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The Engineering Point buy is part of the bigger Proficiency System. Please read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Engineering Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in Engineering and Inventions. Each Pack has a number of Specials that confer roleplay advantages. Engineering Point Buy is a bit more unique than other Point Buys, because it has a couple of extra aesthetic flairs, and a bunch of additional rules to ensure fair play and more spreading of player occupations, instead of allowing one player to do everything.

Engineering Rules

  • A Character must choose a single Engineering Branch (seen in Table below). They apply to all Packs and cannot be changed.
  • Some Packs are limited to Race or Affliction or even Culture. Consult the descriptions for additional limitations on selecting Engineering Branches.
  • Some Packs are forced for certain Afflictions. See Table below for rules on specific Branches.
  • There may be some exceptions when it comes to Branch selection. Those rules will be clarified on their respective Page.
  • All forms of Engineering mimic real flesh. These body parts can bleed (artificial fluid), break down, be crushed, feel warm to the touch, and send pain to the wielder.

Engineering Branches

Hover over an engineering branch's picture to read its lore. Some Branches are unique to specific Races/Cultures/Religions. Some Races have Specials that apply to Branches.

Depiction Name Depiction Name Depiction Name
Just a dude's hand. No technology involved, just pure biology (point of reference). This is not an actual Branch and should as such be disregarded. It is only present in the table so that a real hand can be used as reference to all the prosthetic appearance hands framed below. Notech

Clockwork is a technology branch mostly practiced by the Qadir, but usable by all Races and faily wide-spread. Clockwork is powered by cycling Essences from the environment, causing the many gears and pistons inside Clockwork to come alive. Clockwork is almost always Brass, Bronze, or Copper, and has a large number of gears visible, with a gentle ticking and clicking noise coming from within. Clockwork

Steamtech is a technology branch mostly practiced by the Ailor and Dwarves, the latter who developed it, but it is about as widespread as Clockwork. Steamtech is powered by extremely densely pressured steam capsules that provide pneumatic movement. Most Steamtech is made out of Iron, Steel, or Blacksteel, and has vapors and steam escaping from small holes and the occasional pressure venting. Steamtech

Crystaltech is a technology branch that is relatively rare and developed by the Meraic, thus now used by the Maraya. Crystaltech is powered by Crystal resonance energies that group together Crystals with different properties to combine their elements. Crystaltech is usually thought to be Magic, but it still makes use of technological devices. Crystaltech always looks like a collection of blue/green/purple/pink crystals and gems. Crystaltech

Hallowtech is a technology branch that is relatively rare and developed by the Unionist Ailor, particularly the more devout Unionists (not necessarily the same developers as Puretek) as a counter movement to all the magic-induced technologies. Hallowtech is powered by a barely understood concept of faith and spirituality, though not necessarily Unionism. Hallowtech always appears like segments of porcelain held together by golden light rims. Hallowtech

Magitech is a technology branch developed by the Allorn people many aeons ago, largely forgotten, though recently rediscovered. Magitech is different from the other technologies in that it entirely relies on the Magic of the user to sustain form and function, and as such cannot really be seen as a Technology, but is still classified as such. Magitech is always made of electrum, and smaller loose parts are held together by blue or white magical light with sparks. Note, even though Magic is technically the controlling function, and even if the user does not have any Magical Abilities, it will still function for fairness reasons. Magitech

Jadetech is a technology branch developed by the Sihai in Dexai in particular (though it later also spread to their other lands). Jadetech is made exclusively from Jade from the Jade sea, with gold decorations and bindings. The loose jade cuttings are held together by its own innate primal energy, and some larger parts are engraved, usually with spirals of clouds and wind. The Jade itself has a slight inner glow while actively attached to a body. Jadetech

Klokktech (sometimes also called Glockenspiel-tech) is a technology branch developed by a group of Wirtem, Anglian and Calderliga engineers who neither trusted Clockwork's Soul Essence usage, nor wanted to subscribe to Hallowtech's more divine Unionist qualities. Klokktech as such is the engineering branch of choice for the clean and conservative technician who does not want to venture into Magical things, nor take a hardline on religion. Klokktech as opposed to Clockwork uses much more delicate mechanisms and is always made out of Blacksteel. To cover up some of the interior and give it more design, Klokktech is always covered in wooden lacquer paneling. Finally, Klokktech's joints and major connection points have a unique binding: red hot copper magnets with specific charges to attune to each other and not attract other metal or other connectors. Klokktech is entirely powered by dynamo electricity, or lightning caught with a lightning rod. Klokktech

Living Metal is a technology branch entirely unique to the Asha, that cannot be used by any other race. Living Metal replaces or covers any body part, replacing its function in its entirety thus merely appearing to be made of metal, but being life-like and able to bleed. Living Metal appears almost always like a dark metallic compound, where things like nails, eyes, ears, finger pads and tails gain a faint grey-blue glow and hue. Even if an Ability dictates that Engineering items are given to others, Living Metal only works when making contact with an Asha body. Any Engineering items given to non-Asha turn into Clockwork by someone using Living Metal as Branch. Living Metal

Zisha Clay can only be made by full-blooded Sihai. It is made of a type of ore that forms like terracotta, connected by ball joints. It is held together by the wearer's passive energy, making it easy to maintain- but quick to deteriorate, the rough terracotta grinding with every movement. Non-Sihai can use it, but only Sihai can create it. Zisha Clay is very expensive, imported all the way from the Sihai Zhong Kingdoms. Zisha Clay

Bidriq Tech can only be made by full-blooded Suvial Altalar, through imbuing glass with the fire of their ancient god Ënneia. It is made of hollow segments or vessels of glass, within which an eternal flame burns, casting a gentle warm glow. There are no couplings or attachments between segments, which stick together by will of the engineer. Non-Suvial can use it, but only Suvial can create it. The glass can be tinted, but usually clear or red-tinted glass is used. Engravings are unusual- the emphasis is on the flame. Bidriq Tech

Dark Metal is a technology branch entirely unique to the Void Occult and those using Void Essence to infuse with Engineering, though in theory anyone who is even mildly Void touched can use it and make it. Dark Metal functions much the same as Living Metal, but it also has more chaotic properties in that it constantly seems to want to lose cohesion, break apart, and re-form with chaotic red lights and glows venting magical energies. Dark Metal is said to have a mind of its own and can affect the user. Dark Metal can be purified into Magitech, and also turns into Magitech if the user is somehow cleansed of their Void Occult status. Dark Metal

Godsamtro is a technology branch entirely unique to Old Gods worshipers that cannot be used by anyone who does not believe in the Old Gods, either the Ceardian or Velheim variant. Godsamtro is a technology held together by faith, their engineering parts are entirely made up of black gemstone, such as black pearls, black tourmaline, onyx and jade gems, which are engraved with old Velheim runes. These runes and lines glow with a light blue color, and sometimes the Tech is also decorated with dead wood branches and decorations. Godsamtro is considered a blessing from the gods among Old Gods worshipers, though it is entirely crafted by Metallurgists. It can only be made by and used by Old Gods worshipers. Godsamtro

Hoplastec is a technology branch designed for the Eronidas, but actually being an engineering Branch only usable by Dwarves, thus being a Dwarf-only Engineering Branch. Hoplastec is very similar to Steamtek, but is a closed-circuit of pneumatic parts, thus not having any external steam vents. Hoplastec is entirely made of bronze, and uses a lot of laminar and engraved copper plating, particularly of great beasts such as coiling basilisks or giant boars and lions to express strength and durability. Hoplastec is specifically made for the Eronidas by the Dwarves, but any Race can use it, Eronidas just do most of all. Hoplastec

Necrotech is a Technology branch gifted by the Ordial Entity The Machinist to its followers, the Cratos Machina. Only those who worship The Machinist are able to create Necrotech, however Necrotech can be used by anyone who is Ordial Afflicted, has Ordial Magic, or worships any of the Ordial Entities, not just the Machinist. Necrotech is a combination of machine and flesh, often bone material (but also muscle tissue or flesh) held together by dark metal, decorated with ducts and pipes pumping sickly green Ordial essence through the mechanical parts. Necrotech often is doused in a green hue, the dark reflective metal contrasting with the brighter dulled bone. Necrotech

Engineering Packs

Engineered Automata Pack

Engineered Automata allows the user the Wisdom to produce Engineering Golems both small and large.

  • The user may produce so called Micro-Golems. Micro-Golems are fist sized small automata that perform simple tasks like watering plants, ironing clothes or fetching items. They can follow the creator in Emote Range.
  • The user may produce a Macro-Golem (like an OC within an OC), designing a remote controlled body for themselves. While using a Golem, the operator must be in their Rental Region / Regalian Business Region / Clandestine Base / Noble Estate.

Macro Golems have additional rules:

  • Macro Golems are limited to 3 Strength and 3 Constitution Proficiency. They have no other Stats, and cannot use Abilities though can use Mundane Techniques that the owner has.
  • Macro Golems do not count as a disguise. Character identity is always detectable no matter how different the macro Golem looks from its operator (for balance reasons).
  • Macro Golems do not reserve Kill Perms and can be indiscriminately destroyed or rebuilt. A destroyed Macro Golem takes 72 hours to rebuild and be re-used.
  • Where Common Sense and Logic is dictated, Macro Golems are immune to some Abilities and Specials. For example, Macro Golems do not have blood, so Vampires cannot feed on them.
  • Macro Golems should have a roughly Humanoid upstanding appearance, but may have additional non-combat functional arms, legs, body parts, et cetera.

Engineered Biotics Pack

Engineered Biotics allows the user the Wisdom to produce Engineered Prosthetics to replace lost body parts. All Biotic types need monthly maintenance.

  • The user may produce and install Biotics onto hosts that replace lost body parts as they were. These body parts have perfect function replacement and even allow Ability usage.
  • The user may produce and install Addiotics, which are Biotics that add additional non-combat functional bodyparts, like a third arm on the shoulder to grab and hold things.
  • The user may produce and install Morophiotics onto hosts that replace lost body parts with alternate non-combat functions, for example replacing a dog's lost hind legs with automata wheels.

Engineered Control Pack

Engineered Control allows the user the Wisdom to produce Control Circuits that can be applied to people or animals. Control Circuits can be removed by pulling them off.

  • When applied to a person (only with their OOC consent), it grants the user complete mind-control over that person's actions through the Control Circuit.
  • When applied to a Familiar or Domestic animal, it makes the animal follow the user and no longer obey the commands of their original owner.
  • When applied to self, the user can upload part of a copy of their personality and install it into a service Familiar that hovers around them and can talk about ongoing events and topics.

Engineered Machina Pack

Engineered Machina allows the user to produce mechanical stationary machines with Engineering, like fridges, auto-looms and the like.

  • This Pack allows the user to produce non-combat stationary machines like fans, fridges, auto-looms, space heaters, light fixtures etc.
  • This Pack allows the user to produce a single Frequency Redstone Oscillator, which functions like a hand-held Radio. Only a single pair can be made, one kept by the maker, and one given to another person. These two Oscillators allow cross-city communication. Unlike telepathy however, the voice of the other person comes through crystal clear, and audible for all (it must be emoted by the receiver what the sender is saying, and it is not possible to mutter or whisper for the sender). Oscillators do not need to be retrieved before a new one can be handed out, but if a new pair is created, the previous pair is automatically rendered inert. After making a pair, this Special goes on a 1 week cooldown before a replacement paid can be made. Oscillators can also be stolen or destroyed.

Engineered Weapons Pack

Engineered Weapons allows the user to use technology to produce weapons or to fix them on the spot.

  • This Pack is equivalent to a Mundane Technique Weapon Summon. The user has an extendable weapon stored away that can rapidly unfold into a full weapon.
  • This Pack allows the user to undo weapon breakage or age-based rusting on the spot and in a matter of seconds (this does go on a 60 minute Cooldown when used).
  • This Pack allows the user to summon a singular Melee or Ranged Weapon (Not Firearms) Point Buy weapon, that they cannot change the form of once summoned. Ammunition for Ranged Weapons is included.

Engineered Movement Pack

Engineered Movement allows the user to use technology to assist in movement and displacement.

  • The user may aesthetically change their method of movement with tech. For example, instead of walking, they may hover above the ground with hover or jet-boots.
  • The user may (out of combat or a chase) shoot a grappling hook up to a high surface and lift themselves and one additional passenger up to a higher ledge, or rappel down.
  • The user may (out of combat or a chase) shoot a grappling hook level to cross a gap or ravine, to traverse it, including one additional passenger.
  • The user may construct or self-use vehicles or methods that would mimic the function of a wheelchair, thus giving those with a walking disability movement.

Engineered Medica Pack

Engineered Medica allows the user to specifically build Medical machines that are excluded from the Machina Pack or Medical Wisdom.

  • The user may construct complex medical machines such as dialysis machines to keep those with liver damage alive and successfully treat them. This cannot replace healing and should solely be used to allow for Characters with life-threatening medical conditions to exist in a medieval-like setting without dying. This Pack should often in fact be used in conjunction with Medical Wisdom, or to supplement medical Roleplay.
  • The user is able to provide a wide range of medical tools to Medical Wisdom users, including a safe environment to perform surgery in. This involves non-combat provision of medical tools and surgery instruments in a supporting fashion, but if the user themselves also have the Medical Wisdom Packs, they may also use it to support their own triage.
  • This Pack allows the user to construct an artificial external womb and genetic sampling system. This allows either couples who are incapable of reproducing, those who are incapable of carrying to term, or same-sex couples to produce genetic offspring of their own by sampling DNA and the machine using it to create an infant from that genetic data. Gestation periods remain the same and the artificial womb mimics all functions of a real one. This machine can also be used to save the prematurely born.

Engineered Familiar Pack

This Pack gives the user the means to build their own familiar pet out of Engineering components. Engineered Familiars can appear like any animal and even combination of animals, though can be no smaller than a candle-mouse, or larger than a domestic dog. Familiars can fetch items and carry things around, and even speak, with their own personality. The creator can define the personality, or make a copy of their own personality onto the familiar. The Familiar can however not leave Emote Distance of the user, and familiars cannot be sold or given to others. If the body of a Familiar is destroyed, the core soul programming and personality can always be salvaged, as can the familiar's memories. Engineered Familiars do not reserve Kill Perms and can be quickly destroyed with any steel weapon.

Engineered Hacking Pack

This Pack gives the user the means to hack other Engineered items, with differing functions depending on what type of thing it is used.

  • If used on a Micro Golem, the Hack can cause the Micro Golem to go out of control and start behaving erratically, like a shoe-polish Golem smearing soot on windows instead.
  • If used on a Macro Golem, the Hack will ping the location of the operator of the Golem to the awareness of the User, thus allowing them to track them down.
  • If used on Addiotics, this Hack will disable that Addiotic. Biotics and Morphiotics are not Hackable, as they are function-rigged to the body of the user.
  • If used on Control Circuitry, the Hacker is able to disable Control for just 10 seconds, before the control Circuit overrides again, blocking further Hacking.
  • When used on Machina, it can cause these machines to go crazy, like a fridge might suddenly heat up food items inside, et cetera.
  • When used on a Frequency Redstone Oscillator, the device can be spoofed to produce a specific noise against the will of the owner of the device.
  • Movement, Weapons, and Medica items cannot be Hacked, as this is considered sabotage of a Character's core design or functions.
  • When 5 or more Engineers are present, they can hack into a Primal Soulcore at Dragon Sites. The Sites that can be hacked, and their functions are described below. each Hacking attempt must be planned with Lore Staff in the Roleplay Community Discord, and after a particular site was Hacked, it cannot be Hacked again for 2 weeks, though Hackers may go after multiple sites as much as they like.
    • The Codex (held by the Conduit) can be hacked, allowing the Hackers to ask 3 questions of information contained inside.
    • The Orrorey can be hacked, allowing the Hackers to track a specific person, object or place, giving them exact locations and descriptions.
    • The Gardener can be hacked, allowing it to Race-Change a single person to a chosen Race (does not count as a disguise), and this change is permanent.
    • Any of the above sites can be hacked outside of expected function. That is to say, they can also be hacked just to talk to them, but that won't guarantee a positive or valuable response.

Engineering Chassis Pack

This Pack gives the user the means to replace whole bodily functions on themselves that remove basic biological needs and mechanics. It differs from Biotica and Medica in that those support and replace existing functions, while Chassis completely renders them redundant. Engineering Chassis is a very culturally controversial topic. Practically every Race has some sort of cultural stigma against the idea of removing for example a person's organs and making them no longer having to eat, and blurring the line between machine and person. It is however one of the most prized activities of the Cratos Machina, the worshipers of The Machinist Ordial Entity. This Pack is accessible to all Engineering Branches, but is rarely practiced outside of the use of Necrotech. This Pack has the following effects:

  • The user may remove entire bodily functions from themselves such as digestion, oxygenation, the need for sleep and a circulatory system by replacing them with machine parts.
  • This is purely aesthetic, and does not make them immune to gasses, vapors, or suffocation, poisons, or illnesses, nor does it grant Combat advantages or immunity to any Abilities.
  • It can however make the user no longer need sleep, food or drink, never grow tired, and be able to change the sound of their voice, though the latter cannot be used to disguise the user.
  • The user also gains micro machines in their blood that is able to assimilate any metal (including Micro Golems and non-player Machines but not Leytech) into their preferred Engineering Branch metals.
  • The user may also use these micro machines to print small components, Micro Golems of their own making, or small functional tools like a hammer, scissors, or flashlight from their blood.
  • The user can stop aging themselves, and essentially become hundreds of years old so long as they are able to fuel their Engineering habits and machine parts that keep them alive.