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Official Name Flowerite
Common Nicknames Femmerite, Rosium
Origin Ithania
Uses Decorative, Musical
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class

Flowerite is a relatively rare material that comes in a vibrant pink color; ranging from hot pink to mellow peach, with small swirls of black swirling throughout it. Flowerite has been popular in Ithania for centuries, going back to the time of the Varran Empire. In the modern day, the stone is often used in jewelry and as decorations on furniture. It is also seen as a very feminine material due to its coloration and relation to the musical arts as when hit with metal, it produces a ringing sound. It is also not uncommon for astrologists or eccentric professors to believe the rock is connected with the female gender. Within the last decade, there have been rumors of Flowerite deposits being found in Daendroc, but for now, the mineral remains rare and exclusive to Ithania.


Flowerite was first discovered by the Varran Empire sometime before the Cataclysm. While records of this period remain vague, some Elven Empire documents mention the stone appearing as a decorative material on Varran weapons and armor. When the Elven Empire moved into Ithania after defeating the rival nation they discovered the mineral as well and mined it over the next two millennia for their uses. Following the Cataclysm, after Ithania freed itself from imperial rule by the Altalar, Flowerite’s popularity with the regional nobility extended to the Ailor who now also dominated politics. With the rise of the arts in Ithania, Flowerite’s natural ability to ring helped musicians greatly and came to be viewed as an important feminine symbol in the region. Today, this importance continues in Ithania and various Ithanian-influenced territories of the Regalian Empire. Some scholars have even gone on to call it the Woman’s Rock in the mineral and astrological worlds. Within the last decade, reports have come in of small deposits of the mineral supposedly located within Daendroc, but in hostile terrain. Given how much Ithanians prize the material though, it is inevitable that someone will reach it, mine it, and sell it to the peaceful peoples of Ithania.



Flowerite appears in its raw state as a opaque but richly pink colored stone. Once it has been cut or cracked into, it exhibits a wave of colors ranging from hot pink to mellow peach, with small swirls of black swirling throughout the formation.

General Uses

Flowerite has several uses, the first of which is functioning as a decorative feature in furniture. Its second use is in jewelry, particularly female jewelry, where it often appears carved into the shape of flowers. The final use is in musical devices, mainly bells and a certain device called an Attention Rod. This metal device is designed to strike a held piece of Flowerite and cause it to ring, calling a choir and audience’s attention or a class of music students.


Flowerite has the unique ability to produce a very particular ringing sound when struck with a metal object. The sound is often closest to middle C in the operatic system of vocal classification. Hitting it with anything else, such as a nail or wood, will only produce a weak and warbled sound that has no measure on the scale above.


  • A Flowerite bell was carved in 200 AC and was said to represent the purity of the Ithanian people found around it. When a consort to the Princess of the Hivre was determined to be having an affair outside his own relationship with the Princess in 231 AC, the artist’s son cracked the bell to symbolize the broken purity. The Purity Bell is now a site of prayer for Unionist men and some women that their own purity may not be broken.
  • Some wonder if Flowerite shares any similarity with the Song Flower of Fendarfelle, a crystalline flower which also produces tones and sounds.
  • Some believe that in addition to their advanced technology around machinery, the Varran Empire used Flowerite to produce powerful sound-based weapons but there has yet to be any evidence of this.

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