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Official Name Eluhwa
Common Name Bulge Cap.
Classification Fungi
Common Use A rich-tasting food supplement for the Drowdar and Shendar.
Origins Drowda.
Habitat Damp, dark caverns of Drowda. Presence of magic is necessary.

Eluhwa is a common edible fungi that grows underground and is cultivated in subterranean farms by Drowdar, as well as the few Shendar that reside on the island of Drowda. They hold almost a glowing blue hue and are covered in violet spots. Their taste is very earthen and hearty.


The Eluhwa fungi evolved in Drowda’s harsh expanses after being afflicted by the magical taint. With the contents of the void spilling forth freely into Drowda and resulting in many of the continent’s flora and fauna becoming twisted, depraved and distorted, it is surprising that the effects upon Eluhwa are relatively mild. The fungus remained as a simple cave mushroom, having not changed much from its original ancestor bar in colour, texture and shape. It feeds off of the magical taint within the ecosystem, its speckled fronds absorbing and thriving upon the magics present, causing them to glow a dull blue.


Eluhwa is the name given to the plant officially by the Nelfin denizens of Drowda, though in order to distance themselves from the Shendar, whom they consider distasteful and often engage in conflict, it is sometimes called “Bulge Cap” by the Drowdar in reference to the fungi’s spongy texture and odd appearance.

Primary Use

Eluhwa is an edible form of cave mushroom found within southern Drowda, and it is cultivated in the large underground farms of Drowdar citadels or in the gloomy abodes of Shendar as a nutritious vegetable substitute. Its contents possess a rather hearty and earthy taste, with a fluffy, smooth texture. In Drowda, it is somewhat alike to a common potato, though given the magical corruption of the continent, the Drowdar and Shendar have no choice but to make do with this form of fungi.

  • Once the spongy purple cap is peeled off, the contents may be accessed and hence consumed. Eluhwa tastes better when cooked and mixed with salt.
  • The Drowdar only recently discovered the use of Eluhwa as a vegetable substitute in roughly 203 AC after scavengers chanced upon an abundance of them sprouting within the underground caverns nearby their citadels. However, the Shendar have known of the Eluhwa’s hearty taste and use as a food supplement since 159 AC, having grown and nurtured it within their mountain hideouts in central Drowda for years.
  • In regards to the fact that Eluhwa grows solely in Drowda and cannot survive elsewhere, the only intelligent races who consume the fungus are the Drowdar and Shendar—meaning that no other races have experienced the taste.
  • The two bulges of Eluhwa must be peeled back, as their texture and bland taste hold no real attraction as a food. The violet spots upon the caps may be used as an indication of whether the mushroom is fit to eat though, as the more spots means the better the quality.


  • The Norlda which burrow deep underneath the blackened mountain ranges hold Eluhwa as an important part of their diet, often ingesting large amounts after a hefty meal as to ease their digestion.


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