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Official Name Empairina
Common Name Harbinger
Classification Grass
Common Use Utility, Alchemy, Culinary
Origins Drowda
Habitat Forests and dark areas of Drowda

Brought into the world by the cataclysmic events releasing swaths of magical essence into the world, Empairina is used often as a food source by the Drowdar and sometimes as a light source. Empairina illuminates the dark forest floor and cave systems in which it inhabits. Since then it has found its way to other corners of the world for being both an odd curiosity and its potential applications in alchemy.


From ancient depictions and paintings, scholars have gathered that Empairina grew across the territory owned by the now extinct civilization known as the Drovv who used it for culinary purposes as a seasoning to their some of their cuisine. However, during the Fifth Void Invasion, the plant was mutated by the Void though while it physically appeared to whilt and sicken, it began to glow, illuminating demons, possessed people and corrupted creatures on their march forward. After the Cataclysm, Drowda became the only location that still bore the plant and it was the Drowdar who rediscovered it. Empairina was then cultivated by the Drowdar as a light and food source once they had determined it to be harmless. It has since been used to light small areas of the Xaster citadels as well as the beginnings of pathways through the Drowda wilderness. It additionally serves as an occasional flavor booster in their cooking. A much more recent use for the plant developed when Empairina was first dried and removed to the Regalian Empire. Research conducted on the samples revealed that it could change the color of someone’s skin, which soon saw it put to use as one of the primary ingredients of the alchemical concoction Duister.


With a large faint dark blue central stalk Empairina can grow at its largest up to two feet in length however usually grows up to only one in most cases. It has one central stalk that separates into four or five smaller offshoots that grow long sickly looking leaves. The ends of Empairina’s leaves look torn and mangled in appearance with purple veins stretching down almost black colored leaves. At the base of the fern is an unusually large bulbous growth that gives Empairina a bloated appearance. However the most curious part of the Emparina are the small stem-like bulbs growing from a flower at the top of the fern. At the end of these are small bulbs of bright luminescent light that glows a vibrant indigo color. These bulbs are bright enough to illuminate a completely dark room or path at night. This feature of the Empairina has often given it the nickname of “Harbinger” as it lights the pathways of many Drowdar trekking through the darkness of Drowda.

Empairina is a plant with greater longevity than most. Requiring very little in the ways of sunlight and surviving all year round in even the most frigid temperatures. It’s glowing bulbs only dull in the last few months of the Empairina’s life. Towards the end of its life the luminescent bulbs glow a sky blue before finally dying out.

Uses and Abilities

Easily cultivated and grown Empairina grows and spreads across the dark corners of the continent much like a hard to get rid of weed. The Drowdar of the Forsaken Continent often harvest Empairina and dry for culinary purposes as it’s a staple of their day to day life and assisting them in navigating the darker terrain of the continent. While Empairina isn’t particularly flavorful on its lonesome, it is when combined with other foods. It has a distinct tangy earthy taste.

Empairina’s other more widely known use is that when it’s ingested it will temporarily turn a person’s skin a shade of lilac for an hour. Consuming Empairina in excess does not make the tone of lilac any darker or change and only adds to the duration. However over consumption for non-Drowdar can be toxic and should be avoided.


  • Some of the predatory animals of Drowda will lay in wait around the glowing bulb and feast upon the those naive enough to be attracted to any random light shining in the dark.
  • The glowing bulb of Empairina is edible and tastes like a very sour blueberry. One Drowdar tried to make a pie of them once and the pie came out of the oven faintly glowing.
  • Empairina taken outside of the continent almost instantly die and begin withering. The only way to remove or harvest Empairina outside of the forsaken continent is to dry it. The bulbs however seem to have a curiously longer lifespan outside of Drowda than the fern itself does.

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