Emperor's Pride

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The Emperor's Pride
Official Name: The Emperor's Pride.
Common Name: Lilasus.
Classification: Flower.
Common Use: Decoration, scent.
Habitat: Isle of Regalia, temperate.
Origins: Regalia.

The Emperor’s Pride is a rather plain but prolific flower found on the Regalian Isles and, since more recent times, upon the continent of New Ceardia. It received this name in honour of the Emperor Theon Ivrae after the Five Family Rebellion, though it now is more generally a symbol of Regalia and Unionism. It is a simple, purple poppy, typically shorter than most, with delicate and rounded petals.


The Emperor’s Pride is not well adapted, has a short life span, and since Human occupation of Regalia, is frequently trampled by the settlers. It makes up for this with its rapid rate of reproduction, spreading the species across the Regalian Isles. It is unknown exactly how this poppy came into existence, but it is thought that its predecessor had a much slower rate of reproduction, thus being heavily out-competed when The Emperor’s Pride came along. It had not found notable purchase outside of Regalia until Humans started populating New Ceardia, where it has not been quite so abundant but is present nonetheless.


The Emperor’s Pride received its current name after the Five Family Rebellion, whence all five families wished that a reminder be created of the sweet resolution, which was not so sweet, but the families wished to present it in such a manner.. Therefore it was chosen that the flower would commemorate not the war but the promise of hope that the installation of Emperor Theon I offered Regalia’s people. The flower was, and still is, greatly abundant across the Isle of Regalia, as well as a number of the surrounding islands in the Regalian Archipelago. Before it had this name, it had a Regalisch name, lilasus. This roughly translates to ‘sweet purple,’ a reflection of the flower’s sweet smell as well as the colour of the petals.

Primary Uses

The Emperor’s Pride has two main uses. Firstly is its more decorative, ceremonial use due to the flower’s symbolism. It is frequently used to decorate religious and Imperial institutes, particularly during festivals. Some like to wear it upon their clothes as well. The plant’s less famous use, though still quite popular, is grinding down the petals and mixing them with wax to produce scented candles, and it was with The Emperor’s Pride that this technique was first tried. The smell produced is a very sweet one, though not too strong. When the petals are combusted they give off a scent.

  • The petals must be combusted to give off a scent, usually in powder form as this strengthens the scent.
  • This was discovered about a century after the Regalian archipelago was first settled upon, as the people had begun to experiment with luxury products.
  • Many non-Humans, as well as some Humans, dislike the scent, particularly due to its association with Regalia.
  • The powder need only be combusted for the scent to be produced, but it is consumed very quickly and thus it needs to be mixed with wax to elongate the effect.


  • One revolt ground down very large amounts of the petal, releasing it into the air before setting it alight in a symbolic act, also managing to seriously injure a small number of people from the flame.
Name Appearance Habitat
The Emperor's Pride This short poppy has very delicate, rounded purple petals atop its dainty green stem. The plant is not very resilient to even the slightest difference in temperature or weather, being only adapted to very temperate, moderately wet and slightly humid climates. It is well suited to the Regalian Archipelago and New Ceardia.