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The Magic Point buy is part of the bigger Test System. Please read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Mythic Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in the hyper specific Dragon Magic school. This School is not publicly accessible. That is to say, since Dragon Magic was lost to the world centuries ago, Dragon Magic can only be manifested by specific Afflictions or Characters. If a Character is turned into any of the below applicable Afflictions or Character designs, any points they previously had invested in Magic Point Buy are removed, and can be re-spent here. Only the listed Afflictions and Character designs below can spend Magic Proficiency in this Point Buy:

Draconic Healing Pack

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Healing Hands Healing Power 2 Blocks

Grants the user Healing Hands

Draconic Healing Modifier

Special Name Special Description
Stable Protection The Dragon Magic user is capable of attaching their life energy to that of a person that they are able to physically touch, preventing them from dying no matter how severe their wounds are. Physical contact must be maintained, and the Target still needs to be healed one way or another before the Mage can let go.
Mending Threads The Dragon Magic user gains limited ranged latching with the Mending Threads. Their hands are capable of producing the same white threads used in Draconic Healing, but instead used them to latch onto objects in the distance, and elastically pull them towards themselves or into their hands if the objects are light enough. This is strong enough to for example close and open doors from a distance, move around furniture, and fetch items from a high shelf. This cannot be used to steal items from other Characters or in Combat.
Soul Sight The Dragon Magic user gains the Ability to see the Soul Rivers, the large white flowing rivers of energy running through the skies, though cannot interact with them. Additionally, they can see the glow of a person's soul while focusing on them, which shows rough shapes of suffering, victory, pride, loss, sorrow, and elation, aspects of their life or emotions they have felt and scarred their soul. This allows them for example to identity a soul that is marred by misery and loss, or one that has had a happy and joyous childhood.

Draconic Shielding Pack

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Complete Shield Instant Power Self

Grants the user Complete Shield

Draconic Shielding Modifier

Special Name Special Description
Eternity Stasis The Character can enter an eternity Stasis, resulting in their body being encased in indestructible purple crystals that preserves their life and aging, but makes them enter a deep dreamless coma. While in this state, only a Dragonsoul can undo the Eternity Stasis and release the subject within.
Life's Ending Occasionally the Character may, when physically touching a person, involuntarily receive a lucid vision of their potential death in the distant or near future. This vision does not need to actually be the true way this person will die, it simply projects one of many hundreds of possible ways, as Dragon precognition does not tell of absolute future truth, but possibilities. They can however never see their own Life's Ending, nor can anyone else who also has this Special.
Harm deflection The Character can use localized and remote shielding to protect a person from aesthetic harm. This Special cannot be used in Combat ever, but can be used to for example protect a person from a book falling on their head, cushion their fall if they fall down the stairs or trip over something, or deflect them from stubbing their toes. This effect can be used in the middle of someone hurting themselves to prevent it, or passively applied to a person in Emote Range so that if they become clumsy, they are protected.