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Official Name Ilithars
Common Nicknames Sol Steed, Nebel Allon
Classification Mammal
Habitat Solleria, Regalian Archipelago
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

A short-haired horse that has a satin-beige coat and bright white milky eyes, the Ilithars is a strange creature well known for centuries to both the Solvaan Altalar and the Ailor Cultures from surrounding areas. These lands suffered raids at the hands of the Solvaan for years, and the Ilithars played a key role in these conflicts as it easily moved through the mists, delivering Solvaan warriors right to the doorstep of many an old Ailor settlement. However, the Ilithars has grown rarer with time, and is now a rare steed among the warriors of Solleria. Instead, it is revered, and left semi-feral in the wilds, the equine seen as a unique symbol of the region’s misty terrain and mysterious past.


The Ilithars is often considered by the Altalar to be one of the few original creations of the Solvaan Altalar, though how this creation was even accomplished is a mystery. Some say it was through the use of now long-lost magical breeding techniques while others claim the mists of Solleria themselves were tempered through Altalar magics into binding with the species. But among the Ailor, what is often considered the truth is espoused instead: that the Ilithars were already present in the lands of Solleria when the Nelfin of the Allorn Empire arrived. This would explain the animal’s deep connection with the mists and lack of difficulty when encountering them, but ultimately, the truth of this is shrouded, like so much of Solvaan history. But the Ilithars itself left a broader impact on the Ailor of the Regalian Archipelago. Ridden by the Solvaan in their raids for slaves for centuries before the Cataclysm, the creatures became alien equine-like mist monsters, their pale eyes gleaming in the darkness becoming a terrifying image from tales to many children over the years. But when the Regalian Empire arose, the Ilithars, much like the Solvaan, were incorporated into the new state. Their mysticism, and fear around their forms, vanished over a few decades as the animal’s gentle nature, and generally slow movement when not spurred on by a rider turned them into somewhat beloved animals. However, for unknown reasons, Ilithar numbers have steadily declined over the years, and the Solvaan have turned to other animals to serve as their main Mounts in conflict. What Ilithars are left are often in the wilds of Solleria, though a few remain tamed as status symbols to their owners.

Physical Appearance

Ilithars stand at four and a half to five and a half feet tall, five to six feet long, and weigh around 450 to 550 pounds. Their head is small, with an average muzzle, two large milky white eyes, and pointed, alert ears at the top of their head. Their necks are thick with a short mane and connect back to a similarly sturdy body, compact and supported by four white-hooved legs. Their bodies end on a short tail. Their body has two tones of color, the first being the dominant chase of satin-beige that covers much of their bodies. The second color is a light grey, which exists on the animal’s short mane, tail hair, and sometimes in small tufts on the back of the animal’s legs, closest to the hoofs.


The Ilithars have an equal gender ratio, no sexual dimorphism, and the species overall sees limited diversity in appearance.

Life Span and Development

Ilithars are born in singular or paired births with one other sibling by their mother. Rapidly on their feet, they live close to their mother for the early months after their birth, gradually allowing themselves to wander a bit farther afield. They mature for a period of four years before reaching adulthood, with mating often waiting a year or two more. It is at this point that they will break away from their mother and siblings, instead they will join the wider herd. Illithars live up to twenty-five years in the wild and thirty-five years in domesticated surroundings.

Mental Overview

Illithars are generally gentle, quiet animals with a true herbivore’s mentality about them. While couples do not mate for life, males will still keep an eye on their mate and her offspring for several months after their birth, and overall, defend the herd from what few dangers approach them. Ilithars are also highly accustomed to a variety of species, given the vast slave stock of the Altalar during their height which have persisted in the Solvaan terrain until today. They face few predators but are capable of responding to harsh threats, and in domesticated varieties, their “lethargy” as it is called is easily dispelled, perhaps another defense mechanism to lure predators into a false sense of security.

Territory and Groupings

The Illithars might have once been a wild, more difficult beast to pin down. But after over a millennia of contact with the Altalar, their true wild side has substantially faded. Their semi-feral herds of twenty to forty individuals roam at the fringes of Solvaan territory in the mists of the mountains, crags, and dense woodlands, while a much smaller portion of their population resides in paddocks and fields outside of Solvaan towns and cities.


  • Illithars eyes are often believed to see in a different spectrum than that of Ailor and most other equines, screening out the mists which often mask their leg movements to allow for ease of walking.
  • Some believe tales of the Ilithars morphed into the fringes tales from the Highland Cultures of “mist horses,” beasts shrouded by morning mist who will ride a victim into the nearest water source to their deaths and eternal slavery beneath the waves.

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