Jungle Veneerion

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Jungle Veneerion
Official Name Jungle Veneerion
Common Nicknames Flying Demons, Winged Death, Jungle Demons
Classification Mammal.
Habitat Jungles of Daen
Domesticated No.
Current Status Rare

The Jungle Veneerion is a large, herbivorous bat native to the jungles of Daendroc, known for its sharp fangs, thick black fur, and large wings. Its demonic appearance has served as a cause for fear among locals, closely linking it as something of superstition. In reality, the creature’s most menacing features, its fangs, serve to puncture the cacao pods which constitute the majority of its diet. Once commonplace in Daendroc, it has since been killed on sight resulting in a dwindling of its numbers. The Veneerion is rarely seen outside of the jungle, only venturing out to civilized areas when the food supply falls too low in their natural habitat to sustain them.


The Jungle Veneerion was first discovered in the year 80 A.C., when a group of children had gone camping alongside the families in the jungle. While the adults sat around the campfire, the children wandered off to explore, causing them to startle a feeding Jungle Verneerion. It flew toward them, shrieking and beating its wings furiously, before shooting upwards at the last moment. The children ran back to their parents, who took the terrified kids home. Since then, numerous curses, rumors, and legends have been associated with the bat, leading to widespread reactions of fear when encountered, which in turn cause the bats to become more confrontational. Its current rarity is due to a multitude of reasons; with the most prominent reasons being a dwindling food supply and the societal fears of the creature, causing people to have violent reactions against it. These days, seeing a Jungle Veneerion can mean many things, but to most it is seen as a symbol of coming death or misfortune.

Physical Appearance

The Jungle Veneerion has a nearly universal appearance throughout the species. Thick and wild black fur, protruding fangs, large wings, and long talons are all common traits. Like most bats, the Jungle Veneerion is nocturnal, but its loss of echolocation has caused it to become more reliant on low-light vision, giving the creature its large eyes, which are similar to that of a possum in their light-reflective nature. The ears are large compared to the head, and have a somewhat triangular shape. The fangs and talons, adapted for breaking the thick shell of cacao pods and carrying food or gripping trees, respectively, are extremely sharp and long. The fangs typically show even while the bat has its mouth closed. Its wingspan is also quite impressive, and is used to cloak itself from predators in the dense jungle foliage.


There is a notable variation of size between the male and female Jungle Veneerion. At the largest, a male Jungle Veneerion can have a wingspan of 4 feet (122 cm), or 3 feet for a female (92 cm). A male can weigh up to 3 and a half pounds, and a female up to 2 and a half. Females tend to have larger, less angular ears than the males do, along with smaller eyes.

Life Span and Development

At birth, the Jungle Veneerion is a mere six to eight inches(15-20 cm) wide, but it rapidly grows out of infancy. It usually takes about six months for the bats to reach maturity, and it reaches its full size after six to eight years. Its life span in the wild is about eighteen years at maximum, though the strength of its teeth and muscles begin to deteriorate around sixteen years of age. The young bats usually leave home after seven years, after which they find a cave or tree hollow of their own to nest in.

Mental Overview

The Jungle Veneerion is extremely skittish and defensive, largely due to decades of human aggression towards them. When spooked by someone, they typically let out a high pitched shriek, before flapping their wings furiously and diving towards the perceived aggressor, only to pull up at the last second. They lack advanced intellect but have developed natural adaptations that they utilize to best access a cacao pod.

Territory and Groupings

Jungle Verneerion tend to live in small, familial units, but regard others of their kind outside their family with close suspicion when coming across them outside of mating season. Once they have found a mate, the family roles are universal. The male and female both go out to stockpile food until the first of their offspring is conceived, after which the male is solely responsible for gathering food. Families usually occupy small territories centered around a central tree they call their home.


  • The large, sharp teeth of the Veneerion are a prized possession among criminals and cultists, both for ceremonial and visual reasons.
  • Jungle Veneerions have been known to be captured and placed in cages or fly free among gang hideouts to inspire fear to those who see them.

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