Falconet's Jewel

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Falconet's Jewel
Official Name Falconet’s Jewel
Common Name Gioiello della Falconet, Joya del Falconet
Classification Fruit
Common Use Culinary
Origins Montania region of Regalia
Habitat Mountainous regions

The bitter-tasting Falconet’s Jewel is a seasonal berry that is highly sought by many once spring arrives. Originating in the high ranges of the Montania region of the Regalia Archipelago and discovered thanks to falcons, it is just as popular with them as with chefs across Aloria.


The Falconet’s Jewel was originally discovered by an expedition group examining the Montania Mountain Range in 202 AC. They arrived and began to document local wildlife for the Crown and survey the local villages, eventually ending their several month long survey by entering the mountains. Seeking to categorize the local avian life, a few of the surveyors climbed a cliff to find several falcon nests resting at the top. With the worry of nearby protective falcons, the surveyors hurriedly examined the eggs, going on to find a previously unknown type of berry growing nearby, half-eaten by specimens near the nests. Grabbing as many as their bags could carry, they left the cliff and informed the others. A year later, one of the surveyors, having quit his job serving the Empire, returned and started to harvest the berries in the springtime. He quickly found that they were seasonal when summer arrived, ending his collection spree before he started selling them to the wider world. Since then, mountaineering teams seasonally travel to the region in the name of companies, nobles and wealthy chefs to gather the bitter fruit for use in all manner of creations.


The Falconet’s Jewel fruit has a bumped, purple-blue colored surface with a dozen or so small dark green leaves crowning the top. The stem nestled in these then attaches to a fat, short little bush covered in dense small dark green leaves of their own. The berries can often be found just beneath the surface of the shrub with several growing to one branch.

Uses and Abilities

The fruit Falconet’s Jewel is popular for both its rarity and its bitter taste. The latter is not enjoyed by all, but chefs seeking to add to their masterpieces often seek out the fruit to add a prestigious edge to their creation. The most common use however is in the creation of juices, jams, and jellies. They can also be used in their entirely to top various pastries and some even use them as the fruit base for the creation.


  • Falconet’s Jewels cannot be transported from their natural habitat for easier cultivation, though many have tried and failed. The mountain conditions of the the Montania region are just perfect for the growing of the berry and it cannot be easily moved from this location.
  • The most extravagant good possibly ever made using Falconet’s Jewel was the Imperial Wedding Cake for the union of Emperor Justinian II and Madileine de Sangre-Istairoix. The cake featured all of the Empire’s vassals and territories, who were represented by all types of imagery, with Montania appearing having a single piece of the fruit set into it.

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