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Appearance A dark brown, steaming liquid
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown
Class The poor, commoners, and nobles alike
  • 2 parts kaffee grounds
  • 1 part cocoa powder
  • Pinch of sugar
  • Boiling water
  • Some decide to put cream or milk in the drink, but this is a largely unpopular practice

Nobody knows who made it or where it came from, but the general consensus of the people of Aloria is that Kaffee is a fundamental drink for daily living. The Kaffee Bean can grow anywhere in the world, managing to survive various harsh climates and habitats strewn about Aloria. Differences in where the bean is grown does affect the value and delicacy of the bean; it is generally accepted that a better taste is acquired when grown in warmer temperatures such as in the the jungles of Daendroc. Funnily enough, while it’s generally accepted that the drink is purely Kaffee grounds and nothing else, the cocoa powder ingredient actually plays a large role in the overall flavor.


The exact origin of the Kaffee drink is completely unknown, but some theories have been made by culinary scholars. The most agreed-with story of its creation is that it was invented during the early days of the Ailor in Old Ceardia, used as a form of energy drink to make the barbarians fight harder and more fierce in battle. Of course, no evidence to support this claim has been found, but for ease of understanding, nobody bothers to contest it. The drink rapidly gained popularity in the beginning of the Regalian Empire, after the Five Family Rebellion. Emperor Theomar I was famously fond for the drink and often spoke of its utility as an early morning drink. Since then it has remained a popular drink to the hardworking.


Making the drink is extremely easy, which is a testament to the universality of it. First, the beans are ground into a fine powder like substance (some vendors sell pre-ground Kaffee to make the process easier, but freshly ground objectively tastes better). Next, the cocoa is added to the powder in what is referred to as a kaffee pot; a ceramic glass creation that roughly resembles a teapot. Then, boiling water is added to the mixture, and sugar or cream is then added to accommodate the drinkers’ varying tastebuds.


  • While Kaffee without cocoa tastes very bitter, the combination of the Kaffee Beans and the cocoa powder works to produce a pleasantly mild, sweet taste. Therefore, sweetened Kaffee with added sugar is only popular to those with a sweet tooth, as most find it overly sweet.
  • It is no debate that Kaffee provides energy to the drinker once it is ingested. However, once the effects have worn off, the drinker will crave another cup and even receive headaches if consumption has become a habit.
  • Kaffee is a dark brown color, usually steaming from the heat of the boiling water. Some people like to drink it cold, but most are of the opinion that it tastes horrible when cold.


  • Adding cream or milk into Kaffee is considered feminine, so the Jingoist parts of Regalian society despise the practice.
  • Kaffee is an exceedingly cheap drink.

Writers Aespair
Processors HydraLana, Fatherland, PonyoWantHam
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