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Emperor's Pride
Official Name Emperor’s Pride
Common Name Purple Poppy, Imperial Poppy, Lillasus
Classification Flower
Common Use Decoration, Cosmetic, Narcotic
Origins Regalian Archipelago
Habitat Temperate areas

Emperor’s Pride is a purple flower that grows across the Regalian Empire well known for its ties to the Imperial Family and the faith of Unionism. A simple wildflower, its ascent to importance has also seen it have a wide variety of uses, from a symbol of allegiance to ue as a weaker strain of Opium.


Emperor’s Pride had a very unremarkable early history as a wildflower found in the Regalian Archipelago, often used by the common people as a piece of decoration or to create dye like most other flowers of the era. In the wake of the Five Family Rebellion, however, and the rise of Imperial Purple to represent the new Regalian Empire, the flower was quickly singled out as a powerful symbol. It became part of the propaganda machines of the different Houses, as it was used to represent the Five Family Concordant and the hope Theomar I had for the future as a result of it, where the Empire would spread its dominion over all Ailor of the Regalian Archipelago. The flower also gained religious symbolism after the birth of the Unionist Cult in the capital, before being closely tied to the Ivraes. In the two centuries that followed, the plant spread with the Regalian Empire across its various conquests and colonization efforts, so long as they were in temperate zones and the plant’s uses were similarly expanded. The plant remains a symbol of the Regalian Empire, the Spirit, and imperial power to its subjects in the wake of the Kade Settlement that made House Kade the new Imperial household of the Empire. It is likely to continue in this importance.


Emperor’s Pride is seen as a distant cousin to the Poppy, as both have a similar structure and appearance. The flower bulb is made up of four to five petals of various shades of purple centered on a black carpal with small black filaments tipped by white anthers around it. These flowers grow up to two inches in diameter. The plant grows up to two feet tall, with several strong but thin stalks rising up from its base where several pinnatipartite leaves grow. The stalks are dotted with small white bristles but are largely a normal to pale green color, the same bristles and coloration appearing on the plant’s leaves.

Uses and Abilities

Emperor’s Pride has a variety of uses. In its raw form, it can be used to decorate homes or locations seeking to make their Imperial allegiance clear. In a processed state, the plant has several uses. It can be used to create a pleasant smelling incense known as “Emperor’s Contemplation,” a fine smelling perfume known as “Imperial Scent #6” or its seeds can be used in baking. The plant can also be used to make Opium, but this variety has almost no potency and is sometimes used as dummy or purposefully fake Opium to trick others. It can be mixed in with real Opium though always has a weaker effect, so it usually kept separate.


  • During the reign of Cedromar I, Emperor’s Pride became somewhat of an underground symbol of homosexuality among courtesans and the upper class. Since his descension from the throne though, the plant has largely returned to its role as an Imperial symbol.
  • Despite not being a marshland plant, a large amount of religious artwork shows the Ivrae’s sigil of a stork with Emperor’s Pride on the river bank if not growing somewhere from the water.

Writers HydraLana
Artists Rubarberry
Processors Dosier, AlphaInsomnia
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