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Of all the intricacies of Aloria, perhaps the most complex and critical of all is the subject of Magic. Magic is a blanket term for the use of Planar Essences from different Dimensions to reshape reality, which causes strange and unnatural things to occur. Magic is incredibly powerful and also incredibly dangerous, and has been used to bring both prosperity and ruin in equal measure, which has caused different cultures to have vastly different opinions about it. In the modern age, Magic is much more rare and misunderstood than it was in ages past, and as such, the average person will view magic with suspicion and even fear. Despite this, there are still people who seek to understand and even utilize Magic, known as Arcanologists and Sorcerers; to them, Magic is a major part of their lives. One thing is true no matter where Magic is found, though: for those willing to accept the risks, Magic is a powerful tool that can shape history– for better or for worse.

For many, Magic is part of their jobs and livelihoods.


The history of Magic is extremely varied and often mysterious, as no one culture’s story seems to match or fully line up. Magic is however universally thought to originate from the long-dead Seraph Civilization, who were the first to learn of the Void and Exist and how to pierce the Veil that lay between them and Aloria. To better understand the history of Magic, here are some (but not all) relevant pages that offer as much of the puzzle as is known to modern scholars:

For others, Magic is a powerful tool to fulfill their ambitions, and in the process, commit great evil (or good.)


The most common way Magic manifests in Aloria is through Sorcery. Sorcery is the process of connecting to the Veil and learning to draw Planar Essences from a particular Dimension to alter reality in a way the Sorcerer chooses. Sorcery has limitations, and as such, a Common Book of Sorcery has been established that almost all Sorcerers learn from; many newer Sorcerers will try to find an older or more experienced Sorcerer to teach them how to connect to the Veil and a few basic spells, however, it’s entirely possible to do all of this alone. Connecting to the Veil can be done in any number of ways, the most common of which is meditating upon something like a flame, deep water, the night sky, or the sound of the wind, and concentrating on what might lie ‘beyond’ the senses, resulting in a connection to another dimension through the Veil. Sorcerers are only capable of drawing from the Void or the Exist, and every Sorcerer is therefore a Void Sorcerer or an Exist Sorcerer. To learn more about the history and specifics of Sorcery, visit the Sorcery page. Any player with an Approved Character Application can play a Sorcerer.


In contrast to Sorcery, there exist in Aloria powerful people known as Mages who have a much more personal connection to the Void or the Exist than an average Sorcerer. Mages are born with a sickness of the soul known as a Magespark, which is a connection to the Veil that is unique to them and fuels their powers. Mages are just like any other person bar a few childish manifestations of magical talent until a point in their life known as the Awakening, which is when their Magespark comes to life in an often dramatic fashion to alter reality in a way the Mage desperately wants or needs at the moment. For example, a young water Mage might discover their powers when a friend is drowning and needs to be saved. This always happens when the Mage is a child, even if the Mage does not encounter any dire circumstances. Mages have unique powers that they spend lifetimes refining and discovering, and every Mage is different. All Mages are capable of creating non-permanent aesthetic displays that match their abilities, as well as potentially manifesting strange Mutations due to the Essence in their bodies. To play a Mage, you must have access to a Special Permission granted from the Application thread found here.

Primal and Ordial Mages

Most Mages draw their abilities from the Void and Exist, but some individuals have been twisted by the energies of Bintaar or Binral to become something quite different: An Ordial Mage or a Primal Mage. Primal Mages are born with a deep connection to Aloria and the Dragons, and as such are commonly referred to as Dragonsparks. Ordial Mages are created by Ordial Custodians in a process known as Soulchaining, which binds them to the barely-understood plane of Bintaar. These types of Mages are quite rare and often play important roles in the cycle of life and death in Aloria. More information about Ordial Mages can be found here.


  • Mages used to be far more common than they currently are, which many attribute to the amount of Magical Essence in the world before the Cataclysm.
  • Mutations tend to manifest from uncontrolled use of Magic, or exposure to it, and can be extremely detrimental to the user's health.
  • Opinions on Magic tend to vary wildly depending on Peoples, Culture, and Location, with no common sentiment found on it.

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