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Grand Vigil Aletta
Notable Person
Full Name Aletta van Achteren
Race Ailor
Date of Birth October 23, 39 AC
Date of Death January 9, 104 AC
Claim to Fame Founder of the Regalian Azure Order.

Aletta van Achteren, otherwise cited as the founder of the Azure Order and the first Grand Vigil, can be accredited for the martial form of Aletta Guard used today in the Witch Hunter Order. Her ability to rallying individuals and swaying their opinions is renowned amongst politicians, with many documents emphasizing the confidence she gave off during her calls of actions. These movements enacted by Aletta shown her as an icon within the many mage hunting Orders. With her name oftentimes being referenced in regards to laws wishing to restrict the usage of magic further.

Origins and Early Life

An era heralded in the wake of the Cataclysm left a generation plentiful in resentment towards the rapturing effects that jarred Aloria; coupled with the return of magic upon the reunification of the shards of Estel. Accordingly, Aletta was groomed with the ideology, like many others, that every calamity, hiccup, and disaster was caused by the effects of magic that plagued the world. Her father Augustijn van Achteren, who was an exalted Knight of the Viridian Order, played an authoritative role in the city guard until an incapacitating blow was inflicted upon him by the hands of a mage. Thereby, coercing Augustijn’s immediate expulsion from the Viridian Order. This led to Augustijn’s vengeful nature towards mages, and Aletta being subjected to the teachings of her father—being taught the fundamentals of swordplay as a juvenile.


The pinnacle of Aletta’s narrative was set in motion after she received her father’s Viridian training at home. Afterwards, Aletta rallied like-minded individuals who denounced the recent upheaval of magic in Regalia, and laid down the fundamental bricks of what would later become the Azure Order. The organization was viewed by the public as one of necessity, with a large sum of Regalian citizens believing their infestation of mages should be eradicated by this newfound party.

Throughout the duration of Aletta’s appointment as the Grand Vigil many people had disputed whether a woman could bear the attributes necessary for the survival of the Order. Yet, she proved herself a formidable swordsman by adapting her informal Viridian training to sacrifice the brutish strength vital to a knight, and substituting it for the agility required to combat a mage, and adjoined with the ability to deflect oncoming projectiles by utilizing the wedge of her shield. This combat style would later be referred as Aletta Guard, a martial form taught amongst non-mages of the Azure Order, prominently used today in a later branch of the Azure Order that reformed into the Witch Hunter Order.

In contrast to the public support that Aletta’s Order obtained, her hands were bound under the jurisdictions of the law, having members submit to aiding the city guard in the tracking and incarceration of mages. Stability was among many things the fledgeling Order had not yet achieved, with a chain of command leading to ambiguity as to who actually lead the organisation, regarding its most prominent members. In an attempt to mend this, Aletta implemented the Lesser Vigil system of command, granting her the ability to allocate responsibilities to more able individuals, one of whom was Nicholas Keswick, a former military man who was driven away from his aspirations to advocate the regulation of magic and became one of Aletta’s prodigies.

Years after the founding of the Azure Order, they had time and time again demonstrated their competency and servitude towards the Empire, prompting the Vigils to conclude that in order to further their reach, government sanctioning was required. Upon their petition to Chancellor Aldomir Kade, the Order’s attempt to become official was rejected, an action driven by the Chancellor’s scepticism regarding women and their ability to lead organisations with such power as they requested. Therefore, Aletta narrowed her candidates down to Nicholas Keswick, and appointed him the Grand Vigil who would usher in the first era of the Azure Order.

Later Life

Aletta’s retirement from the Azure Order led her into a life of boredom following her departure. With the organisation she had previously dedicated her life to in the hands of another, Aletta moved into tutoring to fill her hours, as her father had after his expulsion from the Viridian Order. The cause of Aletta’s death is unknown as of yet. Some reports tell of her robes being burned as she still wore them by a mage, whilst others tell that she was assassinated by a political rival made during her time as Grand Vigil. Nevertheless one factor remains constant; Aletta’s body was never publically laid to rest, nor has it been found by common historians to this date.


Aletta embodied the trait of charisma, a quality she frequently exploited during speeches to turn others to her own opinions and views. During her father’s training, Aletta was instilled with various codes of conduct she strived to uphold, pushing her to selfless, merciful and charitable. Without these beneficial qualities, Aletta was vindictive towards any practitioner of magic. A simple look into Aletta’s personal journals demonstrate such a powerful hatred of mages and magic alike that she was partially driven to simply drop her positive qualities in favor of enacting as much punishment as possible against magic-users.


All accounts of Aletta craft an image of prudence, a quality carried by the Azure Order to this day, in order to properly deal with mages and magic. As well as this, her reputation as a duelist and sword-fighter is similarly upheld, the woman’s feat of creating her own discipline of combat to deal with mages being particularly impressive. Despite this near-reverence by her Order, current views regarding magic and its place in Regalian society make no secret of degrading her methods, with some of them being named as barbaric and demented by scholars.

Extended Family

Aletta never had any spouse or significant other, nor did she possess any siblings. As an only-child without progeny, her bloodline died with her.


  • Aletta’s mother is considered an enigma between historians, leading to speculation that she may have been a bastard child.
  • There is no formal schooling to learn Aletta Guard, and tutors are a commodity scarcely found. As such, those with the appetite to be taught must be accepted in either the Azure Order or Witch Hunter Order.

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