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Official Name Ephamaria
Common Nicknames Marian Metal
Proficiency 10 Metallurgy Arts
Origin Unknown
Uses Various
Rarity Noble Orders Only
Accessibility Upper Classes

Ephamaria is an extremely rare and costly material in Aloria valued for its unique, anti-electric-based-Ability abilities. Able to render direct effects by such attacks produced through supernatural means moot, Altalar mythology assigned the substance far greater powers. It also possesses a distinctive mix of orange and golden yellow, and is best known to exist in areas of The North Belt and Essalonia, with the material in the ancient veins of Daen mined up centuries ago or lost in the Cataclysm.


Ephamaria is a strange substance with a largely mythical and lost history. Ancient Allorn papers were known to refer to it and claimed it to have been a blessing from the Pantheon, allowing Altalar to resist the elements of nature. But, in the wake of the Cataclysm, the old regions the material had been found in sunk into the sea. For more than four decades, the material remained lost, and while veins were found starting in 50 AC in areas of Daen, these soon ran dry. By 100 AC, the material was again exceptionally rare, but expansion by Ailor peoples in The North Belt and later Essalonia soon provided new sources for the material. In these early years, the Ailor were hesitant to sell off the material, for its unique coloration was highly appreciated by the war leaders, chieftains, nobles, and petty kings who populated these wildlands. But, with the rise of the Regalian Empire and the further centralization of these various states, Ephamaria was soon traded beyond the lands it was known to exist in. Despite this, the material has remained incredibly rare in recent years, with veins of the mineral sparsely mined despite their discovery in order to bank on future purchasers and the continued skyrocketing of the price as more people enter the world, seeking protection from magical spells.



Ephamaria appears in narrow, jagged formations often between pockets of other minerals. In its natural state, it has a dirty-orange color streaked with yellow, but upon being refined, it possesses a light orange hue on top of a golden base that causes it to shine.

General Uses

Despite Altalar myth, Ephamaria does not protect against lightning, flames, and other natural elements. However, it has an even stranger quality; the ability to absorb directed electric-based Abilities of all sorts, be they Magic spells or otherwise. When this occurs, the energy blast arches right into the piece of material worn by the individual victim and simply vanishes into it with only the odd crackle left behind. However, it does not protect against those Abilities powered by electricity that aim to stun, root, or impair the individual. As a result of this, most have made Ephamaria into plated or banded armor pieces, and even then not an entire suit or entire section of it. At most, three or four plates of the unique metal will sit among Ferr-Iron, Steel, or the other armor pieces. Similarly, people have made shields with sections created from the metal in order to protect themselves. However, some, especially Altalar, have used the substance to create jewelry, which has the exact same effect despite the lack of direct protection it offers.


Ephamaria, as previously stated, has the ability to absorb directed electric-based Abilities of all sorts, be they Magic spells or otherwise. However, it does not protect the individual wearing it against those Abilities powered by electricity that aim to stun, root, or impair the individual.


  • Exactly how much Ephamaria is required to defend an individual is surprisingly low. A report from the Mage Wars described a surprise attack from an Archmage on another, only to find their unique lightning spell moot when a single metallic bead strand in the enemy’s headdress made from Ephamaria absorbed the blast. The attacking Archmage quickly died.
  • Defending pockets of Ephamaria from prospective thieves often pays quite well today as, in the past, those paid too little for their work simply joined the thieves in taking a portion of the rare metal for themselves.

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