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Official Name Daisy
Common Name Flower, Weed Flower
Classification Flower
Common Use Decoration
Origins Aloria
Habitat Various

The Daisy is the most common flower in Aloria, existing on almost every continent, and has likely existed for as long as life has flourished in this world. There are several varieties, with several different color schemes and minor physical differences, but all can ultimately be called Daisies. Their sole purpose in Aloria today is for decoration, as they rarely taste good in food and their ancient medicinal uses have since been superseded by vastly superior flora and modern techniques.


To give a history of the Daisy would be almost comedic. The simple fact is that the plant has existed for so long, across so much of Aloria, that its commonplace nature has made it both notable for its long life, but also noteless due to how populous it was. It grows from the Far West to Essalonia, from the fringes of The North Belt to the lands of Hadaria, and is commonly a wildflower without much in the way of cultivation. In certain areas, the plant is considered a weed and rooted out, while in others it is appreciated along with other basic colorful plants and made into flower crowns by children or the joyous alike. The plant has spread so far that it is likely to never go extinct.


The Daisy is a fairly simple flower, standing less than a foot tall in most specimens that are grown. Details of the plant vary between the different subspecies, but in general they have a bright green stem with a small cluster of leaves at the base of the plant. As a result, the flower head sticks up prominent, and alone, save for other Daisies which grow around it.

  • Yellow/White Daisy: This type of Daisy has spread across Aloria and exists on many continents. It’s flowerhead has a bright yellow pistil surrounded by a layer of oblong white petals.
  • Red Daisy: Red Daisies have spread across Aloria and exist on many continents. It’s flowerhead has a bright yellow or dark colored pistil surrounded by a layer of oblong red petals.
  • Wintersun Daisy: This type of Daisy is exclusive to Essalonia, though it has been transposed to other continents by cultivators. It’s flowerhead has a bright yellow pistil, but its petals are of a unique shape and coloration. Rimming the pistil on the petals is a ring of yellow which quickly transitions to white. The petals are ovular, with a divot at the end producing a slight prong.
  • Yellow/Sunlight Daisy: Originating from Daen, this species of Daisy has spread to other humid and temperate areas of Aloria, though largely only in Corontium. It is notable for being all yellow, with the central pistil a more orange-yellow color. Additionally, it features two divots at the end of its petals, causing three prongs.
  • Farah/Songa Daisy: The most exotic breed of Daisy, it was originally cultivated on Farah’deen by the Qadir. After the Great Storm, the plant has largely survived along the coastline and in Songaskian gardens, but also in nearby southern Essalonia. The plant is more of a shrub, with a deep purple, if not black pistil ringed by a set of large oblong purple colored petals.

Uses and Abilities

Daisies are generally useless plants. While in the past, many crude societies made use of them, the advancements of Aloria have resulted in even the simplest Cultures advancing their knowledge past the point of requiring use of this plant. The Daisy is therefore only useful for decoration, be that in flowerbeds or in children’s games.


  • Every type of Daisy grows naturally in only one place: Essalonia.

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