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Official Name Jade
Common Nicknames Dex-jyte, Green Topaz
Origin Dexai
Uses Decorative, Religious, Monetary
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Upper Class, Sihai

Jade is a green gemstone with both a rough and glossy texture that retains only a mild shine when sanded down, carved, and treated. It can only be mined in Dexai, making it a valuable component to jewelry. Each Sihai Dynasty uses a unique decorative insignia made at least partly out of the gemstone. Jade is also used as a decorative item in homes, along the Loong Dragon temples architecture, and jewelry. Some currencies of the Sihai also uses Jade as a decorative centerpiece to small bolt-shaped coins. It’s common in present-day to see many Jade artifacts or art that glorifies the Loong Dragons and their actions that benefitted the Sihai.


Jade has been an exclusive resource to the Sihai and Dexai lands for centuries. The mines leading to the resource are believed to have been manifested by the Loong Dragons themselves, guiding the Sihai’s common dynasty before anything to the resource. Since then, and with the upbringing of many other Dynasties for the Sihai, the gem has been used in art, architecture, jewelry, and currency. Jades mythology orients around the Loong Dragons, believed that the gem was aesthetically pleasing to the deities. The gem can be seen in the present day used by each upbringing Dynasty. With the formation of the War Dynasty, the gem was artistically molded by skilled metallurgist in the shape of a pendant with the insignia of two cross bladed eastern blades. Other culturally specific pendants exist including the shape of a small Sihai calendar used by the Greater Dynasty during its initial creation. The other Dynasties focus on less specific shapes, simply molding pendants into the shapes of their occupations or religious symbols of the Loong Dragons themselves.

Jade, in present-day, is used as a high-class luxury good that brings about a trade surplus to the Dexai lands, exported by the exterior trading posts along the isles outside the Dexai mainlands. Ithania in particular takes a great interest in the stone, its upper class soughting it out specifically for the jewelry and art made from it. In contrast to the exported resource, the metallurgy skills to carving and shaping Jade is very specific and closed off to the rest of the world. As such, finding a metallurgist who is not of sihai descent with the skills to mold Jade is rare. The market of Jade sculpting has always been perceived to be a risky one, as in some cases the gems are hollow, depleting its value to a great degree once cut into by a sihai metallurgist. A hollow lump of Jade often reveals a contingency to the intended design of sculpting, making the market for Jade sculpting a gamble. It’s not uncommon to see Sihai metallurgists in the past spend their savings on one stone for sculpting, only to find themselves in poverty after discovering the stone is hollow soon after with very little value or potential. In vise versa, Sihai metallurgists have also been noted going rich overnight by the auction of a finalized art sculpture out of Jade.



Jade is an almost translucent gem with colors ranging from pale mint to a mossy green. In its natural state, it looks like a dirty-green stone surrounded by pale white colors that appears in large veins. Once it is refined, these pale white sections are mostly carved away, leaving behind a waving pattern of lighter and darker greens throughout. It also possesses a rough, oily texture that retains only a mild shine once it is treated.

General Uses

Jade has several uses despite being limited to the Sihai and wealthy upper class. They are primarily used decoratively in the architecture of the Loong Dragon temples in the Dexai mainland where there are often entire panels for the walls, tiling the floor or features of the roof itself. The gemstone is used to make art, as carved statuettes of dragons and local wildlife are popular among Sihai artists. The mineral can be used to make jewelry as, like many gemstones, it can be cut and crafted into earrings, necklaces, brooches and other items. It is most commonly paired with Silver. The final use for Jade is in the currency of Sihai, which is made up of carved Jade tablets and small cog like coins with an interior circle of Jade with similar material carved into it that hold information only meaningful to the Sihai found there. In the rest of Aloria, they are almost useless save to eccentric collectors.


Jade has no inherent properties; it is capable of a slight shine once cut, but this requires a concerted effort.


  • Some Sihai believe that Jade aids in the Ritual of Cleansing, as it is often performed in the temples. For added “potency”, some secure Jade talismans around the subject before they are purified.

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