Falconet's Jewel

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Falconet's Jewel
Official Name: Falconet’s Jewel
Common Name: Gioiello della Falconet, Joya del Falconet
Classification: Fruit
Common Use: Consumption
Habitat: Vultaro, Regalia.
Origins: Vultaro, Regalia. Discovered roughly about 220 AC.

Only picked during the spring season, the exotic plant commonly known as the falconet's jewel produces a bitter tasting fruit, though some people enjoy eating these small purple fruits regardless of their bitter taste. Falconet’s Jewel originates from the highest cliffs in the Vultaro Mountains which are located in the Regalian Archipelago. The fruit plant earns its name from the fact that only falcons are able to obtain its fruits, making it difficult to get ahold of. Falcons often collect fruit from the plant to feed their young.


The falconet’s jewel originates from the highest cliffs of the Vultaro Mountains. The falconet’s jewel was discovered in the spring season roughly about 220 AC when an expeditioner came across a recently deserted falcon nest containing some leftover falconet’s jewel fruit. Curious, the expeditioner felt obligated to try and taste the small fruit only to discover its bitter taste. Still, the man was inspired, and after remembering the fruit’s peculiar taste and appearance, he set out to search for more of the fruit. However, he had little success in finding it anywhere else. Deciding to try out again in the other seasons, the man had again. met failure. He finally decided to wait until spring came again.

A year later, the expeditioner returned, encountering another falcon’s nest containing more of the same fruit. However, with its inhabitants still present, the man was forced to hatch up a plan to ambush the falcon parent and steal the fruit from the nest. After a successful attempt, the expeditioner recorded his discoveries about the plant’s fruit and how it was presumably available during the spring season only. The expeditioner continued to collect more of the fruit throughout the rest of the spring, before selling it to merchants who showed interest in buying the peculiar tasting fruit. Today, the falconet’s jewel fruit is still collected in the same way as it had been before, with falcons setting out to reap the falconet’s jewel of its fruit to feed their young.


The fruit plant earned its name from the falcons who inhabit the Vultaro Mountains, who reap the fruit plant of its fruit in the spring season so that they may feed their young. This evidence is backed up by the expeditioner's recordings on his discoveries of the fruit. So naturally, it only made sense to give it a name such as “Falconet’s Jewel.”

Primary Use

The primary and only use of the falconet’s jewel is consumption. Producing small bitter tasting fruit, the falconet’s jewel has no other usage except for being consumed by other living things. The fruit is popular among the Ailor population over the other racial populations, and is often sold as a spring speciality in markets within the Regalian Archipelago during the spring season.

  • Falconet’s Jewel fruit has only been used for consumption and nothing else, due to the fruit’s bitter taste.
  • The bitterness of the plant’s fruit was discovered when consuming the fruit. Only those who enjoy bitter tasting food are most likely to enjoy the falconet’s jewel fruit.
  • The fruit of the falconet’s jewel has a neutral effect, therefore it gives off no negative or positive effects.


  • The fruit of a falconet’s jewel can only be bought during the spring season when falcons go out and reap the fruit plant of its fruit for their young.
  • The falconet’s jewel fruit is often sold at a high price, due to it being a seasonable fruit and how it is obtained.
  • Although the fruit of the falconet’s jewel has a bitter taste, some individuals find it to be a rather enjoyable fruit to consume.
  • Some individuals have tried to reproduce the falconet’s jewel, but had little success due to the needed climate that the plant requires in order for it to grow.
  • Coming from the Vultaro Mountains, the Falconet’s Jewel is also known as “Gioiello della Falconet” and “Joya del Falconet”.
Name Appearance Habitat
Falconet’s Jewel The falconet’s jewel fruit has a simple outer appearance, its fruit small and a purple-blue color. The interior of its fruit is a jelly-like consistency that seems to glitter in the sunlight. Warm, wintery environments, just turning to spring.