Ghor Ka Bloodscale

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The Ghor Ka Bloodscale are a lesser developed and distant cousin of the Naga. They resemble ferret-like lizards, dress in primitive garb, and carry spears, but they never grow as tall as an adult Human’s hip. They often attack wild life in Hadar or spear fish in the shallows, but they are too unintelligent to converse with anyone or even form a cohesive society.

Physical Description

The Ghor Ka Bloodscales, known simply as the Ghor Ka, are a group of small, lizard-like bipedal creatures who inhabit the jungles of Hadar. The Ghor Ka are a bright red in colour, which is where they get the name Bloodscales. They have yellow or cream underbellies and small spines running down their backs. Their patterns appear to be dependent on their habitat.

Ghor Kas tend to be around two to two and a half feet in height. They wear leather loincloths or armor, if they wear anything at all. These creatures can sometimes be confused with baby Naga, however, they have a much more adult-like physique, with defined muscles and longer snouts. Their bright red colour also betrays them, as well as the noticeable lack of an egg tooth.

The arms of the Ghor Ka are adapted to allow for either bipedal or four-legged movement. While they are faster when they walk upright, they can crawl around very quickly and hide better when on four legs.

The Ghor Ka have a long, thin tail and slightly webbed hands and feet. They will dive into the waters around Hadar and use them to swim, tucking their limbs in toward their body while flicking their whip tail back and forth very rapidly.


Though the Ghor Ka Bloodscales lack what most people would call a society, they have a very crude concept of power and language, at a level similar to that of apes.

The Ghor Ka are very solitary creatures. Often, the female will lay their eggs and leave them. The young then must then learn to fight for themselves, their education often limited to the observation of other creatures. These young Ghor Ka often fall prey to the many strange creatures of the jungles of Hadar. Adult Ghor Ka have been known to even hunt and kill the young for food.

Ghor Kas are a very unintelligent group of creatures. Their language is primarily a loose collection of near-instinctual mating calls, clicks, hisses, and yelps, but better socialized groups seem to have managed a few dozen legitimate words, mostly pertaining to things like mating, hunting, and defending territory. In the past, [[Naga|Slithers] have been known to communicate with Ghor Ka, but this art seems to have been irretrievably lost with the collapse of the Chrysant Kingdoms. No races today are able to communicate with the Ghor Ka.

When hunting, the Ghor Ka will fashion very crude spears and don leather armor decorated with various feathers and bones. Numerous ornaments attached to a Ghor Ka's armor or clothing signifies a stronger hunter, and they are the most respected and feared of all. Some Ghor Ka have been seen looting the dead bodies of the more decorated to better outfit themselves.

Natural Habitat

Deep within the jungles of the main islands of Hadar, the Ghor Ka make their home. Often found within thick trees or in underground burrows, the Ghor Ka are rarely seen walking in the open. The thick trees and soft soil of Hadar provide perfect homes, and the moist air and damp ground keeps them cool, preventing their scales from drying out.

The main area of where they call home is what separates two slightly different groups of Ghor Ka Bloodscales. Those that live within the trees have lighter underbellies and darker skin patterns, while the ones which live underground have darker underbellies and rich crimson scales covering their entire back. Those underground also tend to have longer claws and pointier snouts for digging.

All, however, have a natural ability to swim and can often be found in coral reefs or burrowed into the sands of the shallows. They will stick their spears out to catch fish and eat them. When staying very still, some can hold their breath for up to fifteen minutes.

First Recorded Encounter

The Ghor Ka were first encountered by the Naga hundreds of years ago. They were often captured and sold as rather unreliable slaves. However, the Slither sometimes welcomed them as peers within their pirating groups, employing them as scouts. Somewhat like trained animals looking forward to a food reward, they excelled at stealing various treasures from an area without being spotted.

When Humans first came to Hadar, the Ghor Ka were thought to be a form of Naga, and they too were slaughtered. Their numbers dwindled until only a small number of them remained. It wasn't until much later study that they were labeled as distinct from Naga, due to their vastly different societies and lack of intelligence.


The Ghor Ka have been sold on the slave trade in Regalia, and are often relatively cheap, due to them being unintelligent and not capable of speech. Some have been kept as pets in cages. However, their short lifespan, about ten years or even far less in poor conditions, limits their popularity.

Their species, after several years of slaughter, has nearly fully recovered and now thrives on the main island of Hadar. However, this population boom helps the Slither pirates who often capture them for trade, earning up to 300 regals or so each.


  • A young Ghor Ka Bloodscale is called a Hisckt, while an adult is called a Hipkt.
  • Male Ghor Kas are on average, two inches taller than females and have brighter patterns, often with yellow, almost feather-like crests made of dead scales.
  • Their scales are very strong and light. In early Nagan society they were sometimes used as armor during wartime.
  • Raw Ghor Ka Bloodscale is a Nagan delicacy, and is served with garlic and herbs in a dish called 'Niku Ka Ghor,' or 'Flesh of Ghor Ka.' It is traditionally served with fish and rice. Other races who have inadvertently sampled the dish usually contract parasitic infections or worms.