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The Imperial Family is the extended court of Kade family members, both Imperial and non-Imperial Kades who gravitate around the center of power, the Emperor of Regalia. Each Court member has their own agenda, likes and dislikes, and may join or publicly oppose a Noble Faction in the Assembly for their policies. Generally speaking, Several Kades are mascots (or leading members) of Court Factions, while others have no overt loyalty, but may still be interacted with in Progressions and bestow benefits indirectly to those they favor. House Kade has many more members than are visible here, but these are the only active actors at Court or in some way relevant to Court life. Many other Princes and Princesses not mentioned are minors.

The Emperor

The Emperor is the titular and divine ruler of all of the Regalian Empire. The Imperial seat is currently decided on elective basis, though the Emperor has chosen to keep his choice a secret.

Name Description

Emperor Alexander the First Empdaddy.png

Emperor Alexander is a man of portly presence that has been Emperor for nine years now, with a single year interruption while Cedromar was Emperor. Emperor Alexander's reign is seen as one of competence yet opulence, intellectual ambition yet military decline, and enlightened centrism, yet a degradation of the power of the clergy. Emperor Alexander is generally looked upon favorably by the people, who believe he genuinely adores the people much like his predecessor Justinian II, but unlike Justinian II, Alexander has very little actual power and rules mostly as Emperor by consent than Decree, careful not to annoy or disgruntle the Nobility too much. Emperor Alexander enjoys the position of the sagely mediator, choosing never to lean to heavily into one ideology or the other, and remaining as a mentor of sorts with wise words of encouragements for those who break through to the inner courts. Emperor Alexander is completely above Court Faction politics, though the Court Factions whispering into his ears and showcasing him their favorites, does eventually get through to him, resulting in him granting favorable Court appointments to those favored by Factions.

The Princes and Princesses

The Princes and Princesses are those eligible to pass the Imperial Throne through their progeny, and are referred to as Your Imperial Highness. By Imperial Law, all Princes and Princesses are numbered, with 1st being the first in line to the succession, and further numbers being further removed from the throne. These numbers are merely for display nowadays however, as the Empire is now elective and thus the Emperor chooses a new heir to take the throne upon his death, as divined by the Everwatcher, who decided that it needed to choose its next Vessel instead of letting fate determine the heir. Women cannot become Empress of Regalia, however they can pass the right to inherit through to any male descendants they may have.

Name Description

1st Prince Reynaud Raynaudi.png

Prince Reynaud (oldest son of the Emperor) is a lithe and lanky Prince who is known as both the basket case example of how not to raise one's children, becoming immensely self indulging and taking everything for granted, and the Empire's best diplomat. Prince Reynaud has the uncanny ability to get into good graces at any foreign court, dazzling them with opulence and revelries, and putting the best qualities of Regalia on display. On the flipside, Reynaud is also known to actively plot against the designs of his father the Emperor, wishing instead that the Emperor would re-instate male-primogeniture so that he would once again become the uncontested heir to the Imperial Throne, and the next Emperor. Prince Reynaud is currently married to Princess Madileine, his cousin of the Ivrae family.

2nd Prince Frederick Prince Frederick.png

Prince Frederick (second son of the Emperor) is a beastly Urlan, that even before his Urlification was a square-jawed Knight who might as well have been used as the poster boy of the good obedient Knight. Despite his pro-Knight and pro-Military leanings, Frederick has always been loyal to his older brother Reynaud, believing in his birth right, yet also believing that the civil government ought to be replaced with a Military Junta. Prince Frederick is one of few words and little judgement, exemplifying the perfect example of how to be a good Viridian Paladin of the Viridian Knight Order. Prince Frederick is currently unmarried, and has taken a Knightly vow of Celibacy.

3rd Prince Raymond Raymondi.png

Prince Raymond (third son of the Emperor) is a debonair Prince that doubles as the black sheep of the family due to his interesting views on progressive ideals and the future of the Empire. Raymond specifically combats the idea of noble corruption and autocratic idleness, believing the Empire's nobility have become lazy and self indulgent, forgetting the duties of the Feudal Contract. Raymond is often misunderstood to be a Jacobin, which he is not. He rather believes in using the threat of republicanism to call the Nobles back in line, and curb Noble privilege while putting checks in place to prevent them from slipping up. Raymond is currently unmarried, and has shown no interest in being married any time soon, though is also known to have (had) several partners.

6th Prince Thomas Thomasi.png

Prince Thomas is the Emperor's oldest brother, and his Knight sworn protector. Prince Thomas is a large framed man who has made name and many medals to his reputation in the various wars, spanning from the Crystant War to the most recent conflicts of the Empire. Prince Thomas is a man of few words, but he is known to be plagued by his actions on the warfront, suffering from the so-called "Knight's Disease", a form of post traumatic stress that has caused him to seek refuge in alcohol and women. Prince Thomas's was once married to a member of the Lovegood Family, however she was assassinated by Slizzar revanchists. Since then, he has had numerous mistresses quite publicly, though currently has none.

7th Prince Duncan 5e31a31115219ea08aa9f70a2f7986e3.png

Prince Duncan is Prince Thomas's oldest son and a tall and broad man. Very little is known about Duncan besides the fact that he is not known to be intelligent, though has an extremely kind heart that gives compassion to even the undeserving. Prince Duncan also strongly favors House Howlester, and spends most of his time in Gallovia, the Howlester lands. Prince Duncan had no formal education and spent most of his adolescence drinking and partying. He is unmarried and has never had any relations to anyone's knowing.

8th Prince Valdis Valdisi.png

Prince Valdis is Prince Thomas's second son and a tall man. Very little is known about Valdis besides the fact that he takes after his father's worst qualities yet did nothing to deserve sympathy. He is known to have mistresses at the Imperial Court, though is more secretive about it. He is also rumored to be violent and cruel with his attendants. Prince Valdis is unmarried and currently has no known relations.

9th Prince Dominic Dominic.png

Prince Dominic is the Emperor's second oldest brother, a somewhat hunched and unassuming man who chooses to be unseen in public engagements. Dominic was once trained to become a Viridian Knight, but the murder of his mother Liliane Ivrae-Kade at the hands of Slizzar revanchists pushed him into another direction. Rumors circulate that Dominic Kade has some relation to the Black Order, the secretive Regalian state police that aims to remain unseen and unknown. As such, most court attendants consider him a spy for Alexander, and one who is fanatically loyal to the Emperor at that. Prince Dominic is unmarried and has never had relations.

10th Prince Cedromar Cedromaaar.png

Prince Cedromar is the Emperor's third oldest brother, a broad shouldered manlet who is also known as the Dragon Prince, the Prince Marshal, or the Dragonblood. Prince Cedromar doubles as the Imperial Dragon, capable of becoming the Imperial Dragon and bestowing benefit to the Regalian Army in battle, though being known to be extremely fickle and unreliable in doing so. Prince Cedromar has a cult in Regalia that worships him, however he seems to be disinterested in having their worship and is largely pro-Unionist. Prince Cedromar is an open homosexual who has been married before, though his marriages have since been declared void due to a legal loophole. Cedromar is not known to currently have any relations.

11th Prince Renly Renlyi.png

Prince Renly is Cedromar's oldest son and a brickhouse of a man, though due to Cedromar's nature as an open homosexual and Renly's near identical (if somewhat rougher) appearance to Duncan who is Thomas's oldest son, it is a generally known secret at court that Renly is actually Prince Thomas's son but was likely conceived out of wedlock and thus raised by Cedromar as a cover-up. Not much is known about Renly besides the fact that he became a Bloodcast Knight on the urging of his father, who despite being a Bloodcast, largely applies Viridian Code of Honor to his own outlook on life. Renly is unmarried and is not known to have had any relations.

16th Prince Xander Xander.png

Prince Xander is the Emperor's youngest brother who only barely just graduated from the Viridian Order's Prospect training, though is already shaping up to be the new poster-boy since Prince Frederick became an Urlan. Being a large framed young man, Xander spends most of his time going from tournament to tournament to try and raise his own fame and reputation in comparison to his older brothers like Thomas who is already considerably further ahead of him. Prince Xander remains yet untested in war, a point of annoyance to him, and is always jumping at the next opportunity to face enemies of the Empire in battle. Xander is unmarried and is not known to have had any relations. He has not quite taken a vow of Celibacy, but seems close to essentially living one.

1st Princess Noor Noori.png

Princess Noor is Thomas's oldest daughter, and thus the first Princess of the Empire. Noor is a somewhat anti-courtly Kade, who takes effort to break rules of conduct even in light of the Emperor's discipline. Her rebellious attitude has meant she lives largely cut off from Imperial finances, having her own smithing business in a small Anglian town and surviving of a small manor with a few guards and friendly house staff. Noor's athleticism is well known in the local area, being a frequent participant in archery competitions benefiting from her smithing physique. She rejects showing up personally to the Imperial Court, and has been seen very little in Regalia.

2nd Princess Juliana Juliana.png

Princess Juliana is Noor's younger sister and thus Thomas's second daughter. Juliana in opposition to her older sister Noor did very specifically take a Court presence and has faithfully supported the Emperor in absence of her siblings and father. Princess Juliana eventually joined the Villiers-Eclaire Knights, and acts as a strong Vigilant-Knight at the Imperial Court, being the only Knight permitted to guard the Imperial Palace alongside the Imperial Guard. She is one of the few Knights permitted into the inner courts of the Palace, taking her Knightly services directly to the Kade family and having exclusive access to the Emperor, who despite his senior years, seems to enjoy her presence. Princess Juliana is unmarried, but is a known lesbian who currently does not have any relations.

3rd Princess Amalia Amalilani.png

Princess Amalia is Cedromar's twin-sister and thus third Princess of the Empire. She is currently married to Marshal Claus von Treppewitz, Duke of Treppeweitz, and has several children with him. Her children do not bear the Kade name, however she does, a point that has always annoyed her. Princess Amalia is a good house wife in the Wirtem style, however also takes a pro-active role in public life to encourage house wives to come out from behind their large gallery windows and curtains and speak out against the debauchery and debasing of the Ithanian court culture.

The Titular Princes and Princesses

The Titular Princes and Princesses are Imperial-Royal by relation to the Emperor, but do not actually have Imperial Blood, and thus have no claim to the Throne either. They are given the same title-address respects as all other Princes and Princesses of Imperial Blood (Your Highness), however are not seen as Princes and Princesses in the eyes of the Law or the Imperial Guard. They still wield considerable power in the Kade Family itself and should not be considered any less important than the Princes and Princesses of Imperial Blood.

Name Description

Titular Princess Aliandre Aliandrei.png

Aliandre Kade is an aging aunt of the Emperor, being the oldest sister of the Emperor's father Moriarty Kade. Aliandre Kade is a shadow tactician who has had a long military record acting as Marshal, though never actually issuing orders herself, rather using her husband Henry Viraine as a proxy to hand her orders down to the soldiers and circumvent the bar on female Marshals. Besides her military work, Aliandre has always been an austere economist, believing the Empire's finances have degraded and declined because of lack of reforms. Aliandre remains married to Henry Viraine, and has several children who invariably all became Imperial Guards. Aliandre Kade is often cited to be the "most important woman in the Empire save the absent Empress", due to her sheer political weight at Court and her venerable experience.

Titular Princess Leah Leah.png

Leah Kade is the half-sister of Alexander, being younger than Dominic but older than Cedromar and Amalia. Leah was born to a Baroness from Yorrickston in Anglia, whom her father Moriarty Kade had an affair with. Her birth was recognized and her status as a Kade verified, allowing her a healthy pension. She eventually joined the Nordskag army where she was made Commander, eventually using that reputation and skill to jumpstart her military career in the Imperial Army in Regalia when it opened up to women. Leah is currently married to Imperial Guard Tristan and has one son. She also avoid the Imperial court and politics like the plague.

Titular Princess Shelia Manon Sheliai.png

Princess Shelia Manon is (according to conservatives) the Archdemoness at Court due to her pro-Magic leanings and progressive ideals. Shelia Manon is the younger aunt of the Emperor, being the younger sister of Aliandre Kade, and her polar opposite. While Aliandre stands for stability and austerity, Shelia Manon stands for radicalism and contrarianism. She is a known collector of Magical Artifacts and Court Mages, even running a kind of underground railroad to help Mages escape the Azure Order when it was still active and persecuting them. Shelia Manon is a short woman who was never married, but has two legalized bastards that are nontheless given title in House Kade.

Titular Prince Justinian Justiniani.png

Prince Justinian is a brick of a man and the second younger brother of Moriarty Kade, thus an uncle of the Emperor and the leader of the Thousand Blades Monastery Knights of Anglia, an unofficial Knights-Order that takes in only retiring Kade warriors and loyalists, forming a unique group of religiously inclined Knights that put their life on the line for the Emperor. Justinian is known as the Kade family's most pious member, practically speaking in passages from the Creed to respond to all those who he deems to be unfaithful and unspiritual, or downright blasphemous. Justinian is also a rude and crude man, avoiding the Imperial Court to do his service and penance as a warrior monk. Justinian is unmarried and has taken a vow of Celibacy a long time ago when entering the Thousand Blades Monastery.

Titular Prince William Friso Willliam Friso.png

Prince William Friso or Willem Friso depending on the spelling, is one of the many Kade Arch-Celates of Anglia, one who wields considerable support from the local population on account of his soft words and compassionate character. William Friso is not known to be as pious as Justinian, but as his brother and thus uncle of the Emperor (who is yet younger than the Emperor), wields considerable power among the clergy, even of other non-doctrine denominations. William Friso is known to have a kind and forgiving attitude to the Occult and Aberrant, supporting the Emperor in his pro-control ideology towards the Occult, and often acting as his stamp for religious consent. William Friso took a vow of Celibacy when he became a Celate, though has broken it several times with relations of which he currently has none. William Friso is generally above Court Politics, but does support Justinian and the Holy Court Faction.

Titular Prince Henry Prince Henry.png

Prince Henry is the youngest child of Princess Shelia Manon, and thus a Nephew of the Emperor. Prince Henry is the only Old Gods or otherwise Pagan member of House Kade which is otherwise predominantly Unionist. He holds great personal favor towards the Velheim people, spending most of his time in Drixagh and immersing himself in Old Gods and Velheim lore. Prince Henry is known as an adventurer and debaucher alike, taking the fruits from life that he pleases, and getting caught up in tavern brawls with those who don't know his true identity. He often works with his older sister Princess Ariane. Prince Henry is unmarried and known to like both sexes, though has no current relations.

Titular Princess Ariane Ariane.png

Princess Ariane is Henry's older sister and Shelia Manon's oldest child. Princess Ariane once tried to be a Warden Knight, studying in Solleria, though flunked out of her studies and ended up staying for the Sollerian culture. While her brother spends most of his time in Drixagh, Ariane spends most of her time in Solleria, surrounded by a large household of Altalar. Ariane is so popular among the Solvaan that several military regiments of Mist Guards were named in her honor, and have identified her as their commander, thus giving Ariane a considerable private military force. Ariane is unmarried and has had no known relations, and also fluently speaks all Nelfin dialects and languages.

Titular Prince Constantine Constantine.png

Prince Constantine is Titular Prince Maximillian's youngest son (oldest brother of Moriarty Kade) and thus a nephew of the Emperor. Constantine was born among siblings who all chased military fortunes, though he chose to become a diplomat instead, eventually gaining the reputation as the Emperor's silver tongue (if one were to consider Reynaud his golden tongue). Constantine was instrumental in Tuillerand's diplomatic game of chess in establishing the Crown Alliance of Regalia between the Allar, Asha, and Ailor, but has since also held important posts in Nordskag, Ellador, and Ithania as ambassador. Constantine is also an avid art collector, is unmarried, and has had no known relations.

Titular Prince Taldemarr Taldemarr.png

Prince Taldemarr is a relative unknown figure. Prince Taldemarr is an older brother of Constantine and a son of Maximillian Kade, thus being a nephew of the Emperor. At some point he was a Viridian Knight like his older brothers, and then he became an Urlan during an unfortunate expedition. Since, Taldemarr has shied away from House Kade, finding little in the ways of sympathy for his position even with Frederick recently having become an Urlan. While Frederick did so out of service to the Empire Taldemarr has always seen it as a curse, and lives distant from the Court in an Anglian forest.

Titular Prince Francis Dominici.png

Prince Francis is Maximillian Kade's oldest son, thus being the oldest brother of both Taldemarr and Constantine. Francis is the zany inventor of House Kade, specializing particularly in the field of Magic-Technics (such as the Arken Vessel that he reverse engineered), but also Aquatech (such as the more recent invention of the submersible vehicle). Francis is immensely idiosyncratic, known to be rude and crude, downright an asshole even to his own family, and often attempting to avoid any social contact. Prince Francis is unmarried and everyone is sure that he absolutely hates the idea of even physically touching someone else, never having had any relations.

Non-Imperial Members

Non-Imperial Kades are neither Titular Princes and Princesses, or Imperial Blood. Non-Imperial Members are so far removed from the inheritance and main line of Imperial House Kade that they merely have a Noble Title, such as Your Lord and My Lady. Non-Imperial Kades are still considerably useful to have the favor of, but they are not as important as the Imperial Blood members or even the Titular ones.

Name Description

Imperial Guard Joshua Imperial Joshua.png

Imperial Guard Joshua is the second oldest son of Aliandre Kade. Joshua like his older brother Goderoy became an Imperial Guard, thus relinquishing his Titular Princehood.

Imperial Guard Tristan ImperialTristan.png

Imperial Guard Tristan is the married in husband of Titular Princess Leah Kade, and is the father of the Iron Duke of Vultaro, Ryker Lampero. As Imperial Guard, Tristan relinquished his Titular Princehood. Imperial Guard Tristan is a known Silven of the Pride Arken.

Lord Taurin Prince Taurin.png

Lord Taurin is a distant Kade family member who is a known explorer and navigator of the high seas, seeking out new lands and exploring far away continents in name of the Emperor.

Lord Desmond Desmond.png

Lord Desmond is a distant Kade family member who is a legitimized bastard of a Kade woman and an Avanthar male. Lord Desmond frequently works with Princess Noor in her forge.

Lord Hendrikus Hendrikus.png

Lord Hendrikus is a Kade painter and artist who spends most of his time in a tower somewhere in Anglia trying to make the perfect painting, but languishing as a tortured artist.

Non-Family Courtiers

The Imperial Family is usually surrounded by a whole host Non-Family Courtiers. These individuals possess some sort of function at the Imperial Court, and can also be interacted with through Progressions, and may occasionally also show up during Events. The vast majority of the Courtiers are just sychophants, but the few exceptional members are mentioned below, each with their own specialty.

Name Description

Viscountess Milena Cadieux du Lierre Milenalegacy.png

Lady Milena Cadieux du Lierre, Viscountess of Centre-Vixe, is a non-Family Courtier with particular skills that exists within the Imperial Court. Milena Cadieux du Lierre is the manager of the unofficial but highly esteemed Court d'Amour, which is a court-à-court that exists on a separate layer from the Imperial Court. She exists as the nexus for all relationship gossip, matchmaking and paramour-caroussing, though only at Court. As such, when anyone has an eye on a member of the Imperial Family or the Imperial Court, they always present to Milena Cadieux first, who appraises them, and informs them which members of Court might be interested in them if any at all. She also always acts as a discreet liaison between the members of court and their favorites outside of it. Milena frequently hovers around the court ladies, and particularly Shelia-Manon Kade.

Iron-Duke Ryker Lampero Legacyryker.png

Iron-Duke Ryker Lampero is the ruler of the formidable Vultarin Hegemony, a large stretch of Dukelands in the south of the Regalian Archipelago covering multiple Duchies and spheres of influence. Ryker is a wrothful beast of a man who is sometimes also referred to as the Imperial watchdog, because of his habit of threatening anyone who brings warfare to the Regalian Archipelago. He is chiefly the backer of what the Court calls the "Iron Peace", which bars the Nobility from attacking each other. The Iron-Duke himself is also a Silven, and has deep connections with the Occult and the Imperial Family, usually being a nexus for strong warriors who make a name as his champions and liberated Occult alike. The Iron-Duke frequently hovers around the Emperor at court as his unofficial speaking watchdog, as Imperial guards do not speak.

Ëssela-Neveï Vivana Avalleia 35f022f57146a9e00df9dfe9f6f62a54.png

Vivana Fëallora Avalleia Bel Ant Avalla-Loseia, often shortened to just Vivana Avalleia, is the Ëssela-Neveïa (Mist Shield) of Solleria. This position grants her the representative of all the Myst Wardens of Solleria, a prestigious military unit across Solleria that exists beyond borders and operates independently from the Dukes. Additionally, she also has a micro-court of her own of Altalar specialists and historians, having both deep connections with some of the rulers in the resurgent Allorn Empire, and a vast wealth of information on Altalar history and customs. She frequently acts as Altalar liaison at court, or informant of Altalar special interests, usually stick somewhere in the background of ongoing events.

Lord Protector Parzival Ravenstad Legacyparcy.png

Lord Protector Parzival Ravenstad is one of the few survivors of the Viridian destruction during the Deathling Crisis, and remained a staunch Knight even after the reforms. Lord Protector Parzival nominally rules the Lordship of Ravenstad, the titular city where his family hails from, however he is more commonly seen at Court. Much like the Lord-Protector Dietrich von Drachenburg, Parzival Ravenstad is in the unique position to universally liked and respected by all the Knightly Orders, and even beyond that in the Military. Lord Protector Parzival always has a finger dipped in each army, and knows well what the status of their morale and inner thoughts are. Lord Protector Parzival is frequently found among Prince Willem Friso Kade and Prince Justinian Kade. He also really likes Reindeer.

Grand Magistrate Dianne Black Legacydianne.png

Grand Magistrate Dianne Black is not formally Noble (though she is of noble lineage), but she has accrued immense financial wealth and trade connections through her marriage with Christopher Black. She eventually eclipsed his control over the Merchant Guilds of Narlas, and is now the go-to person for all things trade and mercantile in the Empire. It is said that there is not a trade deal she does not know about, and she has a deep and complex understanding of the economy of the Empire, while also being deeply aware of the opinions and resentment of the free traders of the Empire at large. Grand Magistrate Dianne Black usually hovers around Aliandre Kade, on account of having political similarities with the Hiltfrontists.

Bundeskanzler Ulrich Typhonus Legacyulric.png

BundesKanzler Ulrich Typhonus was once the Archduke of Calemberg, but has since taken a more subtle background role as Bundeskanzler, a position unique to the highly urbanized environment of Calemberg. The Bundeskanzler position afford Ulrich Typhonus far reach in the greater Calemberg area, having the ear of all the wealthy aristocrat families not only of his native Wirtem lands, but also beyond. Ulrich Typhonus is the poster-figure for "old money", nobles who grew up with wealth, and sustain the old court styles and habits. As such, Ulrich Typhonus has the ear of the non-Noble wealthy upper classes, and can fund-raise like no-one else for causes which he finds agreeable. Still, Ulrich is mostly a conservative (with some pragmatic sensibilities) and as such leans in the same direction and presence as Lord Protector Parzival Ravenstad.

Count Leufred du Briërust Leyfi.png

Count Leufred du Briërust was once the Duke of Maraisburcke, but relinquished control over the region after the mostly purist population became hostile to him and his Mage wife, eventually settling in the Imperial Palace while retaining some property on the edges of Tirgunn in Osteiermark. Count Leufred is mostly avoided by most of the Palace attendants on account of being Occult, but still has freedom of movement around the Palace, hovering particularly around the Princes. While it is not stated out in the open, the general belief held by those who visit the Imperial Court, is that he acts as a liaison and the eyes and ears of the Dragon aligned. Count Leufred is also a very active detractor from anyone Magical who tries to infiltrate the court.

Mountain Duke Rodderick Howlester Roddy.png

Mountain Duke Rodderick Howlester remains an active member of the Imperial Court, particularly busying himself with matter of legality, and championing the Empire's moves away from a chaotic feudal everything-goes society to one administered by rule of law. The Mountain Duke has generally also been seen as a voice of Peer choice, arguing against State mandated changes being forced on the Nobles, and trying to give them as much leeway as possible to ignore decrees from the central authority of the Empire. As such, the Mountain Duke is diametrically opposed to Typhonus and Ravenstad at Court, remaining a voice for decentralism versus their centralist views. He frequently mingles with Cadieux du Lierre's company, and the Emperor's sons.

Arch-Consul Louis Delmotte Delly.png

Arch-Consul Louis Delmotte remains an active member of the Imperial Court, particularly busying himself with foreign diplomacy, and acting as an Imperial liaison to advise others on how to approach foreign states and foreign rulers, particularly Ithania. The Arch-Consul is generally also seen as a Pro-Crown division member, who does believe in absolute Monarchy, but would see the Empire split up into different Imperial Mandates led by different Kades. Louis Delmotte does not spend particularly much time with anyone else at court, and seems to dislike practically everyone else. Louis however spends a lot of time with Prince Cedromar in private, especially when Cordenia brings Antonius around.

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