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Daendroc Weasel
Official Name Daendroc Weasel
Common Nicknames Sea Rodent, Pirate Weasel
Classification Mammal
Habitat Daendroc
Domesticated Yes.
Current Status Common

The Daendroc Weasel is a pesky rodent which infamously dwells in the harbors of Daendroc. The weasel is often seen on most seafaring vessels, being loved by the sailors. It is hated as much as it is loved, however, largely due to their frequent theft of food. This weasel is often at odds with the Ghor Ka Bloodscale; when these two creatures meet, it more often than not leads to a violent fight to the death. Daendroc Weasels today are seen in almost any harbor, always near their owner.


The Daendroc Weasel was first discovered by Ailor in 26 AC, but it was known to the Nelfin during the time of their respective empire. Weasels were first acknowledged as pests, and were often killed for sport due to little value being perceived in these small rodents. As time passed and the Ailor presence in Daendroc grew, the killing of this animal led to its near-extinction in 202 AC. Shortly after this, however, Asha Corsairs picked up on the creature as a seafaring pet and, as such, its popularity grew. Because of this, the Daendroc Weasel has gone from the brink of extinction to a thriving population in a sea environment, and stays in a current happy medium of sightings. Feral Daendroc Weasels can still be found in Daendroc, but are a rare find due to the large-scale domestication the species has undergone.

Physical Appearance

Daendroc Weasels come in various colors and sizes, although they’re more notably known for their black with white patterns and brown with white patterns. These rodents often sport light green or blue eyes. They are very small with a short snout, and their teeth are by far the most dangerous part on the animal besides its claws. These teeth are exceedingly sharp, and can certainly leave a mark on any creature that might strike a primal fear into the weasel. While its claws are used primarily for digging, they can also be used as a useful weapon against other opponents. They take the figure of most rodents, a slender and sleek body which allows them to travel quickly, and scurry away from predators. It is obvious that the Daendroc Weasel was built for speed and not for strength, often preyed upon by larger and stronger beasts. The most interesting physical fact about the Daendroc Weasel is its ability to stand on its hind legs and balance itself for extended periods of time. This often happens when the weasel is intrigued by someone or something, as it doesn’t look around well in this position, almost always standing still and narrowing in on a specific subject.


The Daendroc Weasel is very easy to identify, as females have two white stripes that go across their back, while males have a solid color of either black or brown. Females are known to be more outgoing than the males in terms of demeanor, while the males tend to have a stubborn disposition, and often stay by their owners or run about stealing bits of food.

Life Span and Development

A domesticated Daendroc Weasel lives up to the age of fourteen, while wild Daendroc Weasels live to about eight. Domesticated Weasels often run on poor diets given to them by their unknowing seafaring masters, and therefore, have a higher likelihood of contracting disease from their inappropriate diet and frequent overfeeding. Weasels often birth litters at a time, and are nurtured by their mother and taught by their father how to find and retrieve food. At the age of two, the litter go their own ways, finding a group of their own to stay in for the rest of their lives.

Mental Overview

Daendroc Weasels are known for their unwavering loyalty to their owners; an owner can always be sure your weasel will return to them. There are few weasel owners who keep them in their house, as the creatures are trusted to follow them wherever they go. Daendroc Weasels also have a blood feud with the Ghor Ka Bloodscale. At the sight of one, the Daendroc Weasel takes action with intent to kill the animal. It is a brutal fight that often lasts not more than a few minutes and usually ends up with a dead corpse of either animal. The Daendroc Weasel will never allow another pet to live in a household. If this is the case, the weasel will try to attack the other animal until it’s either dead or out of the house.

Territory and Groupings

Daendroc Weasels operate in packs, often selecting their life group at the age of two. Wild weasels are very territorial, and will often act aggressively if something invades their space. They often gather what they eat in packs, never being without one another even when they sleep. As mentioned before, domesticated Daendroc Weasels are very territorial of their owners, disliking other pets.


  • Daendroc Weasels will often nestle themselves atop their owners head. The reason for this is unknown, but it is very common.
  • Daendroc Weasels will always try to flank their opponent using their speed. This tactic can be very efficient to them as they are small animals.

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