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Official Name Fireweed
Common Name Firegrass, Crimson Scorcher, Fallash-Zahran
Classification Flower
Common Use Antiseptic
Origins Daendroc, Ithania
Habitat Arid and dry regions

Fireweed is the name for a fiery plant that originated on the Daendroc supercontinent which has since been transplanted to regions of New Ceardia and Farah’deen. Useful as an antiseptic once distilled, it has been known in the driest points of the year to burst into flames and further spread its seeds out across the area.


Fireweed has existed for centuries in Daendroc and Ithania, being noted by the Nelfin for its beauty yet destructive nature. Closer to the end of the Elven Empire, its properties as an antiseptic were discovered by Lothar healers who preserved the knowledge as the Empire fell. The other Talar and the Avanthar also learned of it’s properties. Ailor too, learned of it over the years, and soon it was used commonly across the region. When trade reached Ithania and Daendroc from Farah’deen, several healers requested the plant, leading it to be transposed across the ocean to Farah’deen and then from there, it trickled into New Ceardia. The plant can now be found in two opposite locations across the world from each other and used as an antiseptic by many.


Fireweed grows in clusters in harsh, arid locations across several continents. The flower possesses five pointed and slightly curled petals of crimson, with a dozen or so small similarly coloured stamens slightly protruding. Their leaves, beneath the flower, are often wide, with many small points or notches on the far edge.

Uses and Abilities

The flower’s juices once distilled serve as an antiseptic, though the raw plant can also help, but to a far lesser degree than the distilled substance. By far however, Fireweed’s most known feature is that fact that in arid temperatures, when it wilts and starts to die, it can bust into flames. The origin of the flames is thought to be the pistil, which releases a spew of seeds into the air. A red cloud is produced, and is filled with seeds that many believe are coated in a fire-resistant chemical layer to protect against the fire. Most of the cloud falls back into the fire to grow new patches of the plant in it’s place, though some can be carried away by the wind or birds to spread the growth of the plant elsewhere.This effect of exploding into flames can also occur even after the plant has been picked and stored away to care must be kept in summer months in apothecary shops.


  • In some regions of Farah’deen, Fireweed has become apart of Shama-Abdala worship and is generally associated with Fire Magic.
  • Fireweed received it’s name due to it’s early infestation of Nelfin villages when the people reached Ithania, often growing in the most resilient locations.
  • In some regions, placing Fireweed over the grave of a deceased is seen as disrespect or a final insult, as it implies you wish to see their grave and body destroyed.

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