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[[category:Flora]] [[category:cane]] [[category:Culinary Flora]] [[category:Daendroc Flora]] [[Category:Nelfin]] [[category:Hyarroc Flora]] [[category:Teled Methen Flora]] [[category:Ithania Flora]]

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Dullci Cane
Dullci Cane.png
Official Name Dullci Cane
Common Name Sugar Cane, Rum Reeds
Classification Reed
Common Use Culinary
Origins Daendroc
Habitat Jungles and plantations

Beginning during the rise of Elven Civilization, the Dullci Cane has had a long history as a popular plantation crop. After the Empire fell, the remaining Nelfin took up the reins and continued to farm and process the plant. Primarily grown to be processed into sugar or used in special local Elven drinks, it remains an incredibly important crop for the various nations of Daendroc.


Dullci Cane is a very old plant, dating back to the early days of the Elven Empire. While its origins is disputed, many Seraph murals indicate that the first civilization farmed some form of cane in its later days. Regardless of its origins, the Elven Empire saw the Cane for what it was: A source of flavor for their most esteemed delicacies. Slave plantations began to farm these in the masses. . It was also transported across the empire for trade, as did the plantations with it. When the Empire fell, the slaves that escaped often planted and then grew the Dullci Cane for themselves. However, with the Cataclysm and the chaos that followed, it would take decades for production to reach even adequate levels again. Around 80 AC, the small states that would later make up the Elven nation of Uven Delaris started shipping off its refined sugar to other nations. They quickly built up a demand from foreign nations and soon it became a key cash crop again to help recover and repair the Altalar economy. With the freeing of many slaves under the 11th Creed, production has seen a serious interruption that has only been stopped with the return of slaves and the arrival of ex-slave sharecroppers. They now resume their tasks of harvesting, tending and sowing the fields of Dullci Cane once more.


Dullci Cane is a tall, thick, and brown reed that has small dark green shoots protruding from it. It stands at a height of 9 to 13 feet and group together in the wild, though they are arranged in rows on plantations.

Uses and Abilities

Dullci Cane is useful in producing sugar as well as being made into syrups or distilled juices for alcoholic beverages. The cane must be harvested once it has reached full maturity where from there, it can be either be ground down or distilled into sugar, juices or syrups. Sugar produced from this plant is often white or a slightly off white once distilled. Juices or syrups made with the stalk is off or milky whites. The alcoholic beverages that are made with the former two products are often sweet tasting and sugar itself is used in a variety of baked goods and beverages, especially in Ithania, where it has garnered a newfound popularity.


  • The ancient ruins of Elven Dullci Cane storehouses can still be found in the swamps of Teled Methen, multi-level central repository filled with statues of nobility, some of which still remain.
  • Small local breweries in Uven Delaris product highly sought after rums and wines that make use of the juices and syrup derived from Dullci Cane.

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