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Official Name Hematite
Common Nicknames Printer’s Silver/Iron
Proficiency 2 Metallurgy Arts
Origin Aloria
Uses Various
Rarity Common in Ithania, Rare elsewhere
Accessibility Middle and Upper Classes

Hematite is a metal originating in Ithania carrying a very dark grey color. Although the mining is exclusive to the gentle slopes of the continent’s midlands, it is found in abundance, making it common and cheap for Ithanians, however, the export price renders it more expensive for outsiders. As for its uses, due to Hematite’s highly malleable natural state it is a common metal within the stationery industry and printing industries, used in a variety of tools of both trades. The only alternative use is specific decorative jewellery, especially hair accessories and headpieces, which are most commonly found among studious and scholarly Altalar.


Hematite is a relatively recent discovery in Aloria, not being known to exist before the Cataclysm, though why this is the case is somewhat unclear. Due to its position in Ithania, most assume that it would have been excavated by the Altalar, but it actually doesn’t appear to have been. It is often believed to be linked to the material's appearance, as it appears similar to Ferr-Iron. The Altalar likely ignored it for this reason, or were confused when they put it to work in normal Ferr-Iron conditions and it failed. Regardless, it is only after the Cataclysm that the material was properly identified. In 156 AC, rich veins of the material were unearthed in central Ithania, and testing soon showed it to be highly malleable even before proper refinement. A cabal of merchant interests soon came across the perfect use of the substance: the stationery and printing industries. Its ability to be formed into fine metallic nibs and lettering with ease allowed printers and stationery artisans to produce high-quality tools for their craft. Still, the material sources remained local to Ithania, and as of yet few deposits have been found outside of the region. For that reason the import cost is significant, and the finished quality goods are even more sought after than the raw ore. However, with Ithania’s recent troubles, the manufacturing of these goods has ground to a halt, and the rarity beyond the material’s homeland has only increased.



In its natural state, Hematite forms in a dark grey rhombohedral lattice system in huge clusters. The substance is easily manipulated at this stage, but can be refined to create a dark grey to black sheened metal, which is also easily formed. The material also forms naturally in and around Ferr-Iron deposits.

General Uses

Hematite has a range of uses in the stationery and printing business. Due to its very malleable natural state, it is the primary metal used by Ithanian artisans for creating quill pen nibs, pens themselves, ink pots, and printing press machinery parts, specifically the lettering. Additionally, over the past century, the Altalar of Ithania, but also in other regions of Daen, occasionally make use of the substance for decorative jewelry. While it is odd to many Ailor, the Altalar who engage in this are often scholars, and enjoy the symbolism of wearing such a metal so closely connected with the production of knowledge. The metal appears mostly in hair accessories and headpieces, and is often part of solemn or contemplative clothing arrangements due to the material’s dark coloration. The material is also sometimes used in the mourning jewelry of the Heartland Ceardian Ailor.


Hematite has a strange ability, and one that helped indicate it as different from Ferr-Iron. When rubbed against an appropriate surface (paper, blank stone, so on), it produces a red-tinted rubbing. Why or how this happens, is a mystery to scholars.


  • Hematite stationery artisans take great pride in their work, and due to the material’s malleability, can create some truly astonishing pieces. The most well known is the Crouching Gryphon currently belonging to King Florent of Ithania. The only reason it is famous, is because someone tried to assassinate the artisan who fulfilled the man’s order for a unique piece of stationery to replace the old ones of the recently executed previous Sovereign.

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