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Official Name Metalitra
Common Nicknames Dwarven Steel.
Origin Grebor and other Dwarven holds.
Uses Weapons and tools.
Rarity Rare.
Accessibility Nobility.

Metalitra is often seen as the icon of Dwarven engineering and creativity; it has been frequently used by Dwarves in the past due to its being endemic to Dwarven holds in Ellador. In Regalia, it isn’t only accessible by nobles, though it is incredibly difficult to obtain because of the partial reluctance of the Dwarves to peddle the material. Pure Metalitra is found much deeper in the ground than conventional Iron. Weapons made of this material can be found in abandoned Dwarven ruins, albeit at a high cost.


Metalitra was discovered by the Dwarves close to the commencement of Aloria, or so it is theorized. Ancient art shows Dwarves working the metal from the very beginning of their existence, making it impossible to put an exact date on the metal. The Dwarves made their foundations on Metalitra after they progressed from the stone tools they had previously possessed, shaping the metal into newer tools and weapons. It is also possible that the metal shaped them just as much. Metalitra is so heavy that the constant working and forging of the metal demands great strength.



Before the metal even meets the forge to be worked into a weapon, a swirling pattern of deep-set black lines can be found covering the silvery ore. After the metal is refined and crafted into a product, it has a dark gray shine to it that cannot be matched by any other metal. In fact, the blade of the metal can be likened to the color of dark ash. Combined with the expertise of Dwarven forging and metal crafting, Metalitra is certainly a sight to behold.

General Usage

The metal is typically used in weapons of blunt force, as the trade-off of its extremely heavy weight is that it is extremely strong. One swing of a Metalitra warhammer can cave in an ordinary Iron breastplate. The metal is strong, but it is not godlike. Of course, in order to actually be able to use a weapon of this material effectively, the owner of the metal must have exceedingly strong muscles and train themselves daily. Even then, using Metalitra will take a massive toll on them. It is not uncommon for someone to faint after or even mid battle because of the excessive weight.

It is extremely impractical to use Metalitra for armor because of its mass, but it was used by the Dwarves for mining tools quite frequently. Pickaxes of Metalitra are especially efficient because of the amount of force you can put behind the swing; huge chunks of rock will come away from the target upon impact. Small portions of the metal were used by Dwarven carpenters as small hammers. Almost any tool that a person would normally use can contain Metalitra, except for small tools that are meant for precision.


Metalitra has many of the characteristics of Iron, but improves upon them in almost every way. It’s perfectly recastable-- in fact, one of the most convenient ways to obtain a custom weapon of the material is to recast an already made weapon of Metalitra. It is also very durable and strong, though only slightly more durable than Iron. Its strength, however, far exceeds Iron; Metalitra, in return for its heavy weight, is capable of delivering devastating blows to opponents, and as a result, it is usually used in warhammers.


  • The easiest way to obtain Metalitra is recasting weapons found in ancient Dwarven holds. Even then, however, it’s a tough find since only Dwarves of high rank were able to use the metal.
  • Weapons made from Metalitra require specific training in order to be able to use them effectively.
  • It is possible to buy Metalitra from Dwarves, though they express a certain reluctance to sell it, almost as if they are selfish and want the metal to stay within the Dwarven society.


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