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Aloria has beheld many Ailor Cultures over the centuries, that have risen and fallen across many diverse lands, most notably in the Regalian Archipelago. Some have reigned long while others have reigned for a very short time, but all of these groups have left some level of impact on the world.

Old Ceardian

Old Ceardian is the Culture where all other Ailor cultures descend from. It died out as the Ceardians civilized or migrated to new lands, while those remaining on the Old Continent eventually formed the Ceardian culture, which later became absorbed by the Heartland Ceardian and Colonial Cultures. Little is known about the Old Ceardian culture as the Destruction of Ceardia caused much of the Ailor homeland to be destroyed or corrupted.


Proto-Daen Culture was the culture of Ailor slaves during the reign of the Allorn Empire. Considered a crude imitation of Altalar society, the Proto-Daens eventually broke free from their Nelfin oppressors around the Cataclysm, quickly forming the foundations of groups such as the Daendroque people and the Ithanians. Very few Ailor today have any interest in learning about the Proto-Daens, as the successors of these slaves have found it more productive to look at the gains they have made since slavery rather than reflecting on their worst moments in history.


The Alt-Regalian Culture was the culture of the old Regalian Kingdom, which later influenced groups such as the Heartland Ceardian and New Regalians. Known to have been focused on military defense against the Solvaan Altalar alongside the Breizh, the Regalian Kings ultimately grew complacent or corrupt, with many records having conflicting information. Ultimately, the Five Family Rebellion would see many Alt-Regalians join up with the Anglians in overthrowing the monarchy, and establishing the Regalian Empire under the Ivrist Family (later Ithanianzied into Ivrae). Like most cultures of the pre-Empire Archipelago, the Alt-Regalians spoke a dialect of Proto-Regalian, which would become the original language of the Unionist Creeds.


The Wirtem were a group of military-inclined Ailor living in the east of the Regalian Archipelago. Eventually forming the Wirtemcaller Kingdom, they, alongside with the Sarnt, conducted crusades against the northern Ailor groups such as the Velheim and the Zvorun, which reached its zenith around 50 BC. However, the arrival of the Skagger Horde coupled with a succession crisis ultimately brought the Wirtem to their knees, before their kingdom collapsed in 105 AC. The arrival of the Regalian Empire during the Skagger Wars ultimately saw the Wirtem people liberated, and through the influences of House Cadar transformed themselves into the New Regalian Culture of today.


The Sarnt were a group that worked alongside the Wirtem in attacking Velheim communities in the pre-Cataclysm Regalian Archipelago. Living around modern day Vultaro, the Sarnt were eventually destroyed by the Velheim in retaliation for a massacre around 150 BC, causing the death knell of the Culture. It eventually was absorbed into states such as the Bergerlander Republic, with some minor aspects of the culture influencing the Daendroque migrants that formed the Dressolini Culture through Alt-Regalian influence.


The Voltman were another pre-Cataclysm Ailor group of the Regalian Empire, who formed around the Shoenn River Delta. Generally a peaceful culture, the Voltman existed as a unique tribe up until around 75 BC, when a major influx of Ceardian colonists arrived in the area and intermingled with the Voltman. Following the rise of the Regalian Empire, House van Sherburne would ultimately see the Voltman incorporated into the new state, where over time they became part of the Alt-Regalian Culture, and eventually the Heartland Ceardians. Despite having no military conflicts that could have destroyed their records, very little is known about the Voltman, other than their relatively positive relations with neighboring Ailor states.


The Hacars were an Ailor group that existed almost as long as the Alt-Regalians. Originating from the areas of Pays-Sud and Vixhall, the Hacars united with their southern neighbors, the Vularos, to form the Hecarian Kingdom a few centuries before the Cataclysm. Ultimately, the inability of the Hacars and Vularos to meld into a single society left them vulnerable following the Cataclysm, after which the Regalian Empire under their new god-Emperor invaded them in the First Hecarian Conflict of 28 AC. Breaking off to form the Hacarian Kingdom soon after, the Culture ultimately became part of the Empire following the end of the Second Hecarian Conflict. Despite the loss of their Kingdom, the Hacars continued to exist as a minority in the regions up until the Ithanian Gem Boom, which saw them rendered extinct as the Ithanians moved into the region and influenced the remaining people to their Culture.


The Vularos were a rugged Ailor Culture of the pre-Cataclysm Regalian Archipelago, living around modern day Montania. Uniting with the Hacars of the north to form the Hecarian Kingdom, the Vularos ultimately broke off their union to form the Vularian Kingdom in 32 AC, and also formed the Bergerland Republic with the dying Sarnt Culture in 71 AC. However, the Regalian Empire ultimately defeated the republic in 87 AC, before annexing the Vularian Kingdom four years later. The Vularos continued to exist in the region after being conquered, and helped to form the foundation of the Dressolini Culture alongside other Ailor groups in the area.


The Iltar existed in the chain of islands known as Verreland and Basta during the pre-Cataclysm years of the Regalian Archipelago. Known as a mercantile people that traded with several Ailor groups, the Iltar ultimately faded from existence once the Kingdom was ceded to the Regalian Empire in 69 AC, being absorbed into the Anglian and Alt-Regalian Cultures. Records and relics of the Iltar are even more rare than most other established cultures of that era, with most of their towns and villages having been converted into farmlands, or Unionist buildings.


The Eerstwald Culture were a group of Ailor that lived around the southeast of the Regalian Archipelago and the Rim Isles. Known as a group that made its power from controlling the trade routes of the area, the Eerstwalds eventually were overtaken by Regalian political movements, and their Culture was soon faced with an influx of migrants coming into the Regalian Empire. Before long, the Eerstwald identity was lost in the ethnic mixing, and has since merged into groups such as the Bragacao and Daendroque.


  • Scholars who research pre-Imperial Regalian history have hypothesized that there have been dozens of Ailor tribes and cultures sprinkled all over the Regalian Archipelago before the Cataclysm. However, the years of Regalian expansion, consolidation, and repopulation have made it difficult to classify many of these peoples, with some artifacts of these groups often dismissed as a modified tool made by a more “civilized” culture such as the Alt-Regalians or Wirtem.

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