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Official Name Emerald
Common Nicknames Silver’s Eye, Claith-Eyes
Origin Once in Daen, now only Eriu-Innis
Uses Decorative
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class

Emeralds is a mineral that has been sought-after for centuries across Aloria, first by the Elven Empire for its green color, and later by Ailor nobility and upperclassmen for the prestige that could be brought from owning a piece. Emeralds are often paired with Silver in jewelry as the mineral possesses no abilities and more substantial pieces like statuettes made entirely out of Emeralds would be far too expensive to produce. In recent years the only modern source of the mineral, the distant island of Eriu-Innis, has reported that their veins are beginning to become depleted, which has started a buying frenzy as well as plans being made to survey Eriu-Innis more extensively for Emeralds. Without any more Emerald mines, a significant source of revenue for the Regalian Empire will be lost and Eriu-Innis is threatened to be left on its own once more.


Emeralds have a long and sorted history with Aloria since the rise of the Elven Empire. Due to their worship of Estel and her Pantheon, Elven culture was for a time deeply involved in discovering minerals and substances that reflected nature. Emerald was just such a mineral and when it was discovered in Daendroc, there was much rejoicing. Later when the Varran Empire fell, it was also discovered to exist in Ithania, resulting in a small but steady stream of the mineral to the upper class of the Empire. Unfortunately, the mines in Ithania began to run dry but the nearby island of Arvost was discovered to possess the green gemstone along with several other minerals. Establishing an outpost, the northern Elven princes extracted minerals from the island at a steady pace until the Cataclysm. In Daendroc, the mines were already running dry as well, and the catastrophe simply closed them for good, with no more Emeralds deemed to exist on the continent.

The Ithanian mines ran out shortly after that, and for a time, Arvost was the only source of Emeralds in Aloria before slowly the island’s mines became depleted; with Emeralds as one of the first minerals to go. Emerald prices skyrocketed and families jealousy kept what few pieces they had, turning them into a status symbol. In 226 AC, a Regalian cargo vessel limped into the capital city of the Regalian Empire with tales of a faraway population of tall, green-eyed Ailor. It would take 70 years, but eventually, the Empire would come to explore this land and discover that this land, Eriu-Innis, contained Emeralds. Attempts to mine the Emeralds were rocky at first, as problems with the constant rain, a food shortage, and the odd locals deterred the Regalians, but at last, in 299 AC, Emeralds began to flow out into Aloria once more. Today, the Regalian Empire monopolizes the emerald trade through control of Eriu-Innis and the mineral can only be acquired by the wealthy upper class of the nation. Unfortunately, it looks as though Emeralds may again fade from Aloria as the few veins of the green gemstone have begun to shrink. This has prompted extensive searches on the rainswept island for more veins, with the Regalians aided by the local Claith population who are somewhat desperate to remain in contact with the outside world. Only time will tell if these fears prove true.



Emeralds appear as green and jagged pieces of material when in its natural state. Once it has been refined, they are bright, deep green translucent gems.

General Uses

Emeralds only use as jewelry as the gem possess no abilities. It often appears in necklaces or rings along with Silver as the two make an excellent color combination.


Emeralds possess no abilities.


  • Some believe that Emeralds hold the ability to make future offspring green-eyed since the Claith universally possess green eyes. As a result, some salesmen discreetly tell noble women the gemstone has this power, though in reality it is nothing more than an urban legend.
  • Some pieces of Emerald jewelry go back centuries. The oldest piece known to exist is “Estel’s Leaf”, a cloak clasp with a piece of Emerald carved in the shape of a three-pointed leaf held in a Silver frame. The piece has been meticulously guarded by the Ithanian Sovereignty for generations.

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