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Appearance Dark to pale brown liquid
Difficulty 1/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Sariyd
Class All classes
  • Ground Taqafasula Tree beans
  • Boiled water
  • Optional: Desired amount of seasoning OR additives OR both
  • Optional: Desired amount of milk OR cream OR sugar OR all/none
  • Optional: A wide range of toppings from whipped cream to marshmallows

Kaffee is a well-known drink developed by the Sariyd of old and now enjoyed all over the world after spreading with the Qadir in their departure from their homeland. Made from the beans of the Taqafasula Tree, the drink is capable of providing energy to its consumer, but too much of it has been known to have an adverse effect. The drink is also made in a wide range of different ways, one for every Culture and Race who has come into contact with the beverage, and liked what they tasted.


Kaffee, also known as Qahwa at this time, first emerged sometime around 1000 BC in northern Farah’deen, though many Qadir will claim it is far older. In this initial form, the drink was nothing like it was today. Drunk cold and using whole beans kept in water, the substance was mostly tied to religious practices in that region and several cults of Sariyd polytheism. As time passed, more effective ways of consuming the drink, often with the aid of Clockwork devices, persisted, and hot Kaffee was now drunk as a way to keep the industrious thinkers, scholars, and engineers of Sariyd society awake and active close to breakthroughs, or as a way to quickly rouse them in the morning. Kaffee maintained many traditional methods of preparation in Farah’deen even after the drink spread abroad during the exodus of Sariyd who left Farah’deen as local politics and warfare grew intense. Those who traveled and settled Hadriytas in Daen soon introduced the drink to the Altalar. They had their own technologies, and so the Clockwork devices of the Qadir were reverse-engineered into tools that the Altalar then controlled from a distance, or had their copious slaves work. It was the Altalar who expanded on previous Qadir acts of adding honey into Kaffee with the addition of Dúllci Cane sugar, kinds of milk, creams, and other things. They also added their own rituals to the drinking of Kaffee, before the drink finally would reach the Ailor in force after the Cataclysm. While initially received well only in southern lands, and as a “commoner’s drink” in Ithania, the rise of Regal Culture, and its scholastic focus saw Kaffee become quite popular in the City of Regalia. Since 300 AC, Kaffee cafes, places of Kaffee brewing with differently roasted beans, and the sale of small side pastries have grown as an industry. Many a major city across the Regalian Empire, and perhaps the world, now have over a dozen of these establishments catering to all classes, though most nobles continue to enjoy the drink privately in their elegant estates and private homes.


Kaffee has dozens of different methods of preparation, which have evolved with time, and vary due to ingredients, bean roast, and more such factors. At its core, however, it’s prepared through the grinding of the Kaffee beans. More correctly known as Taqafasula beans, it was also the Altalar who gave Kaffee its modern name. These grinds are then placed into a filter through which hot water is poured and usually steeped for a time with the steeped water then trickling down into the vessel beneath. Other times, the steeped liquid is pressed out of the container into the drinking vessel, or the drink is simply removed from beneath the dripping filter. It can then be seasoned, topped, or added to in whatever way one wishes.


  • Kaffee is commonly a brown liquid, ranging in coloration due to the roast of the beans, or the amount of added dairy.
  • Kaffee has a rich, deeply affecting smell which is all its own, and easily identified.
  • Kaffee’s taste varies based on how it was prepared, but generally it has a strong taste, sometimes veering into bitter, which drowns out other flavors.


  • Some have called the consumption of Kaffee an unofficial ritual in one’s weekly routine, as close to a religious act as any other due to its frequency and repeated consistency.
  • Kaffee Cafes, or Tea Houses as they are also known, are not just dens of Kaffee consumption and academic discourse, but also gossip courts where the better off in society can haggle or spread whatever they wish, be it true or false.
  • The Azzizzari are perhaps the best known Ailor Culture to embrace Kaffee, making its creation a local art form, and using Kaffee beans and even Kaffee itself in their cooking of other dishes.

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