Farran Cane

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Farran Cane
Official Name Farran Cane
Common Name Ula Cane
Classification Reed
Common Use Decorative
Origins Anglia, Regalian Archipelago
Habitat Various

Farran Cane is a species of Reed that exists in the Ularen Wastes, which are the vast plains, steppes and hilled terrain that dominates the central regions of central and southern Daen. The Cielothar are the most renowned users on the plant, weaving baskets from the materials it offers, which are commonly traded to the Avanthar and occasionally outsiders. The plant also has other uses, but these are more sporadic and varied depending on the region.


Farran Cane was first encountered over two millennia ago by Elven explorers mapping the Ularen Wastes, though the plant was relatively ignored. It was only centuries later, as the Cult of Ciellonia was born, that the plant began to be used. Fairly populous within the rural areas that the Ciellonia populated, often at the fringes of the Wastes, the Reed was soon used by the Nelfin to weave and create baskets from the plant’s materials, but Farran Cane also proved useful in their animal husbandry endeavors. Especially around sources of water, Farran Cane breaks were vibrant with insect, bird, and fish life, and the Reed species itself could be cut and used to form cages and other containers for the animals of Daen. The Cataclysm and the Wildering officiated the cult’s transformation into a new Race, the Cielothar, who continued to carry out these practices. When the Avanthar entered the picture, baskets and containers weaved from Farran Cane were yet another trade good that existed between the two peoples. Despite the destructive warfare that has plagued even the Wastes in the modern-day, Farran Cane remains a populous plant of these open plains, its existence near and around bodies of water helping it to survive and even thrive in the aftermath of devastating fires and earth gouging that has occurred as a result of the Avanthar civil war, and the attacks of Kathar and Orcs into the rolling grasslands.


Farran Cane grows to incredible heights, at most 35 feet, based around a rounded, hollow stem that is anywhere from two and a half to three and a half inches in diameter. The cane stems are reddish-brown to brown in coloration and grow lance-shaped, pale green leaves up to a foot long and two inches wide. Farran Cane grows in clusters around a central, dense root system, and is usually harvested economically (that being a few at a time), as this root cluster, also known as a rhizome, can produce new shoots when or where needed.

Uses and Abilities

Farran Cane has no natural abilities, but it does possess various uses among the Cielothar. Its most prominent is in the creation of baskets, the weaving of which is an art form to the gentle wind elves. Farran Cane also has a variety of uses; the cane portion of the plant specifically serves as good handles for a variety of tools and objects, in addition to certain uses in house construction and musical instruments.


  • Farran Cane has seen limited export beyond Daen, as the substance is seen as crude by most other societies and emblematic of an older era that the weak Cielothar are locked into through their attachment to animals and nature.
  • Farran Cane has also seen limited use beyond Daen to the much more populous Rundona species of Reed plant, which has long existed on most continents for centuries.

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