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[[category:Flora]] [[category:Culinary Flora]] [[category:Maiar]] [[category:Chi’en-ji]] [[category:Daendroc Flora]] [[category:Ithania Flora]] [[category:Hyarroc Flora]] [[category:Teled Methen Flora]] [[category:Hadar Flora]] [[category:Yang-tzu Isles Flora]] [[category:New Ceardia Flora]]  [[category:Farah'deen Flora]] [[category:Trees, Bushes, and Grasses]]

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Corpse Weed
Official Name Corpse Weed
Common Name Salt Snakes
Classification Plant
Common Use Culinary
Origins Daendroc, Yang-Tzu Islands
Habitat Coastal regions

With long, slimy tendrils that can reach up to a hundred feet in length, Corpse Weed is most commonly found in colonies in the coastal waters of Daendroc. Its colonies are often referred to as forests of the sea, due to the thick, long leaves that easily hide obstructions and the sea predators that lurk within. Corpse Weed is most commonly consumed by Maiar as they are the only race that can ingest the plant raw.


Considered a burden by almost all sailors, Corpse Weed has been avoided by fishermen and pirates alike for centuries. The thick leaves of the plant float all the way to the surface of coastal waters, often blocking the view of any potential dangers from sailors, rendering itself as a frequent obstacle and nuisance for oceanic travelers. However, this saltwater-based plant provides a habitat for various Maiar, even sustaining a considerable section of their diet.

It wasn’t until 248 A.C. that a pair of Chi’en-Ji fishermen discovered that Corpse Weed was edible by other species too, serving as a decent alternative for salt when grated over a meal. Although not initially considered very appealing by most, the plant was slowly incorporated into Chi’en-Ji society, eventually becoming one of the sole exports from the Yang-Tzu Islands and a staple food in the Chi’en-Ji diet. Corpse Weed is, surprisingly enough, usually purchased by Ithanian nobles, as it is known as a lavish delicacy amongst them.


Growing in massive, thick clusters in coastal waters, Corpse Weed consists of a length of dark pods that rise from the shallow seabeds and reach the surface of the sea, lazily. The first pod attaches itself into the sea floor, whilst the subsequent pods all produce long, slimy chains of leaves.

Uses and Abilities

Corpse Weed is exclusively employed through culinary means. It is most commonly consumed by the Maiar tribes that occupy the coastal areas where it flourishes, but is also harvested at the hands of Chi’en-Ji who utilize it. It is usually used for seasoning, though can also be consumed as it is after being boiled and dried.


  • Although Corpse Weed may be consumed by any race/species, if it is not boiled and dried before consumption, Corpse Weed may make the individual nauseous. Only Maiar can ingest Corpse Weed without any prior preparation.
  • Corpse Weed will not grow in fresh water.
  • A popular sea-shanty, “Hey, Nay!” is about Corpse Weed.
Hey, Nay, bring us some brave,
Men who will sail the clusters!
Hay Nay, Let them show us the way,
to set sail without our mothers!

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Processors MantaRey, 0romir, Shayin
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