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Domestic Tabby
Official Name Domestic Tabby
Common Nicknames Master-Cats, Migno-Chat
Classification Mammal
Habitat Daen, Corontium
Domesticated Yes.
Current Status Common

For centuries, cats have been the apex titleholder of domesticated pet animals, flourishing in the Elven Empire as the choice household companion, and subsequently the Regalian Empire. The domesticated Tabby Cat is an affectionate animal, known for its ease of living harmoniously and forming co-dependency wherever they may be found as useful vermin hunters. In modern times, they continue to be doted upon and cherished by many denizens of Aloria.


The true history of the domesticated Tabby Cat remains unknown; numerous Regalian Scholars gauge the species to predate the Elven Empire. Its population is generally accepted to be in the thousands, and accompany the expansions of those species who are sympathetic to their usefulness and companionship. During the reign of the Elven Empire over Aloria, these felines were just as widely accepted in non-Nelfin provinces. However, when the Cataclysm struck, many perished in the subsequent destruction brought upon by Void beings and the invasions done by the Eronidas.

Following the fall of the Elven Empire, the nobility of Regalia took interest in the Tabby, where it soon became a household pet amongst noble and common folk alike. In modern times, these cats continue to thrive in farming colonies where they are used as barn cats and are protected fondly by the townsfolk. Tabby strays have dropped in Regalian cities sympathetic to non-Ailor as the cats find themselves being easy prey for Allar and Eronidas.

Physical Appearance

The Domestic Tabby is a domestic cat that has a coat featuring naturally-occurring distinctive stripes, lines or swirling patterns, together with a mark resembling an 'M' on their forehead. Their most common fur coat are ginger orange, but darker colors such as grey and brown are just as widespread. They are a four-legged animal with their marking being either orange, grey, ginger, brown and black. All of them are born with blue eyes, which changes as they grow older to have darker eyes with colors like amber, green, brown or black.

Their tails vary between eight to twelve inches in length. Most Tabbies reach a height of about half a foot, though feral cats tend to be lighter in weight as they have more limited access to food than house cats. Controlled breeding between species has led to peculiar types such as ones with longer tails, stubbier legs and thicker fur. For both feral and strays, it is not uncommon for permanent injuries to be present such as broken tails or scarred fur.


The Domestic Tabby has an equal gender binary with no predisposition towards male or female thus keeping the population equal.

Life Span and Development

Both domesticated Tabby Cats and feral ones grow at an extremely quick pace; they take months to reach maturity from litters of three to five.This has led to over breeding concerns in the past, and scholarly work is being done to understand neutering. As the Tabby Cat ages, its fangs blunt, its fur begins fading white, and due to a genetic degenerative problem with their spines common amongst the feline species of the same family, they become far less sprightly. For this reason, the Tabby Cat rarely exceeds fifteen years of age, by which point it has probably degenerated to a point where it passes from common causes. On this simple fact, the life expectancy of feral cats are much lower.

Mental Overview

Creatures meant for companionship, Tabby Cats are the ideal pets. They frequent those willing to care and feed them, and flourish in a number of such generous settlements. Tabby Cats are temperamental creatures who can be affectionate and benevolent or vicious and cold. Most strays found in civilized settlements are tamed by themselves, easing into the homes they are adopted to in a few short weeks.

Cases of Tabby Cats brought in from the wild have resulted in numerous instances of savage bruising of arms, legs and even the faces of their would-be keepers. It has also resulted in property damage through the feline’s desire to escape.

Territory and Groupings

Household Tabby Cats are known to be affectionate towards their owners, who are likely to keep upwards of two as the domesticated felines have a tendency to co-exist with one another. Strays are known to usually occupy an alley and band together to ward off other vermin encroaching into their area of expertise such as the Vile Rat in Regalian Cities. In the wild, feral Tabby Cats are known to be solitary hunters, though this is rare.


  • Concerned residents of Regalia has lobbied in recent years for additional laws to protect their beloved pets from would-be predators.
  • There is an old Ailor myth of a rivalry between a gray Tabby and a House Mouse which stretched for numerous years.

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