the Artifact when they are online and the main wielder is offline. The Artifact can be stolen from the second owner. It is not possible to change co-owner after choosing.
  • Artifact Shapeshifting: The Artifact has a natural form described in the Appearance description, but can take the shape of any Weapon the user prefers, except for Ranged or Firearms Weapons. This mechanic cannot be done mid-combat to gain an advantage through the changing shape of the Weapon.
  • Artifact Mindwall: The Artifact protects the wielder's mind from foreign influences. While carrying or wielding the Artifact, the user is immune to Control Powers or any other Ability or Mechanic that affects the mind of the user, changed it, or subjects them to any form of foreign control or puppeteering.
  • Artifact Durability: Artifacts are immune to Physical or Magical damage, meaning the item can never be destroyed, degraded, aged, de-aged, corroded, corrupted, or damaged and blunted. Greater entities such as deities however can damage Artifacts. Additionally, the user is also immune to any Abilities or Mechanics that would disarm them.
  • Artifact Housebound: Artifacts have special rules applied to them when a Noble Family has possession of the Artifact. Their Noble Estate becomes a valid Raid-target pursuant the same rules applying to the Fae Sepulchre, and a Raid can be initiated against their estate with the intention of stealing the Artifact. Servants owning Artifacts counts as family ownership.
  • Coraveau's Reputation: Coraveau is one of the most unholy Weapons among Void-Worshipers. Anyone who is the wielder of Coraveau unlocks more favorable responses and potential responses that would not normally be available from Void Worshipers, especially in the Dread Empire and among Vampires.
  • Coraveau's Darkheart: Coraveau empowers the wielder, but only Void Mages and Vampires. While the Weapon and its normal Abilities can still be used by non-Occult, only those who are Vampires or Void Mages gain +2 Strength that can break the 7 Proficiency Point Limit, but does not grant additional Point Buy.
  • Coraveau's Whispers: Coraveau carries a partial will of its own. While it is not quite conscious in its own right, if the wielder has a natural disposition towards cruelty, violence, and depravity, the Weapon will start speaking to them in their mind and encouraging them to commit more of them.
  • Coraveau's Shape: Coraveau can impart visual changes to the user, either while using its abilities, while just wielding it, or passively. Such aesthetics are including but not limited to: A crow/raven head, manifested black feathers, black feathered (non-functional) wings, talon-claws, a bird tail. For more, inquire with Lore Staff.

Lingering Curse of Coraveau

Tier III Artifacts have lingering effects on their hosts, if the hosts have been identified by Lore Staff as "Honorable Users", a definition somewhere between properly using the Artifact beyond self-gain and for community betterment, and also not powergaming with it. A Lingering Curse or Blessing will remain with the host until they retake the Artifact, after which all effects are immediately removed. The following effects are given to the host:


  • Artifact Hunger: This Artifact has thoroughly manifested in the person's mind that they have a permanent tracking Ability on the current owner of the Artifact. Wherever this new owner is, this person can track them down know where they are even if they use a disguise or shapeshift. This effect is cancelled if the new owner of the Artifact is also an Honorable User, in which case they cannot track the Artifact owner.
  • Artifact Heritage: This user has a lingering power that once belonged to the Artifact, but that they can now use independently of the Artifact. When they re-take the Artifact, this does not stack as all lingering Curse effects are removed when they retake the Artifact. The specific Ability of Coraveau that is given by the Lingering Curse is Tirgunn Plagues.
  • Artifact Memory: This user no longer owns the Artifact, but are still recognized as an Honorable user of the Artifact and worthy of its legacy. For this Artifact, it means the now ex-owner still has lingering favor from Vampires and Void Worshipers in Progressions and the wider world, especially in the Dread Empire.

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