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Official Name Dragonflower
Common Name Flaming flower, Serpent’s flower.
Classification Flower
Common Use Decoration, Cooking
Origins Farah’deen
Habitat Farah’deen, Daendroc

A staple in Farah’deen and Daendroqean cooking, the Dragonflower has wormed its way to fame both for its practical use in the common kitchen, and its stunning appearance. What started as a mere oasis flower has become an iconic spice among many, along as a beloved prize-garden gem.


The Dragonflower was first discovered by a lost Qadir spice merchant, who was unfortunate enough to take a wrong turn, leaving him to be lost in the seemingly never ending desert, out of water. It was only luck that he stumbled upon a small oasis, with the Dragonflower growing along the banks of the water. Taken aback by the flower’s striking colors, the merchant uprooted one of the plants to take along with him. Upon discovering a nearby village, the man was able to take a closer look at the plant. He found that the flower was a potent spice, as after handling the plant’s roots, the merchant rubbed his eyes only to find they burned; a trait of hot peppers and plants. By crushing the roots, it was found a spice could be produced, perfect to use for cooking. Word spread, and so did the plant, reaching the Holy city of Regalia. From there, the plant traded across Aloria, but out of all places, Daendroque took to the plant the best. With perfect conditions from growth, the flower spread rapidly and the spice it produces went on to become a staple in Daendroqean dishes. Daendroquenas named it the Dragonflower due to it’s bright color which resembles the magic of Dragon’s fire, it’s wing-like leaves, and the more than flaming spice it produces.


The Dragonflower is a five petaled flower, with a long, thin stem that has a slight droop due to the weight of the flower it holds. The flower can grow to have a diameter of about two inches on average, though it has been recorded to grow up to four inches across given the right conditions. The color of the plant can vary from light orange-yellows, to a deep and rich scarlet. It is not uncommon for a single plant to have flowers of various shades growing on it. The leaves of the plant are the most peculiar, vaguely resembling a dragon’s wings, and they have slight spikes that give a small prick to whoever grabs at them. The roots, likely the most crucial part of the plant, grow like curled up snakes, and when freshly picked have a slight slimy texture, giving rise to the name ‘Serpent’s flower.”

Uses and Abilities

The Dragonflower is primarily used for cooking, though it does have some minor uses that are not as commonly found. The flower is sometimes crushed to produce a brilliant scarlet dye, often used in dying clothes. It’s tasking to make as it requires a large amount of the flowers, and typically sells for a large amount of coin. The most common use of the flower is in the production of a potent spice. Easy to make, the spice is sold for a low price in sharp contrast to the dye the flower can create. Often, even the lower class families have a bottle of the spice, and given how a small pinch to a dish could warm one up from the inside out, it proves to be cost-effective.


  • A myth was started that the Dragonflower came into existence when a dragon blew fire onto the land, and where the flame touched, the flowers would spring up and flourish.
  • In large enough doses, the spice produced by the Dragonflower can inflict burns to a person’s mouth and throat, just like an actual flame. It became a challenge among Qadir children to see how much one could take before tearing up from the pain.

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