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Elysian, Mirror of the Dead
Name Elysian, Mirror of the Dead
Origin Isldar, likely Glacial
Tier Legendary Tier III
Type Weapon

Elysian, Mirror of the Dead is a magical mirror Artifact of Ordial origins, though one would never be able to tell, as the mirror appears merely like a slab of Zinc with one side polished to such an extent it forms a reflective surface, lacking any black and green colorations. The Artifact has Isldar origins, once being heralded as a piece of mental solace over the loss of loved ones, but later discovered to be an immensely powerful magical Artifact that amplifies the casting abilities of its owner.


Where Elysian exactly comes from is not known, however it was first mentioned by Isldar migrants as early as 100 AC, as a mirror adorning the central monolith in one of the Shiva Cavern temples. Supposedly, the mirror was the focus point of a pilgrimage site where the faithful could lay their eyes on their loved ones who had gone before, as the mirror would always reflect the dead back at them, never their own reflection. The Mirror however was taken during the Isldar civil war recently, when it was discovered that the mirror held extreme Magical power, and could potentially change the course of the war. It never did however, as one of the Arken took it from its owner, when it eventually disappeared from the public eye.


Elysian is a normal-sized mirror, consisting of a two inch thick solid slab of Zinc, the back of which is rough and textured, and the front of which is sanded down and polished to form a reflective surface. The Elysian always prevents touching other surfaces, it always floats gently around or next to the wielder, but can also be summoned and unsummoned from their wrist, when the mirror shrinks and forms a reflective bracer on their arm. Should the Artifact be used however, it immediately ejects from their arm and levitates around them to dispense its Ordial Magic.

Artifact Custom Kit

Elysian is an Ordial Artifact. As Elysian is an artifact, there are several rules associated with Artifact Ownership. Foremostly, Artifact conflict is not opt-in. A Player may never be "too drunk", "too tired", or "not interested", in a third party attacking them to try and steal the Artifact. Artifact owners may not RP-log from being ambushed. Secondly, Artifact owners Rentals/Estates/Bases can be Raided following the Mage Vault rules, requiring the attacking party to initiate a Ticket with Lore Staff for the planning. Artifacts cannot be destroyed, disarmed, magicked away, yanked from an owner's hands or otherwise disappeared with Abilities, they can only be dropped when the wielder has been Knocked Out or willingly hands it over. Artifact owners are also permanently Control Power Immune, and are also immune to any Special that would establish control over them.

Elys1.png Name: Frozen Heart Type: Constant Passive Cooldown: N/A
Elysian is capable of being used as a shield, granting them the passive benefit of wielding one without being able to utilize Mundane Techniques tied to holding one. The user gains the following effects, which must be clearly added onto the Character Application: The user gains +7 Magic Proficiency (that does not grant Point Buy Packs) that exceeds Proficiency Limits. The user may also choose 2 Spell Point Buy Powers and 2 Greater Mage Spell Point Buy Powers for free.

Elys2.png Name: Grim Reflection Type: Constant Passive Cooldown: N/A
The user is immune to any (non Racial) Power or Special from an Exist Mage, Exist Silven, Cahal, Exist God, Exist Arken, or Exist Artifacts. This Immunity generally only applies to Abilities & Specials targeting the user. Additionally, the user is able to hold Elysian to a willing, fully restrained or any defeated target, temporarily wiping their mind and consciousness and leaving them as an emotionless husk for the next day. This Curse can be reverted prematurely by any exorcism Ability or Special. If a player looks into Elysian they do not see their own reflection, but instead the image of a loved one, friend or enemy that has died, appearing as they did shortly before their death or during their demise itself.

Elys3.png Name: Echoing Torment Type: Control Power Cooldown: N/A
Each time Elysian's wielder uses a Power from Spell Point buy or Mystic Point buy, the effects of the Power are doubled. Whether this be choosing a target twice, having twice as many charges or assigning twice as many HP points, it will be like casting the spell twice in a single emote. The same target can be chosen twice. Additionally, all non-racial powers cast by the wielder are classified as Ordial Powers.

Elys4.png Name: Frozen Wasteland Type: Ordial Power Cooldown: 3 Hours
Elysian’s wielder slams their hands into the ground, draining it of life and turning the area within emote range into an icy tundra. Anyone caught within the initial emote is subject to a Curse that counts as a Control Power, forcing them to suffer -2 Constitution that can go into the negatives. The wasteland persists around the wielder, following them wherever they go and preventing any kind of movement based Ability (anything that moves the user a specified amount of blocks) from being used within it. The effect, and Curse, last 1 Hour. The Curse can be removed early by a Cleansing Ability or Healing Ability.

Elys5.png Name: Death Herald Type: Constant Passive Cooldown: N/A
Elysian is one of the legendary Ordial weapons, famed amongst Ordial Worshippers and the Ordial inclined as an object of great power and respect. Anyone who is the wielder of Elysian unlocks more favorable responses and potential responses that would normally not be available from Ordial Worshippers, especially Glacial followers or the Bene-Rexit. Elysian can also impart visual changes to the user, either while using its abilities, while just wielding it, or just passively. Such aesthetics are including, but not limited to: tortured spirits, ice shards, frozen body parts, mirrors, reflective surfaces.

Elys6.png Name: Frozen Armament Type: Ordial Power Cooldown: N/A
The user has five Charges of Frozen Armament, represented in whatever aesthetic they like. Each charge can be sacrificed to use any Spell Point buy (including Greater Mage spells, but excluding Illusioned Self)) or Curses Point Buy Pack (if using a Passive Ability, this effect instead lasts one hour). These are classified as Ordial Powers. Charges are per day, meaning that when the server restarts, all Charges are filled.

Lingering Curse of Elysian

Tier III Artifacts have lingering effects on their hosts, if the hosts have been identified by Lore Staff as "Honorable Users", a definition somewhere between properly using the Artifact beyond self-gain and for community betterment, and also not powergaming with it. A Lingering Curse or Blessing will remain with the host until they retake the Artifact, after which all effects are immediately removed. The following effects are given to the host:


  • Artifact Hunger: This Artifact has thoroughly manifested in the person’s mind that they can have a permanent tracking Ability on the current owner of the Artifact. Wherever this new owner is, this person can track them down and know where they are even if they use a disguise or shapeshift. This effect is Canceled if the new owner of the Artifact is also an Honorable User, in which case they cannot track the Artifact owner.
  • Artifact Heritage: This user has a lingering power that once belonged to the Artifact, but that they can now use independently of the Artifact. When they re-take the Artifact, this does not stack as all lingering Curse effects are removed when they retake the Artifact. The specific Ability of Elysian that is given by the Lingering Curse is Echoing Torment.
  • Artifact Memory: This user no longer owns the Artifact, but are still recognized as an Honorable user of the Artifact and worthy of its legacy. For this Artifact, it means the now ex-owner still has lingering favor from Ordial Worshippers, Glacial followers and Bene-Rexit in Progressions and the wider world.

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