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Aloria is a diverse and vibrant place, and has hundreds of spoken and written languages. This page should guide you in all of the languages you may choose your character to speak. Please keep in mind that some races are better than others at learning and speaking some languages, and that some languages aren't even able to be learnt by individuals who did not grow up learning them.

Please keep in mind that for easy access to Roleplayers, the most frequently spoken—and easiest to learn—languages is Common, which is a 1:1 transfer of American English into Roleplay so that all Roleplayers can communicate with each other.
Despite the fact that some Alorian languages are based heavily on IRL languages from Earth, it is always best (and preferred by everyone around you) that you type everything in English, and use a language tag (<ME> for Modern Elven, etc.) to denote that your character is speaking a different language. Nobody likes retyping what you said in Google Translate just to know what you said.
  • For a list of all languages, click here.