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Official Name Eluhwa
Common Name Bulgecap, Rainbowcap
Classification Fungi
Common Use Culinary
Origins Drowda
Habitat Mountainous regions

Eluhwa is an extensively farmed and edible mushroom that grows on the tainted land of Drowda. Eaten by the local wildlife and Drowdar of the continent, it has a hearty, earthen taste. This unique ingredient is able to be used in Praeter Stew to negate the effects of the unhealthy fungi, as well as to increase the physical endurance of the consumer.


The Eluhwa as it is known today evolved after the horror of the Cataclysm in the Void saturated wastes of Drowda. The original common and plain looking mushroom was luckily only slightly affected by this event. It gained a dull glowing blue surface with purple patches, but remained undiscovered in this new form in its subterranean habitat for several decades. It was only when Drowdar gatherers entered the caves in 50 AC seeking food that they stumbled upon the mutant creatures called Norlda guarding patches of Eluhwa. Dispatching the monsters and bringing back both for use as food, they started underground farms in the depths of their citadel. These underground farms were soon decided to be connected to the natural cave systems of the continent so more of the wild mushrooms could be accessed.


In general, Eluhwa mushrooms have a few common characteristics. Their caps are a faint, glowing blue with small purple splotches dotting their tops. They also grow in clusters in the underground caves of Drowda. It has been noted that higher levels of Void taint affect the way that Eluwha appears. Less saturated mushrooms appear generally “normal” with pale stalks holding up the glowing cap. Higher saturations change them to appear highly bulbous, squat and with small pale white strands cracking out of the top-middle of the fungus.

Uses and Abilities

Eluhwa is a common food source for those living on Drowda. It can be eaten raw, cooked to add to the taste, but it’s most common use is in Praeter Horn Stew. It is said to have a hearty, earthy taste, like potatoes. A lesser known effect of Eluhwa is that it aids in digestion, which is why the Norldas eat so much of it. Prolonged consumption increases the chances of possession among non-Drowdar races.


  • Eluhwa has been known to glow brighter when magic is used in their presence, but not when mages are nearby.
  • Eluhwa are known to sometimes overgrow their habitats, one cluster nearly collapsing a citadel tower through weakening the foundation.

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