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Follow the Rules

The rules are there to be of help to you as a player. If you have a question please feel free to ask the staff and they can clarify it for you. To ask the staff, use the ticket system by doing /t create *your question*. Do not waste staff members time on trivial things that you can find the answer to yourself.

  1. The rules is seen as all written rules below.
  2. The rules are seen as the rules interpreted by the staff. If your interpretation differs, you may dispute this, but ultimately: The Staff know the rules in and out, and they know the only correct interpretation.
  3. Warnings are not a right. If you violate the rules, there is no universal law giving you the privilege of receiving a warning before a punishment. It is your responsibility to know to rules.

Be patient with the Staff

Behave well towards staff members. Be patient and respect their decisions. Don’t backseat moderate and don’t attempt to bribe a staff member. Raiding staff because they are staff is not allowed.

  1. Staff function much like normal players. They do not have any special rights in the survival worlds and are part of the same raiding or roleplay community, as regular players.
  2. Wasting Staff time is counted as a server offence. If you disagree with anything a Staff member does, or want to dispute their decision, do so on the correct forms on the Forum. Taking up time from a Staff member while they could be helping other players is seen as an offence.

Do not disrupt Roleplay

This server is a roleplay server. We do not force roleplay onto people, but we do however enforce the roleplay universe. Do not purposely interrupt roleplay or get in the way of people trying to roleplay.

Disruption of Roleplay

Disruption of Roleplay can mean a number of things:

  • Shooting arrows out of character (OOC) at people who are roleplaying.
  • Shouting or saying out of character (OOC) things at people while they are roleplaying.
  • Visually griefing someone while they are roleplaying, for example by running around on fire or excessively jumping in front of them.
  • Refusing to respect the privacy of roleplayers in Regalia is seen as disruption.
  • Meta-gaming and God-roleplay are seen as disruption of roleplay.
  • Excessively bothering people in Private Message while they are roleplaying is seen as disruption of roleplay.
  • Violating the Lore Universe in Regalia is seen as disruption. We allow Lore Universe violations to a limited degree in the survival worlds, but everything in Regalia must be of our Lore Universe.

Use a Medieval Skin

We encourage you to get a medieval skin. Do not use skins that are offensive like naked skins. If your skin is found offensive you may be asked to change it or be faced with permanent jail time until you change it.

Offensive Skins

There are different ways to offend people with skins:

  • Overly racially stereotypical skins.
  • Nude skins or skins showing genitalia.
  • Skins which advocate xenophobia or racial inequality.
  • Culturally offensive skins.
  • Skins which are obviously violating the Lore Universe, such as astronauts or bananas. (While this isn't a severe offense, we would advise you to change to a more medieval skin.)
  • Modern Hoodie skins.

Adhere to a medieval build style

We will not allow you to build sunroofs, futuristic, floating buildings or anything that is seen as uglifying the world. Don’t use flags or symbols from the real world, make up new fictitious ones. The staff have the right to tear down anything that do not fit the medieval roleplay universe.

Building Style violations

There are several ways to violate the building style of the server:

  • Building floating platforms. Blimps and Zeppelins are allowed as long as they look realistic.
  • Floating objects without buoyancy. Objects like cities obviously cannot float without being properly supported.
  • Cobblestone boxes.
  • Vampire roofs or otherwise referred to as "Sun roofs". Covering up any open air base is in violation of the Building Style.
  • 100 block high walls. Players should always strive to decorate their walls and ensure a good exterior.
  • Modern skyscrapers.
  • Alien structures.
  • Modern ships. Medieval ships are totally allowed and encouraged.

Do not use nicknames to troll

Do not abuse the nicknames. This includes using a nickname that is offensive, racist, sexist, trolling, cruel or inappropriate. Abusing this is punishable.

  1. Impersonating Staff is included in this rule. Staff impersonation is a capital offence on the server.
  2. Trolling others by bastardizing their name, or picking a name similar to theirs is also seen as an offence.
  3. Real life names are not allowed, if you are not the person you are taking the name from. Impersonating celebrities is also covered by this rule.

Do not raid for "lolz"

Do not abuse the faction permissions to raid. This includes fighting more than once a week outside of an approved declaration. Read the full War and Raid Rules for a full explanation on this.

  • Raiding is allowed on the server. If you are being raided and wish for it to stop, you can always pay the tribute.
  • You may only raid a faction for up to two hours once every week (seven days). Unless you have an approved War Declaration on the forums in which case, there is no limit to amount of raiding you can take place against the other faction.
  • The raiders must have the surrender terms ready if the victims call for surrender terms. However if the victims call for a false surrender i.e say they will but do not provide the said surrender terms they can be punished for this.
  • The raiders cannot change the surrender terms in their favor after they have first been stated. The only exception to this rule is if a Staff member has informed them that they MUST be changed to be compliant with the ruling.
  • Remember to be civil and show some empathy and understanding. Not everyone on the server is as good as everyone else, if a faction that is fairly new to the server is under constant attack consider holding off any further attacks until this faction is at a time where they can better defend.
  • Do not use alternate accounts to gain entry to another faction for information, portal codes, to open doors or any other raid agenda based action. Doing so will result in severe punishment taken against those who we have evidence of this rule being broken on.

Report complaints on the forums

If you have a report or a complaint about a player or staff don’t broadcast it in general chat. There are forums exactly for these things, use them and don’t accuse people ingame.

Do not spam the ticket system

Tickets is a way of asking the server staff for assistance or help. Spamming your ticket update is not allowed. Be patient and wait for a staff to answer your ticket, they will do so asap. Included in this rule is misusing the ticket system which counts as the following.

  1. Using the Ticket system to bypass a mute You may not do this, Use the Appeal section if you have a question about your mute.
  2. Using the Ticket system to ask for a teleport We will not teleport you to your friends or your friend to you.

Do not scam people

All scamming is illegal on the server. If you get scammed provide proof and post it on the forums under Report a Player. There are a couple of notes to provide with this;

  • Premium Scamming. Providing this has been conducted on the forums we will refund you for the amount scammed, if this has not been conducted on there we will not offer this.
  • Item Scamming. If you can provide evidence that the player has intentionally gave you the wrong item or not what you was expecting, use the Report a Player with screenshots as mentioned above.

Do not hack, glitch or abuse bugs

In this section we will cover what constitutes as an exploit towards the server and the actions players should take to prevent these from being abuse.

  • Do not use hacked clients. Do not use any client that is seen as giving you an advantage, this includes Autoclickers and any Hacked Client.
  • Do not abuse Bugs or Glitches to your advantage. If you find a bug or a glitch use the Bug Report forum page to report these. Anyone found to be abusing such bugs without reporting them will face harsh punishment for this action.
  • Do not use AFK methods to train. This rule includes anything where you do not have to be in control of your character to train your skills and covers anything from Fishing to Acrobatics.
  • Never use out of game mechanics to gain ingame advantages.
  • Report any susipicous behaviour on the forums under Report a Player. or create a /ticket if neccesary.

Do not advertise

Advertising on any MassiveCraft related service is strictly prohibited and will often lead to a permanent ban.We count advertising as:

  • Linking any type of Server IP other than MassiveCrafts. This includes Direct chat.
  • Linking inappropriate images/links is strictly forbidden. Even in Direct chat.
  • Linking websites if the website contains any form of inappropriateness or pornographic content then the account holder will face immediate punishment via a permanent ban from the server. If the website is completely safe, e.g. a YouTube link then you are fine to post it in Faction, Alliance and Direct.
  • Linking games on MassiveCraft is not allowed. Whether it be Steam/Flash or other types of games, linking them in any chat will resort in punishment.
  • Linking documents on Google or other document sharing sites in public chats is not allowed.

However, we do allow forms of advertising when they are related to MassiveCraft services, such as:

  • Linking pages from the Forum is allowed in any chat channel.
  • Linking pages from the website is allowed in any chat channel.
  • Linking images related to MassiveCraft is allowed if they have been created and approved by the MassiveStaff.
  • Linking Faction-Specific Websites is allowed, however only in Faction/Direct chat. Any other chat can result in punishment.
  • Linking Streams is allowed in Direct/Faction/Alliance chats, if the content is related to MassiveCraft. Linking a Stream created and approved by the MassiveStaff is allowed anywhere.

Do not abuse ingame chats

Massivecraft has a wide variety of chat channels, these range from channels for players to make trades, recruit for their faction, ask fellow players questions about Massivecraft topics in Helpchat as well as communicate with other players in General chat. Of course with this many channels, there are rules that need to be upheld and followed. These rules are as follows:

  • The staff will not be actively moderating General and PvP chat for minor chat offenses. Chat abuses such as hashtags are no longer moderated.
  • Public Channels will be moderated for offensive content. These include racist/sexist remarks, vulgar comments and offensive language in general or against other players.
  • General and PvP will not be moderated for English only usage You may speak in your native language, although english is recommended in order to be understood.
  • PvP chat will not be moderated for flaming but it will still be moderated for offensive content described as racist, discriminatory, sexist or vulgar.
  • Any other chat channel, such as Local, Help, Trade, Recruitment, will still be moderated, even for the usage of minor chat abuses such as hashtags or the usage of non English language.
  • Usage of offensive content will receive higher punishments. Instead of regular small mutes or jails, bans and more stern jails will be handed out to people for using offensive language and content in public chat channels.
  • Helpchat is for questions and answers and not random conversations. Do not give out false answers in helpchat.
  • Be respectful of other players and staff. Remember that the staff are volunteering and players play on MassiveCraft to have fun, please respect this.
  • Recruitment chat is only for faction recruitment This chat channel will be moderated like the others.
  • We will not accept any racist or sexist comments or remarks in any chat channel, regardless of whether or not it is placed in a private chat channel.
  • Lotteries and money games are not allowed in any chat channel.
  • Don’t bid in auctions if you do not intend to uphold the bid.
  • Always try to be nice and talk to people in a friendly way.
  • Do not Flame/Taunt in public chats against others regardless of the topic.
  • Players should inform staff if they have any suspicion of a player being an alt of a banned player, failure to do so and harboring the player when knowing so, will result in your account being denied access to the server.

Do not grief

Griefing is a serious rule break on Massivecraft. Griefing for the intent of griefing is never allowed. It is always the Staff members call on whether or not a grief is a grief. Griefing however can be interpreted in many ways and many things people think as griefing, is really not.

You may:

  • Break up to 4 blocks to gain entry to each area.
  • Kill someones animals.
  • Harvest crops unless harvested in an offensive pattern.
  • Steal valuable items such as: Emeralds, Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Redstone or Bookshelves within reason.
  • Tearing down an abandoned structure is allowed, as long as the building is not actively used. We count activity in houses by existence of LWC protections or hawkeye logs to determine how new or how active a structure is. Leaving the structure half torn down, however, is not allowed.

You may NOT:

  • Rip up an entire floor or rip out a wall that is very obvious even if it is made of valuables.
  • Pour lava or water over someones creations.
  • Spawn a wither. These destroy blocks and spawning one will result in punishment.
  • Make nerd-poles or slim towers to get over walls for raids without removing them after the raid is done.
  • Make inappropriate structures in the worlds.
  • Litter an area with signs or blocks. Randomly placing signs or blocks around a faction is considered griefing.
  • Tear down an active structure whether it is a part of wilderness or not is against the rules. We count activity based off of the existence of LWCs and hawkeye logs.

Do not abuse the plugins or game mechanics

You may not abuse Minecraft mechanics to break changes implemented by MassiveCraft. An example of this rule is lining a floor with hoppers to collect weapons that have been disarmed; Which are only meant to be collected by the person that was disarmed in the process. Attempting to loophole around plugins and features implemented by staff is not allowed. Further more, abuse of the Server plugins can be counted as many different things and people are often confuse on what the MassiveStaff count abuse of the core Server plugins to actually be. We count abuse of the plugin as:

  • Attempting to loophole around plugins and features implemented by staff is not allowed.
  • Claiming over an active LWC lock
  • Disarmed weapons may not in any way be made unobtainable by those who lost them
  • Claiming over an actively used structure
  • A faction inviting people just to kill them to get their items is considered a thug faction and an admin may disband the faction without compensation.
  • Allying an enemy to open doors to get inside and kill them
  • Joining an enemy faction with an alternate account or having been inside the faction for less than a week on your main account to make entrances for raiders to use.
  • You may NOT claim too close to a disbanding faction to have a head start on other looters.
  • Players may NOT abuse the home teleport feature of allies by hopping around factions to gain access to those that are enemied against their original Faction.
  • Mass-Stealing from factions is not allowed. It’s always down to a staff member to determine just how much equates to Mass-Stealing.
  • Using water or pistons to move mobs or harvest crops is defined as causing lag and is not allowed
  • Changing your factions name to be insulting or offensive is not allowed.
  • Portal traps intended to trap and kill people are NOT allowed.

Things we do not count as faction abuse are as follows:

  • Allying a faction and stealing things from unlocked chests. It is the down to the faction to keep track of their permissions.
  • Claiming over inactive bases found in the wilderness.
  • Joining a random faction, stealing things from open chests and leaving

As an important note, we encourage all players to make sure their faction permissions are as they wish them to be. If your permissions allow a player to steal your items or kill your animals, then that is your fault.

Regalia house rules

Every player on Massivecraft has the right to a home in Regalia. This process of course relies on a “First come first serve” system. After the purchase of a Regalian home there are rules that are required to be followed. The rules are as follows:

  • You may not own any chest shops inside the houses. This includes chest shops inside a tavern.
  • You may not alter the exterior more than 5 blocks. An admin can without warning, revert your exterior modification if it is too obvious or disruptive. You may change the material of the upper floors of the house however, see further below for accepted materials.
  • You may alter the interior of your house in whatever way you please, but we request you keep the usage of flowing water, lava and signs to a minimum.
  • You may not dig into the floor.
  • You may not remove a rental sign without alerting a staff member in a reasonable amount of time, if you do not alert staff immediately your house will be evicted without a refund.
  • You may not put any signs on the outside other than a sign saying which role-play character lives there.
  • You may own a maximum of three houses per player. One house per alternate account and one house per main (if you have alternate accounts.)

Regalia shop rules

Like the Regalian houses, each player also has the right to rent a shop in the marketplace to sell their wares, These are perfect for players looking to make quick regals and again this works on a “First come first serve” system. The rules are as follows:

  • You may not own more than 1 shop per player. This includes alternate accounts.
  • You may not remove a rental sign without alerting a staff member in a reasonable amount of time, if you do not alert staff immediately your house will be evicted without a refund.
  • You may not abuse chestshops to display unrealistic buy and sell numbers etc.
  • Please respect the rules of the Shops. Refusal to adhere to the rules will result in a non revocable eviction without refund.

Raid & War Rules

There are number of rules governing the rules of Raiding and War. We feel it is very important to clarify information surrounding Faction PvP. The following will explain the rules and guidelines that must be followed before a player engages in Factions PvP on MassiveCraft.

What classifies as a Faction Raid?

  • There a a number of guidelines associated with a Faction Raid, All those listed below must be adhered to in order to prevent punishment.
    • Raiding one faction should last no longer than 2 consecutive hours, and be conducted no more than once within a seven day period. Those being raided would be responsible for providing proof of players that fail to abide by this rule.
    • A faction has the right to request surrender terms under the current rules for tribute. The attacking faction must provide these surrender terms and have them ready prior to the raid commencing. The leader of the attacking faction must ensure all members within the faction are aware of these.
    • A faction does not need a reason for a simple raid.

What classifies as a Faction War?

  • There are a number of guidelines associated with a Faction War and all requirements must be met prior to the war being approved.
    • The attacking faction must post a War Declaration and their Reason for the War on the forums where it has to be approved by staff before fighting begins.
    • A War can last until a truce is reached and it has been posted on the War Declaration Thead. Once the truce has been reached, the attacking faction may not attack the surrendering faction for 75 days. However any act of aggression against the winning side may be seen as breaking the terms of the truce.
    • There is no limit to how long the individual raids can last.
    • The surrender terms have to be posted on the War Declaration. All members from each faction must be aware of these surrender terms and be prepared to act accordingly.
    • Everyone involved in the War should be informed of the surrender terms and the Reason for the War. As above, it is important for all members of the faction to be aware of any stipulations assciated with this.

Raid Rules

  • You can’t raid a faction for more than two hours in a week.
  • You can attack as many faction as you’d like within a week.
  • The defending faction has the right to surrender.
  • If a surrender is called for, the attacking faction must immediately stop.
  • You may not call for a false surrender, this may get you punished. This means the defenders may not say they are surrendering to later backtrack on this to get out of fighting.
  • When you enter a Raid, you must stipulate the surrender terms if asked.
  • The amount of Regals you can demand is stipulated within the Raid Tribute.
  • During the treaty it is expected that you Truce the opposing faction and you may not participate in any hostile actions against this faction during the treaty.
  • The surrendering faction may cancel a treaty at any time.
  • The surrendering faction has the right to choose to pay with regals.
  • You many not kick members to lower your maximum tribute.
  • You many not abuse the “Open” faction recruitment tag to increase another’s tribute.

.* The winning faction cannot ask for more than maximum raid tribute for the appropriate bracket.

  • You may not join another faction to be able to assist in a raid to get around the 2 hour a week rule.

Raid Tribute

The maximum amount of Raid Tribute is as follows:

  • Bracket 1 = 1 to 9 players = 10 Regals per player in the faction.
  • Bracket 2 = 10 to 19 players = 20 Regals per player in the faction.
  • Bracket 3 = 20 to 29 players = 40 Regals per player in the faction.
  • Bracket 4 = 30 to 39 players = 60 Regals per player in the faction.
  • Bracket 5 = 40 to 49 players = 80 Regals per player in the faction.
  • Bracket 6 = 50 or more players = 100 Regals per player in the faction.

War Rules

  • There is a special reward for the winner of a War, the staff will provide a custom token with lore to complement the winning faction.
  • There must be a War Declaration on the forums that has been approved by the staff if you intend to attack someone for more the 2 hours, once a week.
  • If someone declares war on your faction, your faction can still go to their base to counter attack them without making a war declaration.
  • In a war you may call on your allies to defend you at your base. If the ally goes to the attackers base they have to have their own approved war declaration.
  • You can raid a faction as much as you want during a War.
  • Either faction has the right to surrender.
  • If a surrender is called for the attacking faction must immediately stop.
  • You may not call for a false surrender, this may get you punished.
  • When you enter a War you have to stipulate surrender terms. If any party surrenders you both enter a treaty.
  • This treaty must last at least 75 “In Real Life” days.
  • The amount of Regals you can demand is stipulated in the War Tribute.
  • During the treaty it is expected that you Truce the opposing faction and you may not participate in any hostile actions against this faction during the treaty.
  • The surrendering faction may cancel a treaty at any time.
  • The surrendering faction has the right to choose to pay with regals.
  • You many not kick members to lower your maximum tribute.
  • You many not abuse the “Open” faction recruitment tag to increase another’s tribute.
  • The winning faction cannot ask for more than maximum tribute.
  • You may not join another faction to be able to assist in a war. You have to have your own faction make a war declaration to go to someones base and fight in a war, though raiding, following those rules, is still allowed.

Small Faction Protection

Factions that are younger than 1 month may not be declared war upon unless they already are at war with another faction. Recreating factions to always be younger than 1 month will be seen as a rule violation and will be punished. Recreating factions also doesn’t end wars.

War Tribute

The max tribute in a war between A and B is always the number of members of the smallest faction times 50. This means if a 2 member faction declares war on a 10 member faction, the max tribute either way is 2x50= 100 Regals.

  • You may still offer custom demands such as roleplay items or resources. The value of these demands may not exceed the max tribute however, and may not include forced character death, kicking of faction members, or unclaiming homelands.
  • It is always encouraged to offer more than one demand to offer variety and choices for the surrendering factions.

Removing members from your faction to lower the amount of tribute, or placing your alt accounts into enemy factions to increase the amount of tribute they need to pay is strictly against the rules.

Tribute and Treaties

Either faction has the right to demand tribute from the other if a war is lost, or a faction surrenders during a raid to prevent further raiding. Before you enter a raid/war, it is important to have a decision on your terms of surrender. Upon the faction surrendering you enter into what is known as a treaty. These treaties must last for at least 75 days, during which time the attacker may not enemy or participate in any hostile actions against the person who surrendered. The defender for a reason of their own choice may cancel the truce and attack the faction they surrendered to at any time. However this will nullify the agreement and the attacker may declare war or begin raiding again.

The surrendering faction may barter resources instead of Regals, but they must then come up with a sum of resources equalling the amount of Regals that faction could demand as per the guidelines listed above. If however the attacking faction does not agree with these terms given by the defenders, they must resort to Regals.

We encourage “Regal free demands” whereas the losing faction must provide the attacking faction with political gestures such as: Placing a flag on the base, demanding they join your empire, demanding you merge with their faction, demand they publically surrender. The defender however must accept these different means of surrendering. If they do not agree to such, you may only demand the Regals as per the guideline above.

To all situations, the right of surrender applies. If a losing faction calls for a surrender, the winning factions must immediately state demands and cease attacks.

If you, as a losing faction, have heard the demands and they are within the stipulations mentioned here, you have the right to reject these demands. This however means that the faction who made the demands may be at war with you indefinitely until you accept the demands.


It’s dangerous to throw harassment around for all the wrong reasons, so to be safe and sure, it’s best to refer to this section. Harassment can, and should be, called if:

  • A faction which is waging war with you refuses to make official demands and give surrender terms after you have asked for them, and wish to surrender.
  • A faction is attacking you for more than 2 hours without an approved war declaration.
  • A faction who is raiding a staff member for no reason other than they are staff for doing their job.

Please refrain from calling harassment unless you are actually being harassed. These are very serious matters and require a lot of work on behalf of the staff and do not appreciate our time being wasted. We ask all players to show some common sense and some empathy to refrain from being cruel and mean when raiding/warring. We take action against excessive hostile faction displays towards other players/staff if we deem it necessary to maintain the status quo of MassiveCraft.

On Alternate Accounts

Alternate accounts will be overlooked in most cases when it comes to Tribute calculations. The exception however, is if a faction is clearly artificially increasing or decreasing the tribute by adding more than reasonable amounts of alts to their faction. If a player suspects this happening, they should report it and the offender will be punished and their alts permanently banned.


After a truce has been made, both sides, including both the losing and the winning must not enter into a mutual or a one way flame war on the forums or in game. It is expected both parties to be honorable in both defeat and victory and refrain from abusing the truce by trash talking one another due to them not being able to retaliate in a physical manner.

LWC Rules

There is a couple of rules and guidelines associated with creating an LWC protection and these must not be abused to prevent any lose of items or punishment being handed out. The following blocks can be protected:

  • Chest
  • Trapped Chest
  • Enderchest
  • Furnace
  • Enchantment Table
  • Dispenser
  • Sign
  • Iron Door
  • Wooden Door
  • Trapdoor
  • Fence Gate
  • Anvil
  • Brewing Stand
  • Bed
  • Hopper
  • Dropper
  • Iron Block
  • Gold Block
  • Emerald Block
  • Lapis Block
  • Diamond Block

Some restrictions apply when using LWC protections in-game. You are not allowed to make houses or an entire wall/floor of private blocks. This is abusing the LWC plugin. Such protections will be removed. You will not be reimbursed for any losses as a result of the removal.

Also remember, that claiming over active LWC's is against the rules.

You may use LWC to private the emerald blocks in portals. You are, however, not allowed to make portals with all the blocks private. This is known as a fully private portal and will be removed by staff. You will not be reimbursed for any losses as a result of the removal.

Creative Gate Rules

There are a couple of rules and guidelines associated with the creating of a Creative Gate these must not be abused in anyway or punishment or loss of items may occur.

The main issue is to deal with “Portal Traps” and what is or isn’t allowed in this case;

  • You may not create a portal that kills the player, either slowly or instantaneous. Any that are found and reported to staff will be removed and appropriate punishment may be given.
  • You can however create a portal that traps the player. This can either be a jail cell, somewhere outside the faction or a web trap. However with these there must be no system in place for player to die from these actions.