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The Literature section of the wiki is a bit different from the rest of the wiki. The entire MassiveCraft wiki is written like an encyclopedia, with in-character and out-of-character facts and information regarding all aspects of Aloria. Meanwhile, Literature is supposed to be taken strictly in-character. This means that while characters cannot cite wiki articles as their source for knowledge, they can cite and even quote the below works.

Please remember that Literature is categorized into three different knowledge categories:

  • Common Knowledge: Common knowledge is knowledge or information that can be freely known to all characters, regardless of social standing or cultural background.
  • Nobility Knowledge: Nobility knowledge is only attainable by those of the highest classes in Aloria. The knowledge within this section would be considered highly guarded, and unobtainable by those from lower or common classes unless specifically granted unto by a character that falls within this standing.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Specialized knowledge is knowledge obtainable only by characters who come from certain environments, specialized in certain fields, or studied certain events. I.E, characters who were born and raised within the province of Ithania wouldn’t know much about the survival techniques of those who have lived in and endured the sands of Farah’deen their entire life.