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Lore Items

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Icon Item Name Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Compliant (Y/N) Obtained From
Noimg.png Tepid Turquoise Cap Is it blue-green or green-blue? Leather Helmet Unbreaking 3 Yes Voting 2014
Noimg.png Tad Tan Tricorne Cast-offs are popular with the peasants. Leather Helmet Unbreaking 3 Yes Voting 2014
Noimg.png Tigran Katar These claw-like daggars are used by the best Tigran fighters. Shears Unbreaking 1 Sharpness 7 Knockback 1 Yes Voting 2014
Noimg.png Ticket Fondue It's a FONDUE just for YOU! Be warned, this food is hot. Mushroom Stew Fire Aspect 1 No MassiveTickets
Noimg.png Torrp Hookblade A Mekett crafted amber hookblade. Gold Sword Sharpness 2 Lure 1 Yes Mekett PvE Event 2014
Noimg.png Torture Rod A magical instrument used by elven mages. Blaze Rod Fire aspect 2 No Elven PvE Event 2014
Noimg.png Thighs o' Steel Redeem a kiss from Thortuna at the Summer Festival! Paper None No Summer Festival 2014
Noimg.png Thingmabob Doohickey Even the inventor doesn't know what this was for. Noteblock Infinity 1 No Warrenord Questing

Noimg.png Thorgan's Tattoo Parlor Flyer "Come visit Thorgan's tattoo parlor today! Ever seen those people walk around with flashy body modifications, and wanted one yourself? Get it today! Found on the Regalian Mainstreet!" Paper Lure 3 Yes MonMarty
Noimg.png Testamere Tea Tea from the lands of Testamere on the Anglian lands Potion None Yes Tavern Drink 2014
Noimg.png Teetotum A spinning top to make an exciting game. Wooden Button None Yes Lore Staff Reward
Noimg.png Tickle My Tinkle Redeem a kiss from MrHappyTinkles at the Summer Festival! Paper None No Summer Festival 2014
Noimg.png Tigran Trinket Very popular in Tigran slave trade. Name Tag Fortune 1 Power 1 Yes Lore Staff Reward
Noimg.png Tenderloin Skewer A line of lean beef cuts with bacon skewered onto a wooden stick. Steak Flame 2, Infinity 1 Yes TBA
Noimg.png Trustworthy Map A map that holds sentimental value to a certain fisherman. Map None Yes Warrenord Quest
Noimg.png Toy Soldier A prickly and rugged toy soldier that looks more like a roughly carved shrub. Shrub Looting 3 Yes TBA
Noimg.png Tree Item List The list of items given by Snow Claws for the tree. Paper None Yes Winter Festival 2014
Noimg.png The Thunder Goddess Blessing Redeem this ticket for a kiss from Thortuna during the 2014 Winter Festival. Paper None No Winter Festival 2014