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Respect the Freedoms and Rights of other players

  • Do not troll, harass, or bully others in any way, including but not limited to sexism, racism, discrimination, degradation and more.
  • Remain civil to others.
  • Do not scam other players.
  • Do not use an offensive skin.
  • Do not use real life names in your nicknames or in chat. Revealing personal information of other players is in conflict with their right to privacy.
  • You may sell or purchase Regals for real money. You are also encouraged to sell Premium for Regals or other services. You may sell factions, goods and items, and even forum articles such as written pieces or artwork. You may not break the Minecraft Terms of Service or engage in otherwise internationally illegal actions.
  • Do not invite players to your faction just to steal their items and then kick them. All players should feel safe to join a faction and be cooperative and protected. Factions engaging in this behavior may be disbanded.

Respect the Staff of the Server

  • Do not backseat moderate, and do not tell a staff member what they should be doing.
  • Do not spam the ticket system or a private message to staff members.
  • Do not harass or otherwise attack staff for being staff, this includes declaring war on them for not helping you with a ticket.
  • Do not waste the staff time. Killing a staff member on ticket service is not allowed.
  • If you have a problem with staff, report them on the forum and don’t spill your grievances in public.
  • Staff bans, mutes, kicks, jails or any other form of punishment may not be publicly discussed. If you have a question about your or someone else’s punishment, contact the staff on the forum or in game with a ticket. This also covers discussing banned players.

Respect the environment of Regalia

  • Please use a Medieval skin in Regalia.
  • Do not disrupt the roleplay of others.
  • Do not misuse More Player Models to appear like you are a mob.
  • Do not force RP onto others.
  • Do not engage in inappropriate roleplay.
  • Do not break the lore or roleplay as something outside of lore.
  • Do not troll people OOC.
  • Do not obstruct people’s roleplay by jumping into their face or shooting arrows at them.

Read more on specific Roleplay_Rules

Respect the server’s Build identity

  • Do not build modern structures.
  • Do not build massive cobblestone walls or boxes.
  • There are no rules on what not to build underground.
  • Keep your builds with a medieval or historical tone.
  • All builds must be properly supported. No magical floating cities in air or on water.
  • It is not illegal to make an unraidable base, as long as the base does not have a giant cobble or glass roof. Everything must look medieval and realistic to a degree.

Play fair and keep the game fun for everyone

  • Do not troll players while raiding them. This includes disrupting roleplay if your enemies are role playing inside a building and you cannot reach them to attack them, so you resort to spamming chat to disrupt it.
  • Do not raid for too long. We find a raid lasting anywhere between an hour and three hours is long enough. Staff members reserve the right to end a raid and both factions must comply.
  • Do not repeatedly raid a faction that has already been raided for a considerable period that same day. Staff members may ask raiders to back off from a faction that has already suffered numerous raids on the same day.
  • Respect raiders when they raid you. Do not taunt or troll them. Do not abuse game mechanics or plugins to try and taunt them into glitching or breaking the rules.
  • On the use of Alternate accounts: Alternate accounts may be used to increase land power and store items. Alternate accounts may own factions, own houses in Regalia etc. Alt accounts may not be used to spy on enemy factions in any way. Generally when engaging in “roguelike” or “bandit” behavior, you must use your main account. This also includes betraying your faction, stealing etc. You may not own multiple shops in the /warp market world. One shop per person covering all Alt-Accounts. Violation of this rule will lead to revokal of both shops without a refund. Alternate accounts may not however be used to gain access to the server following your main account being banned, doing so will result in the alternate account also being denied access to the server until they have appealed their ban.

Respect the conduct of Warfare

  • The server does not see a difference between Raid or War. When you /enemy someone, the server sees it as a war.
  • The term “Max Tribute” is defined as the total number of faction members of the smallest faction multiplied by 50 plus 300. So if between two sides, the smallest faction has 10 members, the Max Tribute is (10*50)+300=800 Regals. This Max Tribute can be paid by either side to end the conflict immediately. Both sides must then /truce each other for at least 30 days.
  • The 30 days truce is enforced by staff. Only the surrendering faction may break the truce. If the winning side breaks the truce illegally, the staff may sanction a faction disallowing them to /enemy anyone.
  • Abusing faction hopping, game mechanics to harm others in truce or alt factions to continue a conflict will result in sanctions.
  • Max Tribute is only between two factions. Allies are not included unless the peace treaty specifies this.
  • The Max Tribute is a simple way to end a conflict. Factions are however free to dictate whatever terms they would like or offer. Negotiations can result in other ends to a conflict, though this is up to the scrutiny of the players. Always know that the Max Tribute is available if negotiations break down to force an end to the war.
  • Raiding merely for the sake of fun is permitted. However, you should always be aware of the Max Tribute and be ready to accept it, if it is offered.
  • If at any point in the ongoings of war either side uses alt accounts to increase or decrease tribute, gain unfair advantages, or go out of their way to harass any side, report it on the forums.

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Do not grief others, verbally or physically

  • Breaking blocks to gain entry into a build is not grief, as long as the hole is small.
  • Killing animals and taking/destroying crops is never griefing.
  • Making large dirt/cobble pillars to jump over enemy walls without removing them yourself after use is griefing.
  • You may dismantle unclaimed buildings in whatever capacity you deem necessary. We ask players nicely not to purely destroy a building and then leave it like a crater, but to clean it up nicely if they want to harvest it for resources. This is however just a guideline.
  • A faction owner can never grief inside their own faction. If a faction owner decides that your building in their claim needs to be torn down, this is not griefing.
  • Pouring lava and water over someone else’s creations with the intent of making it look ugly is always griefing, including in wilderness and faction land. As a general first rule, doing anything to someone else’s build to make it look ugly and to cause the person grief, is illegal.
  • Making inappropriate phallic or otherwise offensive structures around the world is griefing.
  • Pouring lava or water down a mountain or tree in the wilderness is world griefing.

Respect the boundaries of the Chat Channels

  • Do not misuse chat channels for something else other than their purpose.
  • Do not complain or otherwise accuse others in public chat channels. Report rule breakers, staff violations or cheaters on the forum or through ticket service.
  • Do not impersonate staff.
  • Keep public channels clear of political and religious conversation topics. Staff may additionally impose bans on culturally or socially sensitive subjects or controversial events.
  • Avoid spamming in chat channels.
  • PVP Chat is not administered as strictly, though profanity, sexism, discrimination based on anything, or plain bullying is still not permitted anywhere.
  • Do not advertise other servers. You may link servers to other players if the intent is clear that it is not intended to draw people away from MassiveCraft. Say for example you want to play some survival minigame before returning to Massive, it is legal to post the IP of that server in private message to your friends. Any public posting of server names or ip’s with the intent to draw people away from MassiveCraft is illegal and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Do not link non-MassiveCraft related content in any public chat. You may link Minecraft youtube videos, Forum content, or MassiveCraft related links as long as they are not vulgar, profane, pornographic or insulting in content.
  • You may link streams as long as they are streaming from MassiveCraft.

Do not cheat, abuse or otherwise glitch

  • Never accuse another player of cheating or abuse publicly. Report them on the forum.
  • Report any suspicious behavior that might allude to cheating.
  • Report any glitches/bugs you find and resist the urge to use them. You will be in more trouble if you are found out afterwards to have used a glitch.
  • Not reporting cheating makes you complicit. Report it to avoid punishment.
  • Never use a glitch or cheat or abuse when you have discovered one, report it straight away.
  • Do not AFK grind or harvest.
  • Never use out of game mechanics to gain ingame advantages. We do not count macro or keyboard/mouse functionality, but be prepared to defend yourself if staff suspects you of misbehaving with these. Using dynmap to find players is not illegal. Using x-ray, minimaps or other mechanics of finding players beyond vanilla features is illegal however.

Do not abuse in game mechanics or plugins

  • Anything that causes lag, or is understood to cause lag by staff can and will be removed.
  • Do not use any of the plugins to spam messages to other players.
  • Do not break Minecraft mechanics through plugin usage or vice versa.
  • Do not circumvent implemented plugin or vanilla minecraft features through unintended plugin features. For example, do not use the chairs plugin to break into houses. The chair plugin is intended to allow the player to sit on a staircase block, not to glitch through a wall.
  • Do not use flowing water, minecarts, or pistons to funnel or otherwise kill or move mobs around. This causes lag and is unwanted.
  • Do not use LWC to protect portals or entire walls/buildings. LWC is used to lock doors, chests, and valuable blocks, not to private entire buildings or keep portals from being broken.
  • You may not create a portal that instantly or slowly kills a player. Portals don’t always need to lead to an area where the player has to be able to get out, but the player must always be able to defend themselves and not be doomed to die by simply stepping into the portal. You may also not make hidden portals that people can enter, but not see.