Drachenwald Nuttegg

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Drachenwald Nuttegg
Official Name Drachenwald Nuttegg
Common Name Golden Tree, Glitzernde Baum
Classification Nut
Common Use Culinary
Origins Drachenwall region
Habitat Forested regions

A small gold colored nut that grows on a golden barked tree, the Drachenwald Nuttegg is a highly sought after ingredient. Growing in the Drachenwald region of Regalia, it was nearly eradicated during the Drachenwald Crisis. Its main use is as ingredient in many exquisite and succulent dishes, and due to its elusive nature, is mostly consumed by the rich.


Drachenwald Nuttegg started as a regional good of Drachenwald sent to the capital of the Regalian Kingdom as tribute to the King. Although first mentioned in 12 BC by state records, it is unknown when exactly the plant was discovered. After the Five Principal Families seized power, Drachenwald’s nobility took to having it as a unique good for their use only. This caused jealousy from other nobles and the rising mercantile class who desired to eat it without having to travel to Drachenwald. Emperor Theomar the Holy was quick to eliminate this problem and made a law in the region that no hoarding of the plant was allowed. No one group has held any significant monopoly on Drachenwald Nuttegg since then but nobles in the area did make a tidy profit from harvesting and selling them to others. After and during the Drachenwald Crisis starting in 271 AC, the local barons damaged or destroyed many of the trees, seeing them tied to the Sherburne’s wealth. Since then, the plant has been gradually growing back and many regional leaders hope that soon, profits will be open to all.


Drachenwald Nuttegg grows on a thin golden brown trunked tree from the spring until autumn. The leaves of this tree are a bright green and when the Nuttegg is ready to be harvested, small yellow flowers begin to bloom. Nutteggs themselves are often small, walnut-shaped with a smooth golden shell. They are often found to be on their own though small groupings of three to four trees are possible.

Uses and Abilities

The brown aromatic interior of Drachenwald Nuttegg contains a soft, sweet paste-like substance that is usable in a variety of dishes. From bread to cakes to chocolate, Nutteggs are always a delicacy in any sweet meal. Another use for it is an unorthodox Maiar repellant. They hate the smell and taste of the plant for an unknown reason. If they ingest it, they will have trouble breathing due to lungs swelling and can eventually die if it is not purged from the system.


  • The effects Nuttegg has on Maiar wasn’t known until a noble in Girobalda fed a Maiar pet the remains of a cake made with the substance for its good service over the years. The result was the Maiar’s death after he complained about the smell a bit and later was unable to breathe.
  • The former Emperor, Justinian II, was one of the rare few that dislike the plant’s taste. As such, under his reign, Nutteggs were rarely bought by the Imperial Court.

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