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Official Name Empairina
Common Name Harbinger
Classification Fern
Common Use Light and Consumption
Origins Drowda
Habitat Forests of Drowda and other dark areas

Empairina, native to Drowda, is a fern used both for nourishment and dim lighting. Its creation was at the time of the Void Invasions, when magic spilled into the land and corrupted this common plant. Since then, it has flourished on Drowda and has even spread to different parts of the world, grown in places where the sun cannot reach.


Empairina was first brought into existence during the Void Invasions on Drowda. The magic that permeated the ecosystem was absorbed by the fern and mutated it into the sickly plant it is now.

As civilized life continued on Drowda, the Drowdar found the plant to be a satisfactory candle for their citadels, and began abandoning other forms of lighting in favor of Empairina. The name for Empairina was given in reference to its illuminessence, which translates to “Luminous feeder” in Elven. “Harbinger” also became a nickname of sorts when Empairina was thought to only grow in the presence of great amounts of magic. In time, it was also found to be an acceptable food source and became counted on heavily by the Nelfin populations on Drowda.

After finding that the fern didn’t need to live in the corrupted lands of Drowda in order to grow, Empairina was spread to other continents. Now, it is seen in the Regalian Empire and elsewhere, thriving in the sunless areas of Aloria.


Empairina is a fern-like plant with four thin offshoots that grow sickly-looking leaves. In the center of these tendrils is a thick, withered stigma. The tip of this stamen is abnormally bloated compared to healthy plants and glows an exotic faint blue hue. Despite their unhealthy-looking structure, Empairina ferns bloom in bright greens each year.

Uses and Abilities

Empairina grows like weeds in Drowda, and for this reason, it is relied on for a couple different applications. First and foremost is as a staple of the food supply for the Elves of Drowda. They eat this most every day, either in large or small amounts. The more Empairina a Nelfin eats, the more unnatural their skin tone becomes. The fern is also put to use in Drowdar citadels, the gentle glow from Empairina being favored over other methods of lighting.


  • Mages, when casting, sometimes report feeling less powerful in areas where Empairina ferns grow. The accountability of these claims have not been looked into thoroughly yet.
  • Empairina has almost no flavor other than a vaguely earthy taste, though it can easily take on the flavoring of foods it is paired with.

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