Imperial Family

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The Imperial Family is the extended court of Kade family members, both Imperial and non-Imperial Kades who gravitate around the center of power, the Emperor of Regalia. Each Court member has their own agenda, likes and dislikes, and may join or publicly oppose a Noble Faction in the Assembly for their policies. Generally speaking, Several Kades are mascots (or leading members) of Court Factions, while others have no overt loyalty, but may still be interacted with in Progressions and bestow benefits indirectly to those they favor.

The Emperor

The Emperor is the titular and divine ruler of all of the Regalian Empire. The Imperial seat is currently decided on elective basis, though the Emperor has chosen to keep his choice a secret.

Name Description

Emperor Alexander the First Empdaddy.png

Emperor Alexander is a man of portly presence that has been Emperor for nine years now, with a single year interruption while Cedromar was Emperor. Emperor Alexander's reign is seen as one of competence yet opulence, intellectual ambition yet military decline, and enlightened centrism, yet a degradation of the power of the clergy. Emperor Alexander is generally looked upon favorably by the people, who believe he genuinely adores the people much like his predecessor Justinian II, but unlike Justinian II, Alexander has very little actual power and rules mostly as Emperor by consent than Decree, careful not to annoy or disgruntle the Nobility too much. Emperor Alexander enjoys the position of the sagely mediator, choosing never to lean to heavily into one ideology or the other, and remaining as a mentor of sorts with wise words of encouragements for those who break through to the inner courts.

The Princes and Princesses

The Princes and Princesses are those eligible to pass the Imperial Throne through their progeny, and are referred to as Your Imperial Highness. By Imperial Law, all Princes and Princesses are numbered, with 1st being the first in line to the succession, and further numbers being further removed from the throne. These numbers are merely for display nowadays however, as the Empire is now elective and thus the Emperor chooses a new heir to take the throne upon his death, as divined by the Everwatcher, who decided that it needed to choose its next Vessel instead of letting fate determine the heir. Women cannot become Empress of Regalia, however they can pass the right to inherit through to any male descendants they may have.

Name Description

1st Prince Reynaud Raynaudi.png

2nd Prince Frederick Prince Frederick.png

3rd Prince Raymond Raymondi.png

6th Prince Thomas Thomasi.png

7th Prince Duncan Duncani.png

8th Prince Valdis Valdisi.png

9th Prince Dominic Dominic.png

10th Prince Cedromar Cedromaaar.png

11th Prince Renly Renlyi.png

16th Prince Xander Xander.png

1st Princess Noor Noori.png

2nd Princess Juliana Juliana.png

3rd Princess Amalia Amalilani.png

The Titular Princes and Princesses

The Titular Princes and Princesses are Imperial-Royal by relation to the Emperor, but do not actually have Imperial Blood, and thus have no claim to the Throne either. They are given the same title-address respects as all other Princes and Princesses of Imperial Blood (Your Highness), however are not seen as Princes and Princesses in the eyes of the Law or the Imperial Guard. They still wield considerable power in the Kade Family itself and should not be considered any less important than the Princes and Princesses of Imperial Blood.

Name Description

Titular Princess Aliandre Aliandrei.png

Titular Princess Leah Leah.png

Titular Princess Shelia Manon Sheliai.png

Titular Prince Justinian Justiniani.png

Titular Prince William Friso Willliam Friso.png

Titular Prince Henry Prince Henry.png

Titular Princess Ariane Ariane.png

Titular Prince Constantine Constantine.png

Titular Prince Taldemarr Taldemarr.png

Titular Prince Francis Dominici.png

Non-Imperial Members

Non-Imperial Kades are neither Titular Princes and Princesses, or Imperial Blood. Non-Imperial Members are so far removed from the inheritance and main line of Imperial House Kade that they merely have a Noble Title, such as Your Lord and My Lady. Non-Imperial Kades are still considerably useful to have the favor of, but they are not as important as the Imperial Blood members or even the Titular ones.

Name Description

Imperial Guard Joshua Imperial Joshua.png

Imperial Guard Tristan ImperialTristan.png

Lord Taurin Prince Taurin.png

Lord Desmond Desmond.png

Lord Hendrikus Hendrikus.png