Imperial Family

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The Imperial Family is the extended court of Kade family members, both Royal and non-Royal Kades who gravitate around the center of power, the Emperor of Regalia. Each Court member has their own agenda, likes and dislikes, and may join or publicly oppose a Noble Faction in the State Council, or the Assembly (should it exist again) for their policies. Generally speaking, working with Factions has benefits while detracting from one's political enemies, though working with one of these Factions can sometimes be a double-edged blade in that there are allies and enemies to be made at the Imperial Court. Most interactions with members in the Imperial Family have to go through the Geo-Politics Orders.

Name Description

Emperor Alexander the First Empdaddy.png

Baroness Aliandre Aliandrei.png

Duke Justinian Justiniani.png

Baroness Shelia Manon Sheliai.png

Count Taldemarr Teldemarri.png

Prince Reynaud Raynaudi.png

Prince Frederick Prince Frederick.png

Prince Raymond Raymondi.png

Prince Thomas Thomasi.png

Prince Valdis Valdisi.png

Prince Duncan Duncani.png

Princess Noor Noori.png

Prince Dominic Dominici.png

Prince Cedromar Cedromari.png

Prince Renly Renlyi.png

Princess Amalia Amaliai.png

Lord Taurin Prince Taurin.png

Lord Henry Prince Henry.png