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|align = center
|align = center
|text = ''A [[Cro-Allar]], the strong and hardy elite of [[Allar]] society''
|text = ''A [[Allar#Cro-Allar|Cro-Allar]], the strong and hardy elite of [[Allar]] society''

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Welcome to Aloria!
Welcome to the Massivecraft Wiki! Massivecraft is a Minecraft Factions and Survival server with something for everyone! Enter Aloria, a bright and diverse world with over 20 Races to choose from, plenty of skills to master, and a Lore Universe that is in a constant state of growth. Enter the Regalian Empire, the biggest political entity of modern Aloria in which you spawn. Will you show your loyalty to both clergy and crown? Or will you recede to the darker districts and the slums, and take to a life of crime in resentment of the Imperial throne?

This wiki currently contains 610 articles.

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A Cro-Allar, the strong and hardy elite of Allar society