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Official Name Galena
Common Nicknames Starlight Dust, Potter’s Dust
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Metallurgy Arts
Origin Sendrass, Hadaria
Uses Artistic, Cosmetic
Rarity Common
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Galena is found along the coastline of Sendrass and on many of the beaches that dot the nearby region of Hadaria. The substance has been sought after for centuries, first by the Altalar of the Allorn Empire and later, the Ailor and Songaskians. It is an incredibly soft metal with a Silver-like shine that is used in beauty products and pottery, but also works as a lemony-fresh insect repellent when applied directly on the wrists and neck. Since the fall of the Essa Empire, Regalia holds a monopoly on the substance, but the Masaya of Farah’deen has discovered their own independent sources to feed their craving. Given how vast Sendrass is, even if supplies were to ever run out in Hadaria, the material is likely to remain used in Aloria for centuries to come.


Galena is an ancient substance sought after by many peoples, but the first were the Altalar of the Allorn Empire. When they reached Hadaria, they discovered Galena in pockets along the coastline. Once its beauty applications became known, they eagerly sought it out. The Slizzar themselves rarely used the substance as it clung to their scales in a discomforting way when in their Natural or Semi-Shifted state. After the withdrawal of the Altalar from the region, and then the Cataclysm that came a few centuries later, Galena became even more readily available. As the Chrysant Kingdoms formed on Hadar in the decades after the Cataclysm, Galena rapidly became one of their primary exports.

Most of this product went to Farah’deen, where upper-class Songaskians used it like the Altalar had, as cosmetics for their eyes and face. Eventually, Ailor regions like Ithania also came to prize the material. In 190 AC, Ithanian artists discovered that Galena also worked in making beautiful pottery glazes which only increased demand. With the collapse of the Essa Empire and the devastation brought by the Chrysant War to Hadar, Hadarian states as a whole have stepped up their role in Galena mining and also have stepped in to help Regalian assets in the tropical region with their own similar mining endeavors. In late 301 AC, Songaskian vessels discovered the coastline of Sendrass also possessed Galena and so for the last several years, small mining operations have broken out along Sendrass’ coast in secret solely for the benefit of the Songaskian state. Considering the obsession of so many to make themselves look beautiful, protect themselves from insects in their harsh climates, and to make their pottery look lovely as well, Galena is likely to remain relevant to Aloria for years to come.



Galena is a soft Silver-like metal, often found in a natural, powdery state. It appears on beaches where it is usually combined with the sand, but in certain large deposits replaces the sand entirely. In this state, it twinkles lightly and often has a pale silvery coloration. Once it has been separated from the sand or collected together, the material has a darker Silver-coloration, but individual granules still twinkle.

General Uses

Galena has three major uses. The first is as a pottery glaze; the end product is similar to Lead-glazed earthenware methods. The only difference between the two pottery processes is in some minor temperature differences and that Galena-glazed pottery is known to sparkle “for a lifetime” as most artists say, lasting longer overall than Lead-glazed earthenwares. The second use is in cosmetics, specifically eyeliners, and blushes where the glittering quality of the substance makes it a popular inclusion in several formulas. The latter is often used by the Songaskian upper class, but some Ailor regions like Ithania have begun to use it as well. The third use is also on the person but is most commonly used by the Nelfin and Ailor of Daen. When applied to the wrists or neck, Galena produces a lemony scent that drives away insects and is often seen in use at tropical parties.


Galena has the unique ability to smell like lemons and repel insects, but only when applied to the wrists or neck. It is unknown why this is.


  • Small groups of young women in Ithania are becoming known as “Starlit Herons” by young men, as they dress in dark clothing and wear Galena, causing them to appear like the twinkling night sky and as beautiful as Herons.
  • Galena production is chiefly handled by Walforth in Turmen.

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