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==Summary of Abilities & Specials==
==Summary of Abilities & Specials==
Racial Abilities are generally a set of unique powers and effects that all peoples of that Race all innately have, while Specials are more passive, aesthetic focused capabilities. Specials are defined per-page, while Abilities can be searched on the Ability List page to determine their generic function. Maquixtl have a mix of Abilities and Specials themed around transformation, gene-editing, wind, genetics and Mundaneness. Maquixtl do not get punished for becoming Occult in their Racial Kit, but some of their mechanics do change. Half Race characters select a Dominant parent, and take all the Racials & Specials from that dominant parent. (In this case, a dominant parent Maquixtl would be Half-Maquixtl) Half races must have a majority of their physical features come from their dominant parent, including which is including but not limited to skin tone, hair or fur color, ear shape, or eye color.
Racial Abilities are generally a set of unique powers and effects that all peoples of that Race all innately have, while Specials are more passive, aesthetic focused capabilities. Specials are defined per-page, while Abilities can be searched on the Ability List page to determine their generic function. Maquixtl have a mix of Abilities and Specials themed around transformation, gene-editing, wind, genetics and Mundaneness. Maquixtl do not get punished for becoming Occult in their Racial Kit, but some of their mechanics do change. Half Race characters select a Dominant parent, and take all the Racials & Specials from that dominant parent. (In this case, a dominant parent Maquixtl would be Half-Maquixtl) Half races must have a majority of their physical features come from their dominant parent, including which is including but not limited to skin tone, hair or fur color, ear shape, or eye color.
* '''Ageless:''' The Maquixtl are Ageless, meaning they never show aging. When they become adults, Maquixtl simply appear as if they are young adults forever, unless they choose not to. Any Maquixtl can choose to change their aged appearance, meaning they can choose to appear however old they want to appear (so long as it is 18+). A 33 year old Maquixtl might for example choose to appear like a 70 year old Ailor with whitened hair and wrinkles, while a 300 year old Maquixtl might choose to appear like a 25 year old Ailor with smooth skin and youthful features.
* '''Wind Control:''' The Maquixtl have been genetically engineered to have a sixth sense for wind and the air. The Maquixtl can always tell where the wind is coming from, how much air pressure there is, and what the weather will most likely turn to soon by just having the air touch their skin. Secondly, the Maquixtl can use their sixth sense to control air around them, producing funnels of wind, short bursts of wind, or a sustained flow of wind. This can be used to for example aesthetically close doors, throw objects away, it can even be used to lift a person gently off the ground, but cannot ever be used as a repositioning Ability, or in Combat. Maquixtl may also apply wind-like aesthetics to clothing and weapons. All of these effects are Mundane, and never classify the Maquixtl as an Occult. If however the Maquixtl gets any Magic Point Buy Packs, this Special will be classified by the Exist or Void theme they have chosen for their Point Buy Abilities. If the user has Magic Point Buy, this Special allows them to apply wind aesthetics to all Point Buy without the Wind Magic Pack.
* '''Body Reading:''' The Maquixtl have a great deal of empathetic body language reading capacity. Being hyper focused on the slightest gestures and movements, Maquixtl can focus on any person in Emote Range and read their emotional state, even if they are suppressing it. They cannot feel it themselves, but can understand what emotions contribute to their current state and which ones are felt, but not why. Maquixtl additionally have such control over their own gestures that they can choose to suppress their own body language gestures, thus making their emotions in turn unreadable. They can also choose to make them readable however by no longer suppressing them.
* '''Biolumin:''' The Maquixtl have a very avid tattoo and body paint culture that features swirling lines and tree-like structures. The Maquixtl body is able to attach to these ink pigments and treat them as bioluminescent sources of light and warmth. If a Maquixtl has any tattoos, body paint, or other type of ink or paint on their skin or imprinted on it, they can cause these areas to light up with a chosen color, and radiate a gentle warmth up to 5 blocks away from them. This light is strong enough to light up a dark room and give them the ability to see up to 5 blocks away from them in Mundane Darkness, but does not affect Ability based Darkness. They may optionally also apply this effect to their eyes.
* '''Domestic Happiness:''' The Maquixtl believe that in order for any person to be truly happy and responsible in life, they need to take care of something smaller than them that also looks up to them to answer its needs. As such, the vast majority of Maquixtl each have a pet. Any Maquixtl gets the Husbandry Point Buy Pet Husbandry Pack for free without Proficiency Point investment. Though, having a pet is not mandatory.
* '''Cleansing Pores:''' The Maquixtl skin has special cleaning properties that apply to certain liquids and substances. For example, a Maquixtl may stick their finger in a glass of sewage water, causing their skin to clean the liquid to a state where it is drinkable and smells fine. They can also do this to weapons or tools by brushing their hand over the object, causing their skin to pick up and eliminate all the dirt and leaving it perfectly clean. Finally, the Maquixtl can also choose to shed all this dirt and picked up pollutants from their skin, causing it all just drop to the floor or be flicked away with a hand gesture.
* '''Guldar Home:''' The Maquixtl (and half Maquixtl) are immune to the poisonous mist that hangs over the Guldar continent, and as such are the only ones able to travel to the continent. There are a few rare exceptions. Yanar can with a few very Genos injections (which are not made of Alchemical ingredients and as such cannot be reverse engineered) become immune to the poisonous mist also. Non-Maquixtl parents of Half-Maquixtl can however never travel to Guldar.
* '''Yanil Genos:''' The Maquixtl have reverse engineered some of the physiology of Yanar and applied it to themselves. While they are not as skilled as Yanar at growing things rapidly in their own house with wild flavors and colors, they can create the perfect temperature and humidity controlled environment for plant life, and guarantee a positive growing environment for any plant, seed, flower or fruit. These all have to grow at normal speed. They can also manifest the sounds and smells of whatever biome they are trying to recreate, like crickets and certain song birds or a warm rainy summer afternoon in the forest, which are mimicked by the plants themselves in the absence of the actual animals. Lastly, the Maquixtl can also manifest aesthetic nature elements on their body, like grass or leaves or twigs that grow out of their hair, flower petals on their shoulders, etc. These aesthetics can be maintained between Genos Forms, or removed and re-added at will.
* '''Cottagecollect:''' The Maquixtl love collecting things, or having memorabilia of their adventures and expeditions and achievements around their home. While they cannot World Song objects into different shapes, they can graft items into other items, such as wooden carvings bought on a market into support beams, or a stone tablet with writing on it into a wall. The materials should be the same, like metal on metal, stone on stone, wood on wood, but they can basically push any item into a similar material and bond them together so they become one.
*'''Maquixtl Aesthetics:'''Maquixtl are against magic, but their aesthetics draw on their ability to naturally shift their bodies. Any summon aesthetics or ability aesthetics should be based on wind or nature. If they have an Avarr soul, they may have Avarr aesthetics also.
====Genos Editing====
One of the Maquixtl Specials is called Genos Editing and it is quite unique, because it confers different sub-Specials depending on which Transformation is chosen. The Maquixtl have sampled genetic materials from various species over the centuries, and harbored unlockable genetic code on their own bodies, allowing for rapid transformation with added benefits. Each Maquixtl has access to all of these changes, however only one Genos Form can be active at any given time. The Genos Form of the Stalker is based on the [[Great Jungle Cat|Jungle Stalker]] of Daendroc, giving the Maquixtl feline features. The Genos Form of the Barroth is based on the [[Barroth Lizard]], a large being with many horns and tusks, as well as snake-scale skin native to Guldar. The Genos Form of the Avarr is based on the remnants of the extinct Avarr species, manifesting terror bird-like features. The Wyvern Genos Form is based on the [[Wyvern]] mount best known to be used by the [[Isldar]], manifesting Draconic features. The Moloq Genos Form is based on the [[Moloq]], a semi-aquatic near-sentient race with tendrils for hair. Finally, the Springbok Genos Form is based on the [[Springbok Goat]], manifesting sheep, goat, or deer like aspects. These Genos Forms are depicted below, each in their ideal design. Some aspects may be removed from visuals and some may be added, but generally these looks should be maintained, as the Genos Form makes the Maquixtl more part animal than part Humanoid. Colors in their Genos Form continue from their hair colors, meaning brown haired Maquixtl mostly have brown fur with patches of lighter or darker brown. Each Genos Form's benefits are mentioned below. Each Genos Form can be activated instantly, but must be maintained for at least 24 hours before it can be switched, unless they are switching back to their standard appearance (though the Cooldown still sticks in case they want to pick another Genos Form). Genos Forms are societally acceptable to the Maquixtl. An Avantl may for example always walk around with the Stalker Genos and this would not be considered abnormal among the Maquixtl.
<gallery mode="traditional" widths="180px" heights="250px">
File:Baveavant.png|Standard Maquixtl Appearance|alt=alt language
File:Catavanth.png|Stalker Genos Avanthar|alt=alt language
File:Oniavanth.png|Barroth Genos Avanthar|alt=alt language
File:Birthavanth.png|Avarr Genos Avanthar|alt=alt language
File:Dragonavanth.png|Wyvern Genos Avanthar|alt=alt language
File:Lekkuavanth.png|Moloq Genos Avanthar|alt=alt language
File:Faunavant.png|Springbok Genos Avanthar|alt=alt language
* '''Stalker Genos:''' The Stalker Genos grants the Maquixtl Night Vision, allowing them to see perfectly at night and in the dark, but not through Ability based Darkness.
* '''Barroth Genos:''' The Barroth Genos grants the Maquixtl immunity to ingested toxins and poisons, and allows them to eat rotten food, practically anything without being grossed out.
* '''Avarr Genos:''' The Avarr Genos grants the Maquixtl large enough feathers to dampen their fall, reducing terminal falling speed to a gentle float downwards.
* '''Wyvern Genos:''' The Wyvern Genos grants the Maquixtl immunity to environmental heat, cold, lightning, and fire (walking through fire), but not Ability based elements.
* '''Moloq Genos:''' The Moloq Genos grants the Maquixtl the ability to breathe underwater, and some movement benefit, but never as quick as a Sang or Nang Allar.
* '''Springbok Genos:''' The Springbok Genos allows the Maquixtl to balance themselves on steep locations such as Regalian rooftops, and moves "as fast as an Asha" while outside the City.

====Avarr Souls====
====Avarr Souls====

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Pronunciation Ma-kwee-still
Classification Magus
Common Nicknames
  • Plains Folk (referring to their colonies)
  • Gene Splicers (referring to their Genos work)
  • Tech Nelfin (derogatory)
Languages Saan, which is based on real-life Nahuatl.
Racial Traits
Distinctions Democratic and whimsy fact-focused Elves that use science and co-habit with the Yanar.
Maximum Age 500
Height Tall for Avantl, average for Huactl, short for Xieloth.
Eye Colors Any shade of blue or green is common, brown rarely.
Hair Colors Black, Blonde, Auburn (very common), Brown, Caramel (very common), Dusty Blonde (very common).
Skin Tones Avantharskin2.png

The Maquixtl (pronounced Ma-kwee-still, they are sometimes called Maquis by the Ailor) are a Race of Nelfin who aggressively rejected their Nelfin heritage and decided to create an entirely new civilization away from their Allorn Legacy. Once having been part of the Allorn Empire, some time before this Empire collapsed, a large Cult of Altalar known as the Genos followed their leader Suel to the lands far west. The exact history that followed has mostly been obscured from the world, but in the remnants of the poisoned lands the Eronidas came from, the Maquixtl created a vast civilization built on science, strict hierarchy and a caste system, the natural laws of the world, and the ever increasing capacity of the mortal body. The Maquixtl rejected Magic in favor of genetic manipulation, and creating a more fair society free of the excesses and depravity of the Allorn Empire. Even after the Allorn Empire fell, the Maquixtl continued along their path, diverging further and further away from what unites the other Nelfin Races. In the process of centuries, the Maquixtl colonized parts of the Allorn Empire formally abandoned by the Altalar, while also on-boarding many Yanar who felt more marginalized in Allorn society, if not outright ignored. The Maquixtl to this day maintain a unique position as a Nelfin Race that radically diverged from the Magic-obsessed standard set by the Allorn heritage shared by other Races, and one that still fiercely guards its secrets in the Guldar homeland.

Core Identity

At their core, the Maquixtl are a race of outcast Elves who usurped the Mesoamerican inspired remnants of the Avarr civilization in Guldar, and built a whole new civilization on top of that. This civilization stands as a protest to the excesses and dependency on Magic of the other Nelfin Races, and as a celebration of bottom up direct democracy instead of top down autocracy. The Maquixtl are physiologically split into three subraces, the larger and imposing Avantl (pronounced Avan-tul), the lithe and spritely Xieloth (pronounced Ksee-yell-oth) and the middling in between Huactl (pronounced Who-wak-tul). The Avanth protect and labor, the Xieloth till the fields and tend the animals, and the Huactl oversee and enforce everything in between. The Avantl are fiercely protective warriors who despite their size, have no qualms being commanded by something smaller than them. The Xieloth are compassionate and kind, but pragmatic to the point of moral questionability. The Huactl are factual and straightforward with a brashness that is unusual for their Nelfin kind. The three of them compose what they consider the perfect society, built from the ground up to move past the sins of the past.

Magic versus Genos

To say that the Maquixtl absolutely hate Magic is not true, after all, the Yanar are incorporated into much of their society, and the Yanar exclusively bring Magic to the table. Magic exists in a somewhat grey spot for the Maquixtl, who mostly rely on genetic engineering to achieve things with their own bodies. For example, the ability of the Maquixtl to control air pressure around them is not Magical, it is in fact produced by careful genetic editing done by their leader Suel, resulting in a Mundane ability to control air. The Maquixtl do however accept Magic here and there where it can aid them with things that their bodies could never achieve, for example encouraging plants to grow better harvests. In general, Magic is more present among the Xieloth, and sometimes among the Huactl, but very rarely among the Avanth, while many of the Maquixtl incorporate Yanar into their societies to fulfill the Magical role also. In general though, the Maquixtl focus more on pride in physical ability over short-cuts through Magic.

Allorn Sinners

The Maquixtl have a very strong anti-Allorn sentiment born out of a shared history with the other Nelfin Races, especially Teledden and Fin'ullen, who still mostly continue the Allorn memory. The Maquixtl consider the Allorn Empire the greatest evil that ever existed, their leader Suel's cult once being hunted down by the Archmages as abomination while Suel experimented with genetics. Suel's cult aggressively rejected Magic as a born weakness, professing he witnessed a distant future where all Nelfin would be withering corpses kept alive only by a sliver of Magic, and that this would not be their future. While Magic has certainly seeped back into Maquixtl society through the Yanar, love or tolerance for the Allorn and its heritage certainly have not. The Maquixtl will be the first to stand up and call out the abuses and hypocrisies of the Allorn Empire, and expose any over-reliance on Magic as dangerous and inviting atrophy both in body and mind.

Secretive Wardens

The Maquixtl do not like sharing their secrets. While Maquixtl can be found in most lands where the Allorn Empire once ruled, their homeland of Guldar is shrouded in a constant poisonous mist that the Maquixtl can breathe in just fine and see through, but causes tissue-death when inhaled by other Races, even those who are traditionally immune to poisons. The Maquixtl are very secretive about their homeland, preferring nobody tries prying into it, as they believe this will bring the wrong kind of tainted Magic into their world and start the Allorn corruption all over again. Most of the Maquixtl who live outside of Guldar however have to make do without the vast Avantl citadels and survive in small villages where only part of their infrastructure is built around wind power. As such, rural Maquixtl tend to be more open and inviting, and willing to trade with other Races.

Reverend History

The Maquixtl hate the Allorn history, but to a degree still acknowledge the beginning message of the greatest Nelfin Empire, and Talea's preachings. The Maquixtl have respect for the Estellian Pantheon, even if they worship a different religion, and still acknowledge Talea as their original founder, even if she now represents a twisted Empire of Magic. Talea as a pseudo stand-in for Estel is present in the Maquixtl pantheon of gods and goddesses, allowing the Maquixtl to be tolerant of those who worship Estel and Talea. They do however completely reject the newly resurging Allorn Empire, and refuse to believe that the risen Talea is the same as the Talea of old times, calling her instead the Imposter. Despite their historical grievances, Maquixtl remain respectful and deferential to history as well, and would not be caught outright ridiculing it or using derogatory language.


Phsyical Characteristics

The Avantl appear much like the Fin'ullen, broad shouldered, tall, hairy and muscular, though they often take it a step further, becoming even bigger with more squared features. Avantl on average are more likely to have dark hair tones, especially auburn, and have a habit of looking stern or bored even if they are happy and content. Their ears tend to be somewhat shorter than the other Maquixtl subraces, though they can be just as long and pointy as the others. The Huactl are very similar to Ailor, average in frame, though have a habit of leaning more to the athletic-lean builds, failing to reach the bulk and size of Avantl. Huactl have more pointy features, but generally lean in the middle between the more masculine Avantl and the more androgynous Xieloth. The Huactl appear energetic and alert, vexing and challenging to some even, like they are waiting for the right time to grin. Xieloth are soft and slender, shortest of the Maquixtl subraces with a lithe and gentle build. The Xieloth always appear content or even droopy, ready to share a joke or a delicious sandwich with any passer-by. Each subrace represents a genetic strain, meaning that if the Maquixtl reproduce, their children can be born of any random subrace regardless of parent subrace dominance.

Mental Characteristics

The Avantl are best described as a hidden explosive temper both in the good and the bad sense. While they are generally reserved and quiet, they are often waiting for the right moment (the right people) to reveal their inner thoughts and feelings, which can be very overwhelming, passionate, or aggressive. Avantl have trouble understanding boundaries and often end up pushing them too far. They are prideful, loyal, dependent, and harbor a great deal of respect even for those who are smaller and less imposing than them. The Xieloth on the other end appear more skittish. While they are at a base line more trusting and more willing to socialize with just about anyone, they know that exposing one's self too quickly to stranger may end up getting hurt, so they are slower to build a trust that is quickly forced by the Avantl. The Xieloth are compassionate, empathetic, co-operative and always the first to run back into a burning building to save a complete stranger with no regard for self-protection, while it is usually the Avantl running after them to make sure they are okay. The Huactl sit in the middle, with more social awareness than either the Avantl or the Xieloth. Huactl are social chameleons, able to fit into any social circle and seamlessly adapt to the societal circumstances of that group. They are generally likeable, but always hold back some information or familiarity to an advantage to themselves. In the before mentioned analogy of the burning house, the Huactl are more likely to do the smart thing and contact the fire brigade instead of running into a burning building, and making sure in the background that the Xieloth and Avantl come out unharmed.

Summary of Abilities & Specials

Racial Abilities are generally a set of unique powers and effects that all peoples of that Race all innately have, while Specials are more passive, aesthetic focused capabilities. Specials are defined per-page, while Abilities can be searched on the Ability List page to determine their generic function. Maquixtl have a mix of Abilities and Specials themed around transformation, gene-editing, wind, genetics and Mundaneness. Maquixtl do not get punished for becoming Occult in their Racial Kit, but some of their mechanics do change. Half Race characters select a Dominant parent, and take all the Racials & Specials from that dominant parent. (In this case, a dominant parent Maquixtl would be Half-Maquixtl) Half races must have a majority of their physical features come from their dominant parent, including which is including but not limited to skin tone, hair or fur color, ear shape, or eye color.

Avarr Souls

The Maquixtl in Guldar practice a ritual called Totonal Avarr in which the Maquixtl consents to carrying the soul imprint of an Avarr. Avarr civilization ended centuries ago under mysterious circumstances, but somehow, the soul imprints of tens of thousands of Avarr survived in Soul Lockets. A Maquixtl who undergoes the Totonal Avarr ritual consents to carrying the soul of a long dead Avarr in their body, thus sharing their body between two souls, their own and the Avarr. The Maquixtl who carry on the legacy of the Avarr, having adopted their language, architecture and artistic expressions, consider this carrying of the souls a challenge their people must face up to, to atone for past sins, and to compensate the Avarr for using part of their cultural heritage. The Maquixtl believe that the Allorn Empire eradicated the Avarr Race, and that by carrying the souls of the dead, the Maquixtl atone for their ancestor's sins. Avarr souls are not complete, that is to say, there is enough to form a personality, but the Avarr themselves do not have any memories of their past life, or what life inside the Soul Locket felt like. All they have left is vague likes and dislikes about art, fashion, Races, behavior and actions. It does not bring any additional skills or Abilities to the table, it merely has a personality and rough understanding of what Avarr society was like through which to judge modern societies.

At all times, the Maquixtl who underwent the ritual can communicate with the Avarr in their head, though the Avarr can also be permitted to speak through them. Some Maquixtl and Avarr become friends, though most Maquixtl consider the Avarr a challenge to be carried, as the Avarr had quite a power-driven and honor-focused culture where combat was an often preferred manner of settling disputes. As such, to many Maquixtl, a opposites clash-like situation occurs, where the Maquixtl is in control of their body most of the time, but the Avarr can also randomly take control, or take control during specific situations of heightened emotional duress or stress. Avarr personalities are usually flamboyant, bombastic, loud, domineering, prideful and vain. As they were once nine feet tall terror bird-like humanoids, most Avarr consider the host of a Xieloth to be an insult, though will still enjoy being alive again even if it has to be through the body of what they consider an inferior specimen. Avantl and Avarr are usually more in synch, which is why most Avantl warriors carry an Avarr Soul. This also had advantages in that Avarr were once fierce warriors who showed supreme bravery and never second guessed themselves, thus resulting in a culture of letting the Avarr take control during battle in Maquixtl armies.

Despite the opportunity of Avarr to, in theory, revive their culture by just usurping the Maquixtl bodies and re-establishing their domain, there is a more co-operative nuance between them and the Maquixtl. They are eternally fascinated by the Maquixtl scientific inquiries and curious mind, and are honored and pleased that the Maquixtl would bring homage to their culture and their memory by giving them another sunset to enjoy long after they all perished, when feasibly, the Maquixtl could have just erased their souls and ignored their Soul Lockets. Even though the Avarr may berate, insult, critisize and mock their host, get into arguments with them, or forcibly take control over their body without the host's consent, at the end of the day, both Souls work together for the benefit of the host body, and they both have an unspoken respect for one another. This does however not stop the Avarr from doing horrible things with the Maquixtl's hands, and the Maquixtl having to struggle with the implications of their actions afterwards. Once an Avarr Soul is bound to a Maquixtl, it cannot be removed. The Avarr soul is also played by the Maquixtl player, and the only visible way anyone can tell an Avarr soul is in full control of a Maquixtl body, is if the eyes become blood-shot, which is a sign of the Avarr forcing its way out.

More Lore yet to come

While we are in the middle of our Proficiency update, there was not yet enough time to finish up the Culture of the Maquixtl. This will follow some time after the Proficiency update is done. For now, old history and information is still applicable for both Cielothar and Avanthar seperately. This page changing does not make all that go away, as the Cielothar and Avanthar as Plains people will be treated as colonies of the Maquixtl in the Allorn Empire, with only minimal societal tone changes.